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TweakBox app is one of the most popular external app installers in use today, offering a ton of 3rd-party apps and games, as well as other content. Overall, it is one of the most reliable of all installers but, like most software, it does have its problems.tweakbox error fix

TweakBox Errors and Fixes:

Here we discuss the most common of those problems and their easy solutions but if you come up against an issue that we haven’t discussed, do drop us a line in the comments box below and we’ll do our best to solve it for you.

  1. White Screen – Blank Screen Error


Some users have reported a white screen on Tweak Box that, while irritating is very easy to fix:

  1. Open your Settings app
  2. Go to Safari > Clear Website Data

Try the app installer again, and the white screen will be cleared.

  1. TweakBox Has Stopped Working

This happens because the app source cannot be verified. To solve that:

  1. Delete TweakBox from your device
  2. Reinstall the app
  3. Open Settings > General > Profiles and Device Management
  4. Locate the app certificate
  5. Click on Verify or Trust

Now, when you try the app again, it will work without any trouble.

  1. TweakBox Invalid Argument Supplied


Should you get an Invalid Argument Supplied error message, fixing it is very simple:

  1. Delete TweakBox app from your device
  2. Reinstall TweakBox app
  3. Restart your device
  4. Open TweakBox settings and check for updates

If there are any updates, apply them and TweakBox will work properly.

  1. Unable to Download TweakBox App

This is the most common of all TweakBox (errors) and is easily solved. If TweakBox app won’t download.


The most likely cause is that the version you are attempting to download is clashing with what you already have on your device.

  1. Profile Installation Failed Error

profile installation failed tweakbox

The Profile Installation Failed ( error ) tends to happen when the Apple servers are overloaded with traffic. The easiest thing to do is wait a while and then try again – if the traffic has cleared, the installation will proceed. If it doesn’t or you still get the error message, follow these steps:

  1. Put your device into Airplane mode
  2. Open your Settings app and go to Safari
  3. Tap the option to Clear History and Website Data
  4. Next tap on Clear History And Data
  5. Turn Airplane Mode off and leave your device for a minute or two
  6. Try installing your app again and it should all go smoothly.
  1. Untrusted Enterprise Developer

untrusted developer

Find the solution to this problem in this linked tutorial here.

  1. App Revoked Issue Fix :

grey app icontweakbox white icon

Tweak Box is not an official app installer and Apple will revoke the certificate regular, making the installer crash. You can use an Anti-Revoke app or a paid VPN tool stops Apple from doing this so you can use Tweak Box on your smartphone for as long as you want.

  1. Update CMP Issue:

tweakbox update cmp error

To fix Go to Settings > Safari > Clear website data, and open Apps section again.

These are the most common issues TweakBox users face and, as you can see, they are all easy to solve. Once again though, if you face an error not discussed above, Please let us know in the comments box below or contact us on Facebook.

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  1. Hi, my TweakBox app is not working. All apps have revoked and TweakBox is showing white screen. I tried your steps above, but it doesn’t help. Should I get a VPN?

    Please help.

    1. We are working to fix this App Revoke issue. Stay tuned. To avoid this from happening in the future, please download a recommended VPN. A VPN stops your tweakbox data from passing on to Apple and then to the developers who then identify your device and ban/revoke its device certificate making all TweakBox apps and games from working. The VPN prevents revokes.

      1. How can i open an tweak box full of ads and also blank screen too btw im using ios 7 and can you help me to solve this problem

      2. Hi, so I’m having trouble loading an app. It’s installed but whenever I tap into it, it crashes and I just can’t open it. The app is Filza Escaped.

  2. I have tried everything to get it to work. I’ve followed instructions in the unable to download tweakbox app instructions and it just won’t load. It will load a sliver of it, but then I get that error.

    1. As of today , UFC wont work, the developers of it didnt release an update. We will release the update as soon as its available .

  3. I downloaded spotify, movie box, and bobby movie but i closed tweabox accidentally before they finihed downloading. Now there’s 3 gray apps with the loading circle almost done but it’s stuck. Also, there are icons for spotify and movie box and bobby movie but every time i tap on those it crashes. So basically I have 6 apps. I don’t think this issue has ever been reported before so it might take more time to solve it.

