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Cydia alternatives are coming at us from all directions now. One such alternative that has been released and is proving incredibly popular is called TweakBox pc

TweakBox for Windows and Mac Available?

Yes, it’s available. TweakBox is an unofficial app store that competes with the Windows and Mac appstore in terms of what it offers. You can download thousands of different apps, games. The most significant difference between this and the official store is that everything in TweakBox is “FREE” and much of it is tweaked or unofficial content; apps with additional features, popular games that are “Fully Unlocked” and so on.

Now you can also use it on your Windows PC and Mac computer, and we’re going to show you just how easy it is.

How to Download TweakBox on Mac and PC :

TweakBox is an iOS app that has been provided with support for Android devices. Because of that, you cant install it straight to your computer and expect it to run. First off, you will need to install an Android emulator onto your computer, and two of the best ones to use are BlueStacks and Nox. We’ll show you how to do this with BlueStacks because it is the most popular Android emulator and one of the easiest to use. Ready? Follow these steps carefully :

APK File for PC and Mac

  1. Download BlueStacks Android emulator to your computer and install it.
  2. Download the Android APK file for TweakBox from above onto your computer and save it – remember where it is
  3. Find the APK file and double-click on it
  4. BlueStacks will automatically open, and the file will be installed. If this doesn’t work, all you need to do is right-click on the APK file and chose Open With >BlueStacks. Alternatively, launch BlueStacks on your device and drag the Apk file into it
  5. Once TweakBox has been successfully installed, you will see the app icon on the home page in BlueStacks. Just click the icon and start using the installer. tweakbox windows pc

If you opt for Nox Player instead, simply download it and then follow the above instructions – it will work just the same.

It really doesn’t matter what emulator you use, they both work the same, and they both provide you with access to all the apps and games and other content in TweakBox, right there on your PC, giving you the option of a much larger screen, great for some of those games.

How to Use TweakBox on Windows PC :

Using it really is very simple; click the icon on the home screen of your Android emulator, and the installer will open. Browser through, find what you want and click to download it to your PC.

tweakbox windows apps

It’s that simple.

Other Useful Links:

You can find the download guides for Android and iOS below along with some of the more frequently asked questions about TweakBox installer:

Are you going to try TweakBox on your PC? You should; it’s free, and it opens up a whole new world of content for you. Do let us know what you think of it and use the comments box below to report any issues you have with the download; we’ll do our best to find the solution for you.

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  1. hi there. I’ve downloaded everything from steps 1-4 on my Mac but when I tried to download TweakBox it just came up as a mobile app again. I’ve tried re-downloading it again but it just came up the same and I can’t find it on BlueStacks or anything.

    1. hi, it’s doing the task right, you need to use the apk file and install in the android emulator on your pc or mac. that is how you use it on your computer, there is NO dedicated app for a pc or mac. the emulator does the task to port the app to your computer OS.

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