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TweakBox is one of the more popular third-party iOS app installers released to provide a solution for those who can’t use Cydia anymore. In recent months, updates to Cydia have come to an abrupt halt, mostly due to the new security measures that Apple introduced in the iOS and the constant updates they have been releasing. Several app installers were released but TweakBox is one of the more comprehensive, with thousands of apps and games to choose from.

However, while most people have been able to use it with no trouble, some TweakBox users have been reporting an error message popping up when they try to use the app. The error message reads, “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” and it is not just happening on TweakBox.

Why Does Untrusted Developer Error Happen ?

The Untrusted Enterprise Developer error message happens when an app is downloaded from outside the iOS app store, usually sideloaded using Cydia Impactor or installed from external sources. These are apps that do not pass Apple’s inspection but, in spite of this, they are perfectly safe to use. Apple merely warns users that the certificate is not trusted and the app cannot be run until it is. Fixing this is very easy, read on for more details.

untrusted developer

How to Fix Untrusted Enterprise Developer Error  :

When you have downloaded TweakBox onto your iOS device, do not open the app. First, you must tell Apple that the certificate is trustworthy and to do that:

  1. Open your Settings app
  2. Tap on General > Profile and Device Management ios_general_profile
  3. Find the TweakBox profile in the list and tap it
  4. Now tap on Trust
  5. Close Settings, go back to your home screen and double-tap the icon to use TweakBox – you should be able to use it with no irritating popup warning.

As an aside, some people have said that they cannot find the profile in their Settings app. If it isn’t there, there is only one reason why , TweakBox was not properly installed in the first place. Install TweakBox again by following the download tutorial, then follow the above steps again. You should see the profile and can take the steps needed to trust it and use TweakBox for as long as you want.

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  1. Hey peeps, I can’t seem to download the Spotify ++ app – I have followed all the steps and also tried reinstalling, it keeps showing an untrusted enterprise developer msg when I tap on how to install. TweakBox is correctly installed on my phone but when I go to settings on my iPhone there is no trust msg to confirm in the TweakBox profile. ???? I can’t seem to get around the problem. Any help?

  2. I can’t trust the app. I can get to profile but I have no option to trust it. And I can’t download anything without doing that. I have an iPhone 7 updated to iOS 12.0.1

  3. Whenever I check the profile thing it says that the app is not verified it says that it has expired and I tried deleting the app and then following the downloading method but every single time it says not valid and the trust thing is not there so I can’t press on it

  4. When i download any app. It keeps on showing waiting / loading. I tried to see if it needed any permission from Settings > general > profile. But nothing comes up there too.

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