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TweakBox app is the Number #1 third-party installer for iOS and Android that offers 2000+ apps and games for your smartphone.tweakbox download

Check out our TweakBox download tutorial below.

How to Download TweakBox:

Note: New Updated Video instructions after post.

Config Profile Link 1 Config Profile Link 2

  1. Tap on any of the configuration profile download buttons above and wait for the page to load up and then tap on Allow as shown below.configuration profile download
  2. When it does, look for the link that tells you to Install and tap on it (to download the configuration profile). Verified, Not Verified both works.  tweakbox profile
  3. The Profile page in your iOS settings app will now open so tap the link to Install. You may be asked for your passcode; type it in and wait for Safari browser to load  iphone x passcode screen
  4. Tap on Install, and Settings will open again .
  5. Tap, as the pages load, Install > Next > Done 
  6. Look on your home screen – when the installation has finished, the app icon will be there
  7. Launch the app , Select the Apps tab and the select your Category and then start downloading your apps  tweakbox apps

Video : Above Steps Explained on Video

The app supports all versions of Android OS, offers high-speed, secure downloads and is fully reliable.

Method 2 : TweakBox Download for Androidtweakbox android

In the Android platform the download steps only take a minute or so to install the TweakBox APK file. Get the details from the link below.

Android APK

Fix Untrusted Developer Error :

untrusted developer

If you have never used an unofficial app before you will be unprepared for the Untrusted Developer error. This is very simple to solve.

  1. Open your iOS Settings app, tap on General
  2. Next, tap on Profiles & Device Management as shown below.
  3. Look down the profiles list for the app name and tap it
  4. Tap the Trust button and exit Settings
  5. Tap the app icon again and it should work without error

Other Errors Fix :

Fix other post and pre-installation errors of Ttweakbox app installer.

How to Delete TweakBox :

It is a very easy app to use, but if you do decide you don’t want it, you will find that deleting it is even easier. Your device will be restored to the state it was before the app was installed.

  • Just remove it from Settings > General > Profiles delete tweakbox profile i

Find out detailed instructions on how to (Delete) the app installer from your device by following the given link.

Fix Apps and Games Crashing Issue :

Although Tweak Box is an excellent Cydia alternative it is still an unofficial installer. Apple will not tolerate unofficial apps and to stop you from using it, within a few days of installation they will revoke the app certificate and cause the installer to crash without warning. When you install Tweak Box, make sure you install one of our recommended VPN services to protect the certificate and stop Apple revoking it.

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Alternative Apps :

tweakbox alternatives

Tweak Box is not the only 3rd-party app store. There are several more. Get more information about them from the link below.

Give Us a Try !

So, what do you think? Does it sound like something you want to try? It doesn’t cost anything so you only need to spend a minute or so for TweakBox download and it works on both iPhone and Android phones.

Try the app and let us know if you need any assistance, in the comments section below.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


    1. Glad that you liked our content. Do let us know if you have any issues with installation and usage.


        1. Hi.I have a problem,I downloaded the app from chrome and it showed downloads but when I press it it’s not being installed.What should I do?

          1. hi , you must use Mobile safari to access our website. ONly then can you download anything on your iOS device.

      1. How do I verify the configuration profile because it won’t let me go on the apps because of this – I downloaded it correctly it just sais not verified in red 🙁

  1. i have some apps downloaded and i try to open them and it says i have to verify them, so i go to verify them but it doesn’t work?

      1. Whenever I click on hacked games and all the other ones it just says installing app then takes ages to get on and it’s really annoying because I want to play actual games

  2. Hey id like to try tweak box but can’t because I have a Android phone and i as wondering if there was another way to download it

    1. Thank you for your comment. That is a very good questions. We have covered the TweakBox Legality part in our FAQ Section. We will keep adding more information to this page in the coming days .

  3. Spent days trying to dL this app. Several sites. More bs on my iPad but no TweakBox. Now safari and App Store won’t work. Soooooo mad.

      1. Thank you for the recommendation. I followed the steps. I was still getting the white screen. Then I restarted my phone and it started to work. Thank you

  4. Hello tweakbox
    Can you help me with this situation please
    I have just downloaded tweakbox apps . And I want to download some games. Hack games but I can’t download them to my iPhone 5C. Can you help me

  5. Dear Sir and Madam,
    I am very interested in downloading the app “City Island 3”. But unfortunately I have to say that this does not work, although I have 100 MBit / s. I have an iPhone Xs Max, iOS 12. I sincerely hope the problem is resolved. Otherwise, Tweakbox is a very good app. Best regards
    Siegfried Auchter

  6. The 8 Ball Pool app when I download it and try to run it says I need to update the app. But when I do it downloads the

  7. Whenever I click on the “get TweakBox AppStore” link i’m sent to a navigation page. How do I get the download link, or is the link currently broken and redirecting to navigation instead?