    1. Hey thanks for reporting this issue . Have you tried deleting those apps ? i am assuming you have to delete the app profiles from settings > general > profile if they dont go away the normal way. Please report back as what happened, this is truly unique.

  4. I just read that there are more people with Iphone that have the same white screen problem on TweakBox app.
    Also they say it’s a problem between TweakBox and Apple.

    1. Thats right , Apple revoked the certificate for our AppStore. Every-time they do it , we have to re-issue a new certificate for our installer , and every Tweakbox user has to re-download it for things to work again. In the past few days , they did it multiple times. I guess it because of the popularity of TweakBox app .

      1. I did try delete and reinstall again this morning and it’s working again.
        Thanks for your help.
        And really appreciate all the work you guys do.

  5. Tweakbox isn’t working for me. There are three apps that I downloaded from Tweakbox, that won’t open or delete. Now I can’t update any of my apps from the app store! I tried different ways to delete Tweakbox and re-installing but it still has the same problem. Now I have apps that are darkened and I can’t even open them. Please help!

    1. If you try to install many apps at the same time you will trigger an iOS glitch. Remove the tweakbox profile and download the app again. deleting the app profile also deletes the app

  6. Hi now when I log into Spotify ++ logs me straight back out.. I have tried username login and password reset and still can’t get in. Pls help

    1. alright , looks like you were able to download Spotify APK. Did you try out the solutions in the comments for the Spotify error? look for them in our Spotify download page itself.

  7. I downloaded snapchat ++ and trusted tweakbox and followed all the rules but when i loged into my snapchat account it says that it wont word because i am using a third party how can i fix it

  8. Hello , I tried to downloading jailbreak Electra for ios11.3 but I can’t he said unable to download try again later please help me

    1. hi , the electra jailbreak has stopped functioning for a while . Please try Th0r by @pwned4ever Electra Modification. You can use this while Electra Multipath is down. Enjoy!

  9. Hello,

    I downloaded tweakbox and Pogo++, when i go and log into Pogo, the toggle button to access the settings isn’t there. I’ve reinstalled and restarted phone multiple times

  10. Umm, all was going well until I opened spotify, whenever I try to log in, the app imediately logs me out, and I can’t get it to work. I tried delete and redoing but the samething happens please reach me soon.

  11. Hey, so I’ve tried some of the following solutions for my problem but it doesn’t seem to work.
    Every time I download an app it uses the data up for it, but then had a grey box which is unable to open. Attempted about 4 times with 3 different apps each time just to end up with the same results.
    Any solutions?
    Thanks for your time.

    1. Hey Hailee , than you for your comment. This is a broken download that you are having , which stopped mid-day. Did you download apps simultaneously ? you should download one app at a time.

      1. Hey again,
        I’ve downloaded them separately but still no luck
        This has started happening to my friend aswell and we have tried on multiple devices but still doesnt work

        Thanks again for the help, Hailee

  12. Why does this keep on happening on almost every game
    Out of 10 games all i can play are 3 including what am i playing now

  13. Hi.

    Trying to download Darksky but it installs a small portion then stops. I’ve tried multiple times and have no other copies of it on the phone.

    Any ideas ?

  14. Is this problem going on everywhere? I cleared my history also.
    I’m connected, but it doesn’t load the app. I just get that screen.

  15. Hi! I installed the tweakbox for ios 12 and downloaded snappink, but now when i try to use the snappink, the page opens and closes for like 2-3 seconds.

  16. Hello the Tweakbox team !
    When I download an app with tweakbox, it stuck in waiting. If I press on it, I can loading but the download never progress. I tried with two different apps separately, I tried two delete and redownload tweakbox, I have always the same problem.
    Do you have a solution ?
    Thank you !

  17. I downloaded Snapchat ++ and I deleted the original before but when I try to open the tweaked one it blanks and instantly crashes

  18. I downloaded Sims Mobile and while trying to complete the tutorial, it will not let me complete it because it is like the screen is not big enough. Dialog from the game prevents me from pressing a button needed in the game.

