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Fantastic news today for those who are wary of installing a jailbreak on their devices. Now there is a new jailbreak that can be installed in a safer and easier way. The jailbreak is called Unc0ver, and you can download it for free using the TweakBox app installer. unc0ver-jailbreak

What’s the story?

Unc0ver jailbreak is fully compatible with all iOS devices on iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13 or higher and was developed by Sam Binger and pwn20wnd to replace Electra jailbreak. It is far more stable and reliable and has more device compatibility.

Download Unc0ver Jailbreak:

Unc0ver Jailbreak 1

Unc0ver Jailbreak 2

Unc0ver Jailbreak 3

Unc0ver Jailbreak 4

Unc0ver Jailbreak 5

Unc0ver IPA Link 1

Traditionally, jailbreaks were installed directly to the device, but using TweakBox is a much safer alternative. It’s very simple to do and, with TweakBox, you are also getting access to a ton of other useful content, including loads of modified apps and games, all for free:

  1. Download TweakBox, following the steps in the linked guide
  2. Open TweakBox and search for the Unc0ver jailbreak using the search bar
  3. Tap the relevant result and tap on Download unc0ver iphone x
  4. Follow the in-app directions to install the jailbreak on your device. uncover jailbreak unc0veruncover jailbreak ios 13

It’s that simple

Unc0ver Jailbreak Features:

  • Stable and reliable
  • Faster patches
  • No battery drain
  • No random freezes
  • Built-in option for blocking app certificate revokes
  • User-friendly
  • Option to disable auto-updates
  • Free from malware
  • Full support for the latest iPhones
  • Remount RootFS
  • Loads more

We’re not done yet

What is Unc0ver?

Uncover is a semi-untethered jailbreak that will need to be run every time you reboot your iPhone or iPad. It is completely safe to use, has been fully tested for malware and bugs, and is fully compatible with all devices on iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13 or higher. It works perfectly with Cydia Impactor, too, and has proven to be a very reliable jailbreak utility. It installs the Cydia app by default, but you can also download the Sileo app ( image below) and run both together on your device.

cydia and sileo jailbreak store

Obviously, if you already have a jailbreak on your device and it is working without any issues then there is no need to install Uncover but, if you haven’t or you don’t want to install a jailbreak the traditional way then installing Uncover jailbreak using TweakBox is the safest and easiest method.

Over to you

Try Unc0ver jailbreak with TweakBox today, and do tell us what you think. Let us know if you encounter any problems along the way, and we’ll do our best to find the answers for you, or you may contact the developer on Twitter.

TweakBox is an excellent installer with thousands of free apps, games, and other exclusive content. Follow us on Facebook, and we’ll provide you with all the latest jailbreak news.

User Ratings:

4.8 / 5. 49

94 thoughts on “Uncover Jailbreak”

    • yes indeed unsupported on iOS 12.1.4 now. Wait for some time, we keep updating when it’s released.

      Update ( 27 Aug 2019 ): Uncover is now fully supported to iOS 12 firmware upto iOS 12.4

  1. In appvalley i can’t download it don’t have any button like get and download. Pls help me i want to jailbreak because my iphone 5s can’t update to ios 13. I hope you reply me. Thank you (sorry for my english if i write something wrong please tell me i want to study english good)

  2. Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with the Uncovered application, my tweaks are not showing up, I am running on an iPhone 6s Plus and I don’t know how to fix it

  3. I have tried to use uncover on iphone 5s with IOS 12.3.1 and it is unsupported. When does a new uncover come out?

  4. why guys, I have iPhone 6 with iOS 12.2. When I use cydia impactor for unc0ver, my device shows as unsupported. Why is this happening? Based from the criteria, my OS seems compatible, any help will be appreciated.

  5. I’m trying to install Uncover using Tweakbox app on my iPhone iOS 12.1.2 and it keeps disappearing. It won’t install at all. What can I do? Please help!

  6. Hi,

    I installed UncOver today but says my iPhone unsupported? I am running version 12. 4 with iPhone XR . Any suggestions?


  7. iPhone 8+ iOS 12.4 just tried installing unc0ver with the new sideloadbox and it did not install. It downloaded in Safari. Is there anyway to install it without the computer? I’d like to be able to just delete and reinstall every week instead of resigning with impacter every week.

