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TweakBox app is a new Jailbreak alternative for iPhone and iPad. While most people have been able to use TweakBox app with no trouble, some TweakBox users have been reporting an error message popping up when they try to use the app. The error message reads, “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” and it is not just happening on TweakBox.untrusted developer

Why Untrusted Developer Errors Happen?

The Untrusted Enterprise Developer error message happens when an app is downloaded from outside the iOS app store, usually sideloaded using Cydia Impactor or installed from external sources. These are apps that do not pass Apple’s inspection, but, in spite of this, they are perfectly safe to use. Apple merely warns users that the certificate is not trusted, and the app cannot be run until it is. Fixing this is very easy, read on for more details.

How to Fix Untrusted Enterprise Developer Error  :

When you have downloaded TweakBox onto your iOS device, do not open the app. First, you must tell Apple that the certificate is trustworthy and to do that:

  1. Open your Settings app
  2. Tap on General > Profile and Device Management   TweakBox app profile
  3. Find the app profile in the list and tap it
  4. Now tap on Trust
  5. Close Settings, go back to your home screen, and double-tap the icon to use the app – you should be able to use it with no irritating popup warning.

As an aside, some people have said that they cannot find the profile in their Settings app. If it isn’t there, there is only one reason why Tweak Box was not installed correctly in the first place. Install TweakBox again by following the download tutorial, then follow the above steps again. You should see the profile and can take the steps needed to trust it and use Tweak Box for as long as you want.

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  1. Hey peeps, I can’t seem to download the Spotify ++ app – I have followed all the steps and also tried reinstalling, it keeps showing an untrusted enterprise developer msg when I tap on how to install. TweakBox is correctly installed on my phone but when I go to settings on my iPhone there is no trust msg to confirm in the TweakBox profile. ???? I can’t seem to get around the problem. Any help?

  2. I can’t trust the app. I can get to profile but I have no option to trust it. And I can’t download anything without doing that. I have an iPhone 7 updated to iOS 12.0.1

  3. Whenever I check the profile thing it says that the app is not verified it says that it has expired and I tried deleting the app and then following the downloading method but every single time it says not valid and the trust thing is not there so I can’t press on it

  4. When i download any app. It keeps on showing waiting / loading. I tried to see if it needed any permission from Settings > general > profile. But nothing comes up there too.

  5. I have read that all the certificates do not work anymore?! I tried multiple sites and the same thing happened. Untrusted developer or the app would just quit working or not download at all. When will there be a new usable certificate ?In the mean time are there any other sources to use instead of tweekbox or a different method?

  6. I’m unable to download apps from tweak box
    First– I’ll install it
    Second– then after some seconds that app icon would show and then disappear
    And it’s so annoying,why does it happen and please I need a way to fix it

  7. I have been using.m tweak box for a while now everything was fine a few hiccups here and their but nothing I could fix on my own. But now I have so far downloaded and deleted the app 15 times already. The apps won’t download all the way so it’s just a gray box with the tweak box logo on it instead of the app I downloaded and it’s not showing up in my trust setting every time I go into my setting to trust it.

  8. Help pls
    I successfully installed tweakbox and the apps, then in profile management the apps already verified, but there are still ‘trust enterprise dev’ button to tap

    Everytime i tap ‘trust ShangHai P&C….’ it looks like my iphone trying to connect to internet before it fails quickly and the trust button show up again (instead of ‘delete the app’ menu if the process of ‘trust…’ was successful)

  9. Hay this have happened to me the third time I have downloaded apps from tweak box use them for days then all of a sudden shows me a message to verify. This verification takes forever. Unless I delete and re-download it and I’m tired of this nonsense how long am I going to be waisting time and resources on this

  10. i have the option to verify but when i click it nothing happens and i can’t open the apps. the verifying thing comes up for a second and then disappears

  11. I trust for 1st time Enterprise Developer from @tweakboxapp then when i install every APP i need to trust him too, till here no problem, but the real problem was that when i trust app via wifi conection when i switch to mobile data every single app ask me to trust him on entreprise dev section but this never work so, tweak-box stop working on mobile data and the apps too, please fix it, thats very bored.

  12. Ok here’s a problem… I have downloaded cute cut pro from Tweak box but… After a few days, I wanted to use it! Then suddenly it doesn’t let me in! I know I verify it but I tried deleting it, and redownload it, but there was literally NO CLUE of the cute cut pro! I freak out I tried over and over again! But it just doesn’t work! So I tried deleting TweakBox and redownload but same thing Ugh help

  13. Basically I would have to keep redoing the process of downloading and trusting the apps because after a few days or week (If I’m lucky) I would get the error And it wouldn’t let me verify the apps I have downloaded

  14. Hi, I have using Tweakbox and download spotify++, after im using about 2-3 days, suddenly its shown “untrusted developer…..” so after i delete spotify++ and install again after that trust the new profile its worked.

    But my question is, how I can prevent this? Its like will happen again and again.

  15. I downloaded hi music from tweakbox and whenever i try to verify nothing happens.. how do i verify wothout deleting the app because I don’t wanna loose my playlist please help 🙁

  16. I downloaded Kodi from your app, & it worked for a few days. Now my iPad won’t open it because it isn’t trusted. I followed these directions & it won’t verify the Kodi app. What can I do?

  17. Hi, it seems the Pokemon app wont verify anymore and i read about others having the same issue with Spotify. Do you guys need to change something for this to work, cause the steps above dont work?

  18. iOS 12.3.1
    iPhone 8
    Unable to download any apps.
    Unable to ‘trust’ in profile as no option shows up to be able to trust.
    Read through replies but no solution offered (unless I’ve missed it)?

  19. How come after trusting the profile the next time i connect to the internet it need to verify and it doesn’t work to verify

  20. hey I’m trying to play Pokémon on the inds and after a couple days it stops working and it’s untrusted again? Is there any solutions or do I just uninstall and try again?

  21. Trying to install need for speed. Download pops up and disappears. Tweakbox app says to trust the developer but it isn’t there to trust. Where do I go with this

  22. Hello, but he will lose his data and have to start fresh each time, is there a way to keep the data from saved games?

  23. Hi, I have a problem where after a little while spotify++ asks for verification and when I hit verify it doesn’t do anything and have to re download it, is there anything to fix this problem?

  24. I have spotify++ download with Tweakbox and it works for a week then after a week it says unable to verify app and when I try to verify it it doesn’t work

  25. I used to have spotify++ on my iphone device and now it doesnt let me open it saying that i need to trust China telecom, i press the trust button but it doesnt let me trust,what should i do?

  26. ok so i downloaded tweakbox and it i can install the app but I can not verify it, it says under iPhone developer “expired nov. 9.” when I download an app from tweakbox it says it is unable to install. helpppp i’m just tryna get spotify++ . image below tweakbox certificate expired

  27. Yeah tweak box will not work for me I can configure the profile and get it on my phone however no apps will even start to download off of it, when I click download and then it asks me if I’m sure I want to install I click yes or install or whatever and nothing will happen. When I configure the profile it even says one of the parts is not trusted/verified and there is no way of changing it either. Trust me I tried. You guys need to renew something.

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