  19. Hi the Tweakbox team !
    I am having a problem when I went I download an app with tweakbox, it would be stuck in waiting. If I press on it, it would be loading but the download never progress as it goes into a gray square saying the app couldnt download. I have ios 12.1. I tried with two different apps one at a time. I also tried deleting and redownloading tweakbox, It just started doing this tonight.
    Do you have a solution?
    Thank you,

  20. I’m having issues with activation key. Saying I’m not a donor as of last night. It worked for about 1 day after I updated to R99. My dues are paid for the month not sure what the issues are. Please help.

  21. When I try to download the tweakbox applications this message appears to me “iphone distribution: compagnie marocaine” has not been trusted on this iphone. until this developer has been trusted, their enterprise apps will not be available for use.

  22. Hi Team,

    You guys are all awesome! Thank you for what you do.

    I’m having issues with Pandora (Connection Unavailable) and Tinder (Asking for Update).

    Thanks in advance for the help. Keep up the good work!!

  23. The tweatbox app certificate for ios 12 is stating the connection was not secure and it will not allow to open up. Certificate is not secure.

  24. Hey think the app is brill. I’ve installed iOS beta 12.2. It’s stopped Spotify working and all other gems from you guys. Is there a work around or should I go back to iOS 12.1 ?

    1. upto iOS 12.1.4 is supported now. do this . delete old app , now go to Safari > Clear Website Data, then re-download the app.

  25. Hey, I have a problem when I want to install TweakBox, it shows me ,, the uuid for TweakBox profile is not unique? What I can do? Thank you

  26. I have installed Tweakbox and the happy chick emulator successfully on my iPhone. It all works fine except there is no sound, which is a real bummer. Anyone else got that problem? Any ideas how to fix this?

  27. hi! every time i try to instal the app it doesn’t do nothing or it says that i cannot connect to the tweakbox app.

  28. When I install anything, like popcorn tv, it acts like it installed…but I get no icon or errors. TweakBox is verified as a profile on my device. IOS 12 something

  29. I’ve downloaded Tweakbox on my iPad but when connected to my VPN through NORDVPN, the app spins and spins without showing a list of apps. But when I take the VPN off, I see the apps. Also, when attempting to download Kodi without the VPN, it hits my screen but disappears. Is something wrong with Tweakbox?

    1. Yes , the app certificates have been revoked at our end. Its a mass revoke by Apple, we are working to fix this issue.

  30. I have a problem with the downloads of any app. When I press install and the download starts, then it is impossibile to complete and it says “unable to install the app”. Why is this happening?

  31. Hello there, i need help and what should i do. Firstly that I already downloaded the tweakbox app and try to download tweak apps such as whatsapp++,ig++,youtube etc. But when i just tap the “install”, and go to the home page it just pop up then disappear. I’ve been doing this thing for two days right now. I’m in urgent for needing to use them for communication with my friends and others because my appstore need some payment information but it just won’t work. Please i need help

  32. Hi there, I have been happily using TweakBox now for quite some time. However ever since I have updated my iPhone to iOS 12.2 every-time I try to download the kodi app it just keeps on bringing a pop up message saying

    “Unable to Download App“

    🔥T W E A K B O X 🔥” could not be
    downloaded at this time.


    However this seems to be happening whenever I try to download any of the apps from TweakBox!
    I have tried several times to go through all the usual methods in order to resolve the issue like deleting the TweakBox app and removing the profile, then restart my iPhone, then re-download and install the TweakBox profile and obviously then to install the TweakBox app via the profile, then restart my iPhone and then finally try to use the TweakBox app to download other apps like the Kodi 17.6 etc and it still doesn’t work and still comes up with the same message ….
    Can anyone help me?

    1. Yes it was revoked some time back. the developers are trying to fix it for days. If they come up with a solution, we will be the first to update you about the same. Please follow our website for the latest updates.

  33. Hey, I tried all the steps for the unable to download error, I even deleted the original and rebooted my device countless times but I still face the same error

  34. Tweakbox stopped working on my iPhone 6, software version 12.2. I have tried deleting the app and re-installing it but it fails. It downloads but when I go to settings and click install, I get the message The UUID for the profile “TweakBox” is not unique. I have tried resetting the phone and going to airplane mode and deleting history in Safari and re-downloading. I can’t seem to get it to work.