  8. I have a problem I have 7plus
    When I press jailbreaking I see 1/31 change to 9/31and my phone make restart and nothing installed i try it 8 times please help me and now when I press again jailbreaking stop 1/31 and in the end werten
    [*] Kernel’s IPC space: 0xffffffe000716290

  9. Buna ziua,eu am făcut jailbreak pe iPhone x folosind taigone,funcționeaza bine însă acum întâmpin o problema. Unc0ver nu-l mai pot instala,adica îmi spune ca aplicației este neverificate și îi dau instalare și îmi apare mereu ca nu este verificată.Acum sunt obligat sa descarc unc0ver de pe google de fiecare data la fiecare 7 zile însă după doua zile iar îmi spune ca aplicației este neverificate și funcționează pana in 7 zile după care iar trebuie să-l caut și să-l descarc sa pot reface jailbreak-ul.cum as putea găsi un unc0ver stabil ? Vă multumesc.

  10. I have iphone x, ios 12.4
    I am unable to download uncover app from tweakbox
    I just get the pop up box to allow download but then nothing happens
    Kindly help

    • hi Jry, there is still partial support for A12 devices. Chimera Jailbreak app, on the other hand, has full-fledged A12 support. Please download from TweakBox app

    • yes, it’s available upto iOS 12.4 at the time of writing this comment. It will be released in the future. However, there is still a window to downgrade your iOS version from iOS 12.4.1 to iOS 12.4 ( Google It ! ) and then jailbreak using Uncover Jailbreak. Make sure you always use a VPN to avoid the Unc0ver jailbreak to stop working.

  11. I have Xs Max 12.4. I am following every step correctly but it doesn’t download Cydia no matter what I do. I tried almost everything as restoring, cleaning icon cache etc. but nothing changes. Don’t know what to do. Would be so happy if there is a way to get the Cydia on my phone.

    • Sorry, it is not supported on iOS 12.3.1. However if you upgrade to iOS 12.4, it will work, but hurry, iOS 12.4.1 has been released and the old firmware ( signing ) will be closed soon.

  12. i have iphone x with ios 12.4 with a11 processor, i went to download uncover 3.5.6 by tweakbox but now not installing the previous version was working.
    why can’t i install it?
    thank you

  13. Hi, I’m already jailbroken but because of some glitch or crash when the device reboots and I try to rejailbreak uncover just doesn’t install, when i hit the install button it says waiting on the springboard and disappears, tried several times, please help

    • Vielen Dank, dass Sie die Uncover-App von der TweakBox-App auf Ihr iPhone heruntergeladen haben. Viel Spaß mit der App und lass es uns wissen, wenn du irgendwelche Probleme hast.

  14. I’m already jailbroken but because of some glitch or crash when the device reboots and I try to rejailbreak uncover just doesn’t install, when i hit the install button it says waiting on the springboard and disappears, tried several times I even deleted tweakbox redownloaded it and all. I need help my phone is actually going insane because it’s bugging out

  15. Device has been jailbroken. Phone crashes says developer not trusted. Deleted like usual went to re install and i get the app atempting to install and the. It disappears. Tried multiple time over last few day. And nothing. Please help

  16. Bonjour
    J’ai besoin de votre aide , j’ai installé le uncOver et j’ai un bouton unsupported que je sais pas comment l’enlever pour commencer l’installation , merci d’avance pour votre aide

  17. I can’t download it and i’m in iOS 12.4.. It’s this an issue or you can’t download because your phone is jailbreaked? Please i need help!

  18. n appvalley i can’t download it don’t have any button like get and download. Pls help me i want to jailbreak because my iphone 5s can’t update to ios 13. I hope you reply me.

    • yes, it will try to support, however, you can try CheckRa1n Jailbreak. It supports iOS 12.3 and up. Its a Mac-only tool at the moment.

  19. I’m having the same exact issue. It’s been about a week and the app appeared to be greyed out and now won’t even download. I’m guessing it’s a certificate issue and we just have to wait it out :/

  20. Hello! I’ve successfully installed tweakbox but I can’t get Uncover jailbreak on my iOS 12.4.4.
    Could u help me get through this issue?

  21. Hello I have a few questions so I downloaded uncover from app cake (I can’t with tweak box) and I jail broke and it says unable to mount rootFS and I press view log and it says my device has been jail broken and I do not have Cydia and I can’t download uncover from tweak box
    Please help

  22. Says it’s not supported foe IOS 13.3.1
    Please are you going to fix that soon. It’s currently the latest software version of ios.

    • sorry about the issue and thank you for reporting. The app has been revoked. We suggest you try the IPA download method and install using Cydia Impactor app.


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