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TweakBox is an excellent choice of tweaked apps and games and one of the best is a modified version of the Pokémon Go app . Pokemon Go Hack

PokeGo++ and iSpoofer provides loads of extra features over and above what the stock app gives us.

How to Get Pokemon Hack :

Pokémon anywhere, in your house, the grocery store, a restaurant, anywhere. With the modified version you get a few extras to play with.

Tap to download directly without the installer.

Get PokeGo++ ( 120MB ) :

PokeGo ++ Link 1

PokeGo++ Link 2

Get iSpoofer ( 102MB ) :

iSpoofer Download Link 1

iSpoofer Download Link 2

Method 1 : Using TweakBox

Because the modified Pokémon Go++ app is in TweakBox appstore , you will need to download the installer first.

If you follow the steps below, you will have both TweakBox and Pokémon GO on your device in seconds.

  1. Download TweakBox on to your iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap the TweakBox icon on your home screen to open the appstore
  3. Tap the option that says Apps
  4. Next tap the option for Hacked Apps
  5. Using the search box, type in Pokemon and find or just click on the download button above
  6. When PokéGo++ comes up, tap the Install button
  7. Wait; when the tweaked Pokemon Go has been installed, it will be on your home screen

Method 2: EMUS4U Appemus4u app original small

There is a second alternative to download this app. Its available on the Emus4U AppStore. Download from the link below.

Method 3: Poke Go++ IPA File

PokeGo++ IPA ( 120MB )

  1. Ensure iTunes is up to date on your computer before you start.
  2. You will need Cydia Impactor from https://cydiaimpactor.app and the IPA file for PokeGo++ which can be downloaded from download button above
  3. For IPA installation method , follow the guide in the link below

Simply tap the icon to open Pokémon Go and start using the modified features

Pokémon Go Hack Features :

Some of those extra features include :

  • Never having to leave home to catch a Pokémon again; instead, you can stay put in your favorite chair and do it all from there
  • Use of a trainer to help you find the Pokémon 
  • Where there are several in one area, see which ones are worth the most
  • Joystick control   pokego iphone x
  • In-app settings allow you to change the app how you want it
  • Easy to install and use
  • Free

Play Safe from Home …

Pokémon Go is definitely a popular game, with millions of people playing it the world over. What the modified version brings you is SAFETY ; with the stock version you need to be OUTSIDE and about to find the Pokémon and there have been Report of Vehicular and other types of Accident ( about 110,000 recorded ) , with the tweaked version, you get all the same opportunities to find the Pokémon without having  leave home.

Download Pokémon Go hack today from TweakBox and let us know what you think of the game. Are the extra features worth it? For more tips like this and developer updates follow us on Facebook.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


          1. I’m having a really difficult time downloading it. It won’t install, it will just stay at the loading phase and not move.

  1. wondering why it says download the pokego++ update but it’s still the old version. this started with the new poke update

        1. thanks a bunch for reporting that Kaavya. We checked and downloads were working for the links. They might be revoked back when you tried. Can you please try and confirm this time.

      1. Hi tweakbox Team,

        this morning i downloaded the pogo ++ R85 when the description is R83, there was no problem.
        After few hours later, i open the tweakbox again and saw the description change to R85. i decided to delete app and redownload again, but facing the update the app issue.

        May i know is it another force update issue or i could have download wrongly ? thanks

  2. Hi,
    I’ve been having problem with the app lately. Last week i open the Pokemon go app it says “ untrusted enterprise developer “ after that i deleted the app and also the TweakBox app then i try to reinstall everything but when i download the pokemon go it says “ unable to download app “ then i tried to download all the app still not working. Can you help me figure out this problem please

  3. Wonder if you can help me , I have your download of which I play Pokemon go , is there a way of teleporting before the game loads in ? I keep getting a soft ban from teleporting after the game has kicked in , thanks

  4. Joystick still missing.
    Messed with axis’s but still can’t pull it up on the screen.

    Anyone else still having issues with vR85 and joystick

  5. hi everyone.
    if I install games like the amazing spiderman and pokemon sun moon from tweak box does that mean I can play them offline.

  6. Hi can you help. I have tweak box but it isn’t loading up to download Pokémon go. I am a paid donor and had to delete Pokémon go to make a purchase in the original app then I am trying to re-download it in tweak box but nothing. See pic attached ( white image ). Nothing loads up in tweak box once I close the ad

  7. Hi I installed the latest pogo++ from tweakbox and no joystick shown after I enable joystick from settings. Where is the joystick? I enable fake location as well

  8. Do you support iOS 12 yet? I can’t seem to download pokego++. It never allows me to trust developer or fully load after installing. Icon is just grey grid.

    1. yes iOS 12 is supported for TweakBox. The developer of PokeGo++ is however working on the update as it launches officially tomorrow , on 17th Sept

  9. Hi,
    Will the free to use application of Poke Go++ will come online again, or is only the paying alternative Poke Go2++ going to be available?


        1. Server overloaded. We are aware of this forced update, so have updated PokeMon Go++ to version R88 . Reinstall it after a while when the rush is gone.

  10. Hey, so I was wondering about the game Pokémon Remake, it’s by Tutu app. It was in your AppStore but is no longer there, is this permanent?

  11. My Pokémon++ acts like it needs to be updated and sends me to the App Store to update how do I resolve this it won’t let me access the game

  12. Hello the Pokémon go ++ is now saying it won’t work because there’s a new update from the App Store! And the Mewto challenges JUST started. PLEASE fix this so we can re download the app so it can work!