    1. this is something new. we need to dig into this. Please share any screenshots if possible into our Facebook page via messages . This will help us resolve this issue faster. thanks

  35. So how much longer will Spotify be down for? I’m waiting for you guys no matter what I will use your app thanks for trying to fix it Any way you can hack something like drift max pro for iOS.?

  36. I know that all the third-party app stores are being revoked right now, but just for personal reasons when you guys get back online (which I know you will) you should fix torngat.

  37. I have the original iPad 1 that still works great. However, the iOS cannot be updated above 8.1.2 and I see that Tweakbox needs at least iOS 9 to work. I’ve had this iPad jailbroken forever but would really like to have Tweakbox take over where the JB leaves off … especially since Cydia seems to be less and less supported every day. Please help us “old school” retro users.

  38. I have iOS 12.3 on iPhone 6. I just download your app and got Kodi off of it. But When i close the app the spinning wheel on the top of screen keeps spinning as if I’m
    Using data. Is there a fix for this. Or is it using data ?

    1. sorry about the issue. we are also clueless about whats happening with the app. need to contact the app developer of Kodi

  39. I have downloaded the app and installed the profile. I’ve also downloaded and successfully installed NoThx and LazarusJailed. However, when I try to download Notability, it will say “unable to download”. I tried to download other apps just to check if the problem was related only to Notability but I get the same error with other apps as well. I don’t think I have two copies of TweakBox installed, as I see just one (and I see just one profile, unless they are somehow hidden. I’ve tried to contact you on facebook but I didn’t receive any answers.

    1. hi Francesco, thank you for contacting is. Have you tried to remove TweakBox profile and download it again. This should resolve the issue.

  40. Yes, I did try. Still getting the same error. Of course restarted my iPad between installations. Tried to download from both here ( and here ( tweakboxapp .com), but nothing changes. In the first link there were two profiles and tried with both of them. In the second link there is a “SideLoad” app which I didn’t download not knowing what it is. Any thoughts?

  41. hi anytime i use ispoofer in a city, especially when i try to open up the map, the app constantly crashes. any fix to this?

  42. How to skip WhatsApp ++ update screen . I tried date change and it’s working, but again when I changed to current date facing expired need to update problem… how to fix that or I can wait for updated version from tweaked app…

  43. I am using the ispoofer app for Pokémon go and iPhone 8 Plus and the directional controls are missing completely please help. Also the adventure sync doesn’t work.

  44. I have been trying to download Snapchat++ and it says unable to download this app I’ve tried every version of Snapchat and I tried all the steps for these problems and they still occur. And then I tried downloading Snapchat pink and Snapchat red I can download them but they instantly crash and kick me out of the app

  45. Hi team! Whenever I try downloading tweakbox it brings me to a page that shows me code? I think? All it is is random letters, and lots of them. Thanks

    1. Hi Cam, you must be using a browser other than Safari. Only use the Safari browser on your iOS device to open the TweakBox configuration profile.

  46. Hello! I have recently downloaded Pandora + and it’s saying “cannot connect to Pandora”. My WiFi is just fine and it still doesn’t work. Thanks.

  47. I try to open tweakbox, but when an ad opens, there is no x to close it, and they stay open even after closing tweakbox. I have tried reinstalling it.

  48. whenever i go onto the app, i can’t scroll down on the screen. so when i go to the app section, it just shows me everything but the hacked games and i can’t scroll down. please help

  49. Hello. I just downloaded Spotify++ but when I tap on *download songs* it says waiting to download but nothing more happens. I don’t have a problem with my internet connection tho. What should I do?

  50. Hello, using the link you added on the comment doesn’t work either the only thing Pokemon related that’s available is Pokemon quest but Pokemon go is not there

  51. I tried downloading Snap Pink, but it always crashes immediately after I open it. I looked it up, and it says do download the “Crash Fix” app first, but the crash fix doesn’t show up either.

  52. I’ve tried downloading PandoraPandora++ numerous times or a few months and it will download but when I trust the app and open it I get the “Cannot connect check network connection” message. Is there anything I can do to get it to work?

