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TweakBox is one of the most popular unofficial alternatives to the Play store, allowing free apps for Android devices.tweakbox android apk

Why download TweakBox Android?

Most of these Android apps cannot be found in any official app store, and many are modified with extra features to run on Android.

The Best part?

There is “NO NEED TO ROOT” your Android phone to use it. That means anyone can use tweaked apps on their Android devices, downloading them in the same way as we download from the official play store.

How Cool is that!

Installing TweakBox Android APK shouldn’t take any more than a couple of minutes at the most.

Install TweakBox Android APK:

APK File 1 APK File 2

  1. Tap to download TweakBox APK from the download button above.
  2. Double tap it to install and leave things until the installation has finished  tweakbox android apk
  3. You should see the App icon on your device home screen
  4. Now on your Android device, go to Settings and open Security
  5. Look for the option that says Unknown Sources and makes sure that the box beside it is ticked. This is  the only way to ensure that the APK Files can be installed on your device

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Can’t Get TweakBox Android APK working? Then try an alternative app installer, which is as reliable and updated as TweakBox, with a vast store of different apps and games. More could be requested through their website as shown below.

Alternative App :

panda helper original 120px

Panda Helper app is an unofficial alternative for the Google PlayStore. It requires no “rooting” of your Android device and can be downloaded from the button below, allowing modified apps and games download.

Panda Helper App

Another alternative that is exclusively for Android users is the ACMaret appstore. It is not a hybrid app like Panda Helper listed above, instead works on Android devices only. Copy-Paste the download link below.

acmarket app


Tweak Box for Android is Reliable, Safe and Easy to use. You can download it very quickly and easily onto your Android Tablet or Phone and choose from thousands of apps, games, books, comics, ringtones, themes and much more, most of which cannot be found in any other source.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


  1. Sure, I was getting this error when using the source of unknown download links “Cannot parse package” Samsung Note8 Plus ATT newest update.

    1. True. Its a False APK file that you downloaded. TweakBox is not officially supported on Android. We provide a modified apk that allows some part of the app experience, but not whole.

      1. Uhh really dude I’ve been half an hour trying to download this on my android. U would have said it from the beginning duh 😑😑😑

  2. Same as every body else parsing problem, TEAM is there any way around if so please share with me. I love tv and you are my only way out

  3. Is there any other TweakBox alternative? I’ve seen this article about something called “Flash Apps” that doesn’t require paying for paid apps. Is there a way I can download that?

    1. Hey Joker we would be happy to look into an alternative and recommend that for you. Can you guide us to a source as we were unable to find anything as “Flash Apps”. Please include a source in your next comment.


  4. I love TweakBox app . Too bad its not there for Android devices. Would have loved the Tweakbox APK. its a shame , its all fake available everywhere else.

    1. Sadly its not in the works. You can try a very nice alternative for Android called ACMarket. Link available on this article above .

  5. AcMarket doesn’t work as a good alternative i did all the steps to install it and stuff but when i tried to download a “modded” version of soundcloud or spotify it was just the same as the normal app with no premium

    1. Thanks for your feedback . Unfortunately TweakBox is not available for Android right now. We would like to hear your recommendation for the best Android alternative for TweakBox.


    1. here did you download it from ? Must a fake for sure. Get a genuine app installer for Android from Acmarket AppStore. Links above .

    1. because its not meant to work. TweakBox is not available / never released for Android. All other sources are fake , get a real working Android installer like the AcMarket app from links above

  6. Geez… Doesn’t above read connects after reading article?

    It clearly says…
    “Not available for Android”.

    But thank you guys for your article…I already Liked thought Facebook page and eagerly await for this app.

    I know nothing about rooting, and would love the learn.. But not sure where to start.
    Articles I’ve read about rooting talk about things like custom room, etc.

    So I’m wondering if there is a site or article that can help me out?

    Can’t stand that we pay all this money for these phones that the company find with apps someone like me will never use.. Which takes up more than half of the storage space that the company boasts ex: 16gb storage! When actually you get 5gbs..

    Thank you

  7. Hi

    Thank you for this article
    Sorry about double comment, but
    I was curious what is the easiest
    way to root?
    (Is it even ok to ask this)?
    Apologies if it’s not.

    Thank you

  8. ne fonctionne pas sur mon galaxy s8+, me demande de lui donner une note sur le playstore sauf que tweakbox n’est plus sur le playstore

  9. I have tried on my lg g7 and my galaxy 7 but it shows up as a file that can’t be read. Why can’t i download the apk file

    1. you mean clash of fans right 😛 . ok we will get this working. also try panda helper app for android apps, linked above.

    1. we are sorry about this. sometimes our android app crashes. you understand that tweakbox does not have native support for Android. Please try Panda Helper App linked above.

  10. Hi the download link for my Galaxy S9 is not working. I go to the link and the tab opens then closes like any other download, but no download

  11. It doesn’t work
    We have to had a comment on playstore but this appli is not there.
    Cuz I’d like to use Pokemon go with Tweakbox and we don’t have Pokemon go on Panda helper 🙁

    1. hi, sorry for this issue. new apk uploaded. please try this time and let us know which apps you are looking for and we will update our repository with the app you request.

  12. I’ve downloaded it although stuck at 100% first time so deleted files and tried again. Opened it up but can’t seem to get research to work so only seeing apps linked on each tab. Specifically looking for Pokemon go

  13. Fica em a mágica está acontecendo e não sai disso.quero saber como instala de verdade isso só fica nisso e não sai.

    1. oi, se você está enfrentando problemas de instalação, evite o download e obtenha aplicativos alternativos vinculados acima, por favor.

    1. hi, there is no official suppport of TweakBox app on android. Download alternative linked above for a better Android experience ( NON-ROOT ) , 3rd party android appstore.

    1. hi aky, there has been some issue with the apk file. please download and alternative app installer like Panda Helper the one listed above.

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