    1. hi it is a backup process when the profile gets revoked. please follow the tutorial and you’ll get the apps you want. cheers !!

  8. Why are there 2 different tweak box sites on safari one black one white screen, why is it that every time I try downloading tweakbox it won’t install or it won’t pop up in my profiles thanks again, i just want Spotify++ and clash of clans hack

  9. My tweakbox was working fine and I know how to delete and reinstall when it stops working but this time when it did it every time I tried to reinstall it it kept saying “tweakbox cannot be verified “ and no matter what I try to do i can’t verify the app and I don’t know how to get It to work

  10. Whenever I get on the site it says that the server cannot be found, I was wondering if you could tell me why cause it’s doing it on my friends phone too?

  11. my phone says the server cannot he found whenever I try to get on the website and it does that on my friends phone too. I was wondering if you could tell me why please?

  12. My iPhone still says “server connection not found” or something like this. What can I do? The TweakBox app can be downloaded but it doesn’t work. 😞

  13. This is telling me the app is not verified ?? How do I fix this so I can play Pokémon again??? I asked about this yesterday and have gotten no reply

  14. I want a game called toca boca hair and when I search it it says “sorry no matches found” and it’s starting to annoy me so can you fix it please

  15. Tweakbox downloaded MovieBox downloaded trusted on profile but everytime I open it no listing shows up I have deleted installed so many times but still no listing of programs shows up help please

  16. Hello tweakbox team, I downloaded and installed it but I cant verify it. Currently at ios 12.1.1. Please respond via email. Thanks a lot!

  17. Hi, I am just curious how the matchington mansion hack is supposed to work? I’ve used all my moves & lives & nothing is refilling/unlimited. It’s functioning like the actual app. Thanks

  18. hello! I installed LAST DAY ON EARTH but i don’t have illimited coins, why? Also I die with a Single Hit by anyone.. it‘s very annoying.. can you Tell me why?

  19. considering you have just upped our payments needed your not doin a very good job on the pokemon app are you…. if i cant download it by tonyt il be swaping to i spoofer and taking well over 100 other ppl with we as i have a fb group and all ofthem will follow my lead pal its robbery what your doin atm i pay but cant play and neither can any of my members plz sort it out as weve all been loyal and payed our hard earned cash that we WORK FOR so you plz keep up your end of the bargain and sort it out many thanks and regards Ashley fox

  20. hiya, i’m trying to install the ispoofer pokemon go app from tweak box. this would be the 3rd time that i am installing it again. previous times have worked fine.
    when i click the install buttton there is a pop up to confirm it. when i confirm it, the pop up disappears and nothing else happens. i have tried restarting my phone, downloading the tweak box app again but nothing seems to work. help me out?

    1. When tinder++ apps stop working for you:

      Delete them and reinstall them.
      Then go to settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > enterprise Application > verify or trust

  21. Hi, installed Spotify++ and have to verify and trust every week. Is this normal? Can’t open the app anymore, do I really need to remove & reinstall every week? (and download my offline playlists every week). Or what am I doing wrong please?

    Thank you

    ps I pay for (the real) Spotify every month but use the ++ version on my iPhone because you can only have 3 devices for offline playlists and the iPhone is the 4th device..

  22. hello, i installed tweakbox and when i try to install spotify it just won t install.. i had it a few hours ago and i deleted it then i tried to install it again

  23. Wondering if you guys are having issues? I downloaded pokemon go. It works but after closing it, it wont open. Just gets to the white screen and close. I repeat delete and download and it does the same.

  24. The tweakbox app are trusted and installed, but I can’t download any others apps with tweakbox. The icon of these apps never appear and when i select they, appear this msg: didn’t possible install “app name”.
    Can u guys help me pls ?

    Thanks a lot

  25. So I’ve been trying to download from TweakBox and when the app finishes downloading it doesn’t work. There is even no icon

  26. Tinder still doesn’t work. It’s saying it needs to be updated. I’m using the latest iOS btw. I’ve just re-downloaded tweakbox and downloaded the app. Thanks 👋🏻

  27. It says couldn’t communicate with a helper application. I’m using zip archived is there a better source or is there another problem?

  28. I’ve been able to download TweakBox on my Mac but once I try to install Spotify nothing happens, what do I do. How can I get it on my Mac and do I need to trust it on my Mac because it never asked?

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