  53. I downloaded an app and after it’s done downloading it’s just stayed black and it’s like I haven’t installed it at all . It’s happened with every app I tried to download. And I have already re installed Tweak Bow and I have already reboot my phone. I tried It more then once and nothing happened….

  54. I am having issues keeping the apps installed through tweakbox working, I’m using a vpn but am still getting the untrusted developer error. I’ve gone through the steps a dozen times, I am also unable to get the NoThx app to install to prevent it in future

    1. sorry about the issue Brad. TweakBox went a full Global Revoke. The developers are working to fix and bring back the apps. Keep using our recommended VPNs for a stable experience on TweakBox app

  55. i can start the app but it does not let me scroll though the menus and i have absolutely no clue why… i get the app to start and it dosent let me scroll down at all can you help me ??

  56. Was using Spotify ++…I closed it and when I went to use it again I basically had to trust the apps again so I went to setting and the option was there to verify the apps but it wasn’t working. I deleted TweakBox and re-downloaded it then when I tried to download the apps again it does but then instantly disappears from the home screen and nothing in the settings? Any help would be much appreciated thank you

  57. I just discovered now, unluckily I cant install any app on tweakbox. it goes all good untill I try to install it and the installing icon only appears for a milisecond and disappears quickly. thank you for your work! I cant wait to test it out as soon as it is working again. (tried reinstall, reboots, config profile 1 and 2, tell me if there is something more, running on ios 12.3.1 from iphone 6

  58. I have had an issue that I can’t resolve on my own. I download Tweakbox just fine, then I go to download and app like Spotify++ or Youtube++ and it acts like it is downloading but the icon goes gray and it won’t open.

  59. Bom dia! 🙁
    O Tweakbox já funciona no Iphone 6s, para poder instalar o Deezer++ e Spotify++?
    Por favor avisem, quando já estiver a funcionar. 😉

  60. Hey my iPhone XR is giving me this update cmp and I did what it said and it is just giving me the same thing can u help ?

  61. I can install tweakbox but when I download an app it is stuck on my screen with the icon on number 7. When i tried to install the nothnx via tweakbox I get the notification that it cant download the app. I removed the tweakbox profile, rebooted my ipad and downloaded tweakbox again but the issue still persist. I still cant download the nothnx app or any other app.

  62. Hello there ,

    I’m facing an issue after installing tweak box , i download the apps i need but after downloading and installing their icons become the same Icon as the tweak box also all the apps i download from tweak box I cannot click them


  63. When ever I click to download tweakbox I get just a screen of text it doesn’t say anything it just looks like Coding

  64. Inds cannot use today
    After I press the install button and finish
    The icon is like tweakbox and more darker and no words below the icon which means inds can’t be use anymore?
    Nds4ios is ok to use btw

  65. Hi there, Im having the “update cmp” issue, but with the app itself. Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling the profile and the fix suggested above, but nothing has worked.

  66. Hi I have a problem with downloading from tweak box . When I press install it shows the tweakbox app then disappear I tried all the stuff you guys put to fix tweakbox errors but nothing works.

  67. Hi there,
    I can’t install « Spotify » from Tweaked Apps whereas I could before.
    I press « install » but nothing happens.
    And I’ve approved TweakBox in my set ups of course.
    Any advices ?

  68. Downloaded Simpson’s tapped out and tells me I need to update it, so when I do, it says that the app can not be found within your reigon(United States) What do I do?

  69. help!!! i couldnt install Spotify and none of the error fixes worked, so i deleted tweakbox completely, and now i cant reinstall it. when i press the configurate profile thing nothing pops up. i turned my phone off and on again. i have ios. pleeeease help meeee

  70. Process cannot be completed due to error occurs when jailbreakin, all goes smooth until 22/31 however error message “cannot repair the system” appears. Any way to fix this?

  71. I downloaded the Spotify ++ via an Iphone Tweakbox and then. do not want to download any app via the Tweakbox app. I have deleted everything and tried with VPN unfortunately without success

  72. Hi, every time I download an app or in particular the uncover Jailbreak app. It doesn’t download. It shows the a blank app icon with circles and lines. What do I do and how do I prevent this from happening? How long till is it gonna be fix?

