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TweakBox is, without a doubt, the best and most popular app installer , However there may be times when a specific app is either “NOT AVAILABLE” or doesn’t work properly.apps like tweakbox

What Do You Do Then ?

We do have “OTHER” iOS and Android app installers like TweakBox that we can turn to and here are the very best ones listed below.

Speed Comparison:

Here is a quick speed comparison of the apps that are like TweakBox app, and where they stand compared to TweakBox in terms of pure download speed.

tweakbox app download speed graph

Emus4U App:

emus4u app original small Emus4U is second only to TweakBox. Not only do we get the “HUGE” choice of tweaked apps and games, we also get a choice of several iOS game emulators too.

New content is added regularly on Emus4U and two of the most popular apps are MovieBox and Spotify++ .

Panda Helper App:

panda helper original 120px Panda Helper app is a good alternative to Tweak Box app .

Panda Helper is available as Free and VIP versions based on the quality of service you seek.

ACMarket App: ( for Android )


ACMarket is the only Android app installer in our list and full of modified Android apps and games, offering a first-time NON-ROOT experience for Android users.

All of the above listed apps have one thing in common, they offer users what the official appstores like Apple AppStore and googel PlayStore cannot. They offer 3rd party mods, games with unlocked options. Unofficial features which are only available to the app and game developer themselves and no one else. but with this app, anyone can download and start using the app getting and edge and advantage ofver their competitors and fellow users.

Some of these sample apps which are in high demand in these appstore’s are listed below.

Top Apps In Demand :

snapchat icon small

There are some incredibly popular apps on on the above appstore’s and one of the most downloaded is Snapchat++. A modified app, Snapchat++ offers loads of extra features over what the stock app offers. All these extra features provide the user with an excellent experience, far better than the stock app offers.

MovieBox is one of the top sources for downloading your favorite movies or TV shows and its all free. You can choose from the classics right up to the latest show episodes or blockbuster movies and you can choose to stream or download for viewing later.spotify plus icon small

We all know of Spotify, the number one music streaming app in the world, but Spotify++ is even better. A modified app, Spotify++ offers all the premium Spotify features without the subscription, offering removal of ads, unlimited downloads, unlimited track skipping and much more besides.

instagram plus small

Instagram may be a popular app but it doesn’t give us all the features we need; Instagram++ does. This app provides us with a load of extra features that help us to manage our Instagram content much better, also offering in-app customization that the stock app doesn’t give us.

happychick icon small

HappyChick is developed by a Chinese Developer Firm which claims to support 18 different consoles. HappyChick also allows download of ROM’s and retro games for free.

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