  13. When are you guys going to add the poke ++ version R88. Because the publisher already released the R88 version but you guys are still stuck at R86…

  14. I downloaded the PokeGo++ 2.0 couple of days ago. I worked the best, I love the apps, planning to do the donate. However, Pokemon Go apps just got the new update version and I can not get into the game again, it keeps transferring me to the Apps store. I tried to download the update version from the apps store but it doesn’t work. Help!

  15. Hello, I was wondering if there are plans for updating poke++ on the TweakBox app, right now the avaible version is 86, and a few hours ago v 88 went live.


  16. Downloaded the newest update and cannot log back in. Every time I authorize the app to use gogle account it opens the app store and then returns to the birthday screen. I am stuck ina loop. Can anyone help with this problem?

  17. where is the update? What time is it going to download?
    Another doubt, whenever they update the app I have to delete the last version and download it again? it does not update itself?

  18. where is the update? What time is it going to download?
    Another doubt, whenever they update the app I have to delete the last version and download it again? it does not update itself?

  19. Hey when are you guys planning on updating Pokémon ++ . Come on guys it’s not that hard to get update done. You know most of us pay to use Pokémon ++ would be since if you kept your stuff updated in a timely manner. Well don’t can’t even get the update done correctly

  20. Hey, so I was wondering about the game Pokémon Remake, it’s by Tutu app. It was in your AppStore but is no longer there, is this permanent ? I don’t know if it’s too much to ask or not but would you be able to notify me when it’s back

  21. Can you help. I’m trying to open Pokémon go and it isn’t letting me.
    Every time I go to open it, it’s taking me to the Apple App Store to do download the real version.
    I’m a paid donor too.
    There is an error message show up but it goes to the App Store fast and I can’t read it

  22. I just downloaded version 88 and whenever i try to open the poke app it starts at the niantic white loading screen and then kicks me out of the app. If I click the app again it will do the same thing. Is there a certain process to fix this?

  23. Won’t allow me to open the app not trusted it says and nothing I tried will allow it to open. iOS 12 running maybe the update blocks untrusted vendors?!

  24. Every time I download pokego++ vr88 it keeps installing old version vr86. My iPhone is updated to iso 11 but nothing works. Keeps sending me to official app update screen. Please help

      1. I follow all the same route steps like I always did. Open up tweakbox, X out add, go to hacked games and click on vr88. It downloads then when I open it up it keeps asking me to update. So I looked in settings and noticed it’s version 86? Not sure why it’s doing that? I clear all my safari cookies.

          1. Yes. If you look on Twitter there is a bunch of people having the same issue. I used your app since the beginning and never had any issues like this before. You should have to keep having to delete, refresh cookies and redownload r88 multiple times for it to work? The r88 app actually needs version 88 on it not 86.

          2. Hey Glen , since you requested. we are now providing the direct IPA file for pokego++ ( R88 ) for you. please follow Method 2 using Cydia Impactor .

  25. I kept getting untrusted developer or something all of a sudden so I ended up deleting and attempting re-downloading the app. Now it just won’t download at all. Stuck at the “Loading…” I’ve tried deleting, rebooting for both PoGo++ app and TweakBox app. the real PoGo app is not on my phone. Not sure what to do next.

  26. “Hi,
    Will the free to use application of Poke Go++ will come online again, or is only the paying alternative Poke Go2++ going to be available?


    TweakBox Team says:
    September 18, 2018 at 1:02 pm
    Free version will come shortly according to world++ developers . we will keep you updated”

    Any update on this please?

  27. I am having trouble find the download for my phone I have an LG K20 with Android operating system can you give the the link please.

  28. Any reports of Soft bans being given since the update? I got my first one a few weeks ago and wanted to lay low for a bit. I just redownloaded and tried with my main and haven’t seen anything yet.

  29. PokeGo++ IPA 88 is working in iphone XS IOS 12 if is downloaded by tweakbox?
    I donwloaded but the app doesent show the toogles to hack de game.

  30. Hi I’ve been using pokego++ but phone not jail broken. I had a warning playing USA hack union square from TutuApp now I’m wary about teleporting. I’ve not spun a poke stop since 3:58pm 24/09 and that was in San Francisco. I’ve teleported to other locations and my WiFi is disabled. What I am worried about is getting caught using the pokego ++ app and getting banned completely. Please help thank you

  31. Hey! Looking for some insight on when the Pokemon go app in Tweakbox is going to be updated.. I missed an EX raid today because Niantic updated their software and it wasn’t kept up on in the app.. I’m not really impressed since I donate to the app through patreon and I can’t even use it. Any way you can help?

    Okay. Im actually very upset with this. I have tried everything today to get this app to work, I have paid my monthly amount, and nothing is working

  32. Hi I have a iPhone 6 Plus and I don’t have a clue to trust the app as none of the downloads are working. Any advice on how to do this? Thank you!
    Chris Davies
    My girlfriend set it up before I paid for it and new my phone has updated I’ve had to pay again and now it wants $5 a month?????

  33. I can’t connect to the app for the past 2 hours, it only says “unable to verify app” and I can’t verify the developer either on my iPhone

    1. We checked and downloads were working for the links. They might be revoked back when you tried. Can you please try and confirm this time.

  34. I can’t get it to install. The popup asking permission shows up and then nothing happens. No icon, no error message, nothing in profiles. Have restarted phone, cleared histories, nothing changes or fixes the issue.

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