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TweakBox is, without a doubt, the best and most popular app installer. However, there may be times when a specific app is either “NOT AVAILABLE” or doesn’t work correctly.apps like tweakbox

What Do You Do Then?

We do have “OTHER” iOS and Android app installers like TweakBox that we can turn to and here are the very best ones listed below.

Speed Comparison:

Here is a quick speed comparison of the apps that are like TweakBox app, and where they stand compared to TweakBox in terms of pure download speed.

tweakbox app download speed graph

Emus4U App:

emus4u app original small Emus4U is second only to TweakBox. Not only do we get the “HUGE” choice of tweaked apps and games, but we also get a choice of several iOS game emulators too.

Emus4U App

New content is added regularly on Emus4U, and two of the most popular apps are MovieBox and Spotify++ .

Panda Helper App:

panda helper original 120px Panda Helper app is an excellent alternative to TweakBox app. Panda Helper is available as Free and VIP versions based on the quality of service you seek.

Panda Helper

ACMarket App: ( for Android )


ACMarket is the only Android app installer in our list and full of modified Android apps and games, offering a first-time NON-ROOT experience for Android users. Copy-paste link in the browser.


All of the above-listed apps have one thing in common; they offer users what the official app stores like Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore cannot. They offer 3rd party mods, games with unlocked options. Unofficial features which are only available to the app and game developer themselves and no one else. But with this app, anyone can download and start using the app getting an edge and advantage over their competitors and fellow users.

Let us know if we should add more alternative app installers for TweakBox users, when it’s not working or if you want to try something outside the Tweakbox app.

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*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


  1. I had TweakBox and it worked perfectly, but my phone got restarted and everything deleted now I downloaded TweakBox but I can’t download anything off of it😭😭😭

  2. I have some issues, whenever I download an app the icon appears on screen and it downloads like usual but when it finishes downloading it changes to a TweakBox icon and goes dull and when I click on it it says unable to open (insert app name) at this time. Emus4u is a big [email protected] it has infinity blade and that’s it so I deleted it such a retarded thing to claim you have the biggest selection with only one game. Panda helper and Cydia don’t work for me and I am on iOS so can’t get acMarket. Please help I am not trying to be mean but this is not acceptable.

    1. Sorry about your experience Ahmad. At this time, all app installers are facing the same issue. revoked by Apple. they are working to bring this back live. go to TutuApp for downloading the LITE version that they release recently.

  3. Bro my phone restarted and i can download tweakbox and all the alternatives but i cant download the apps in it even tutu app thats not listed bro i just want spotify ++💀🤦🏾‍♂️

    1. Yes it was revoked some time back. the developers are trying to fix it for days. If they come up with a solution, we will be the first to update you about the same. Please follow our website for the latest updates.

  4. I thought i was the only one affected but this thing hit all my devices at the same time hope there’s a fix soon cuz i can’t download a thing i only really need electra 🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. Profile installation failed. The UUID For the profile tweak box is not unique.

    I can’t even download TweakBox. I’m on iOS 12.1 I had unc0ver jailbreak and my phone died me when I tried to rejailbreak unc0ver wasn’t working. I tried to redownload unc0ver and had trouble downloading tweak box or unc0ver ever since. I’ve reset my phone, put it in airplane mode, tried to reinstall zjailbreak, TweakBox, app Valley, deleted browser history and nothing.

  6. I have so far have tried all of them and none of them are showing up in my trust settings in order for me to trust it and all the apps that I tried to download are grey boxes.

  7. I downloaded and installed but the page keeps coming up with spam from PayPal that my Lucky number had been chosen

    1. hi, what app did you install? it should not be the case with the genuine app at all. you must have downloaded from some advertisement

  8. He I downloaded TweakBox and when I try to download any app, when I press download it does nothing it does not download. I deleted it and reinstalled it still won’t install. Do you have a solution

  9. Hey. When I try to download an app, it appears on the home screen with the download icon. But the app doesn’t download even after several hours. Need help please

  10. I tried many times but I can’t able to download what’s app or any other app tell me what should i do? I even tried alternatives app but there is no use. Please I need your help. I will be very thankfull to u

  11. I have an Android phone and I am trying to download tweak box bit it just takes me to ac market which Is great don’t get me wrong but when I have previously had an iOS phone and had tweak box it is so much better than ac market so can you guys please make it so that you can get tweak box on all platforms?

    1. yes, you are right. Tweakbox is one of the best, and thank you for liking it so much. right now the team is working to keep it for iOS . Android support is in our list of future goals. Until then , you have to make do with the alternatives.

    1. hi, which app are you trying to download? The above is a list of the tops 3rd party app installers released till date for iOS and Android.

  12. One time, I tried opening tweakbox while I was on an airplane internet connection just to see what would happen. Now, every time I try to open tweakbox it takes me to the airline website. Does anybody know a fix?

  13. i downloaded tweakbox and restarted my phone and now when i go to download an app in tweakbox the app will show up real quick then disappear… help

  14. 1. For tweakbox, I downloaded Spotify and popcorn movie app. They both would show up on my home screen for a second and then disappear (I have iPhone, any solutions?)

    2. I then went to emus4u, Spotify and popcorn downloaded but they remained grey and unable to open. Any solutions thanks

  15. I download tweak box and it worked for one day, now it stopped and I again get the message that it isn’t trust by apple. When I go to general and click to trust it it doesn’t do anything.
    I already tried it for many times…
    Can you help me?

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