  73. I was trying to install an app, but now the install option is stuck on my phone screen and wont go away, I cant turn it off bc it wont let me swipe on my screen.

  74. Hello, i cant download Candy crush Saga, all other apps work, but not Candy crush Saga, if you have Time to Check, thx so much !!

  75. Hi There!
    I hope this message finds you well.
    I’m trying to use your app with no hope as i’m facing error (update cmp) i already tried the traditional fix by clearing all website date from safari, it’s important to mention i’m using iphone 4 ios 7.2

  76. Hi, I’m unable to verify my Spotify++. It loads and says it’s verifying but then it cancels and when I go to my Spotify it says I need to verify it. Pls help verify.

  77. Hello! I love the app but if I download an app (GBA4iOS for example) and trust the developer it only works for 5 days. Then it doesn’t work and if I try to trust the developer again it just says verify apps. And the only solution is to delete it and re install but I need my game saves. Thanks for your time!

  78. Hi guys,
    I have used Unc0ver for couple of weeks on my iPhone 8 (v. 12.0.1) and it worked perfectly fine. Now I’ve tried to download it again from the TweakBox, but nothing happens, when I press on “Install”.
    Non of the issues described here is appearing, just no actual install.
    How can I continue using Unc0ver?

  79. Thanks for the workarounds.

    When I tap on Emus4App > Configuration Profile I receive the following message:
    “File can’t be opened
    This file is unsupported”

    Afterward ,I tried with the second alternative source – Panda Helper App.
    I was able to find Unc0ver, but few seconds after it starts the installation is discontinues. The icon of UncOver is still greyed out and can’t get started.

    ACMarket App: for Android only.

    What can I try in order to get access to Unc0ver and respectively to Cydia and ReProvision?

  80. Hi i dont know why but when i click on ispoofer for pogo in tweakbox i get the message that says install but when i press install nothing happens or installs how do i fix this issue and get ispoofer back on my iphone 5s

  81. I have installed KODI from Tweakbox and verified it within my iOS profile and states it’s verified. But on a different day I go into launch it and now it’s not verified and will not verified it again. So what is causing this issue?

  82. Hy TweakBox Team !
    I have installed TweakBox , and i can’t install any app , after i click “Install” it said to me “ would like to install ” (*2 Youtube Cercube -is just an example-) TWEAKBOX , I click install again ,but nothing hapen , what can i do ?
    I reinstalled the app , but it’s behave like before …
    Thanks !

  83. I need help. Some apps won’t let me download them because there is a red X next to it instead of a green check. Also, zig can’t install apps, they just delete right after

  84. Ciao, quando appare l’icona di installazione di un’app sparisce subito.
    Ho provato a disintallare e installare nuovamente Tweakbox ma non cambia nulla. Come posso risolvere?

    Grazie mille in anticipo.

    1. ciao, scusa per il problema che stai affrontando. Prova a scaricare l’app TweakBox dopo qualche tempo, potrebbe esserci qualche problema con il nostro server di download. Nel frattempo, puoi anche scaricare da fonti alternative.

  85. hello i have a problem with tweakbox, everytime i try to download for ex youtube cercube it apears like it will be downloaded for 2 sec and then dissapears.
    With all apps it is the same.

  86. I have the Update CMP issue and i tried the method above, which didn’t work. I’ve downloaded some apps and i don’t have that issue but when i try to download geometry dash it doesn’t work. please help tweakbox

  87. Hello dear suport! When I try dowload all apps it aren’t downloaded! One icon is show for a second and then the icon is deleted. PLEASE, how can I resolved it???

  88. Hello. I am having a problem that when I try to install an app it appears and then instantly disappears before I can get a glimpse of it.
    Please fix this.

  89. Hi, I love your app and have been using Kodi for years, got a new phone and it has iOS 13 on it and it just won’t load at all. Is this something that is fixable or have Apple blocked Kodi? I really hope it is just a glitch 🙁

  90. Hello, I have an iPad mini 2 and for some time used tweakbox, mainly to play pokemon go, namely the app “ispoofer”. But since my iPad upgraded to another version I have never been able to install ispoofer. Just ask if I want to install it and then do not install, or even say that there is an error. My version of IOS is 12.4.2

  91. Hello, I am trying to download apps from tweakbox, but when I try to install an app either nothing happens and I get a pop up of a another tweakbox window or it says ”unable to install”, have tried everything I found to solve this thing nothing helps, tried download the app NoThx which It says unable to install,turning off wifi, rebooting, date and time changing, deleting the profiles and reinstalling it again, clearing safari history.

  92. Hi, I’ve been trying to download Spotify++ on my phone but after I press download the app just doesn’t show up on my phone, even after I wait a while. My phone is fully updated and I’m using the ios12 version of Tweakbox and I haven’t got any other version of Spotify that would clash with it either. I’ve been trying multiple times to download it, reinstalling Tweakbox etc. but it’s not working. This isn’t my first time downloading the app, I used it all the time in the past. Thanks.

  93. I am unable to download any apps once tweak box is installed. I get the “ unable
    To download” error

    I have already removed the profile, deleted the app, restarted the phone and tried again. Same result

    Have an iPhone Xsmax running 13.1

  94. iOS 12.4, Tweakbox installed and trusted in Settings. Jailbroken with unc0ver.
    I select an app to install > it says: would like to install XYZapp > I select “install” > then I look for the app on my phone and is not there. Tried multiple apps and it’s the same thing, it tells me to install the app and then the app is not there. Please help.

  95. Hi, I cannot download the tweak box profile from your main homepage it safari. When I click on download button and wait for 5 seconds it says ”secure connection cannot be established to the server”. Please fix the issue. Thanks.

  96. I can’t open the download page, it opens what I’m assuming its commands (which is a page full of random text and it does the same thing with every link I’ve tried)

  97. i’ve used tweakbox many times but have to keep deleting and redownloading as its only valid for one day at a time. how do i fix this?

  98. hi.
    When I run the app, the phrase “update cmp” appears.
    I tried the method described above does not fix this problem.
    Your signature has expired, is it related to this? Please confirm.
    thank you.

  99. Hi, thank you for your app,
    Since few day i can’t instal tweak !
    It’s instal it but stay Grey !
    I can’t find the solution.
    I tryed to clear safari, restart the phone, nothing work…
    Do you Know about it ?

  100. Hi, so I try to install an app but then it shows on the home screen like it is about to install and after about 1 second it disappears. Can you help please?

  101. I have TweakBox up and running but installing anything like games or tweaked apps wont work. It says “Could not install [app name], please try again later” so how do I fix this

  102. Can you upload Phoenix jailbreak tool to the app
    Also i tried to install some apps but they stuck on waiting
    Please help me out

  103. Hi, when I open tweakbox and go to the apps gone free category, I can only view 4 days worth of apps going free, can you explain to me how I can access more apps, since there must be more than 4 apps that have been fixed.

    1. hi, due to the limited list of apps, search option is not required at the moment. you can scroll and see all the apps. but we will definitely add this feature in the coming days.

  104. Hey when I go to use tweak box it says update CMP I’ve whent to settings and cleared my history then whent back to the app but it says the same thing update CMP

  105. Hi
    I have ipad 12.9 pro trying to install whatsapp ++
    i did install tweak-box next step tp install whatsapp ++ , as soon we click on install i am receiving a massage “unable to install”.

    I did tried to remove from profile re installation of tweak-box clear safari web data etc… No success

    Kindly advice to come over on this.


  106. Hey, I removed all previous copies of tweakbox and any apps of data saved from downloaded apps. I’ve reinstalled tweakbox but when trying to install INDS I get issue four listed in the article “unable to install tweakbox app” and the article doesn’t help. How do I solve this ?


  107. Hi I’m trying to install Kodi on my iPad and I get the error message unable to download try again later and profile manager has disappeared from my settings it just shows tweak box profile

  108. Hello, i have a question. Why dosen’t TweakBox work on ios 13.3? i can download it and trust it but i can’t download any apps or tweaked games software on you’re app. Can you please fix this, it have been a problem since 2019

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