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Are you fed up with having your certificates revoked whenever you use third-party apps on your device ? Then you need a brand new app called LazarusJailed. lazarusjailed

Using advanced technology, this anti-revoke app stops app certificates being revoked and is incredibly accurate. And it’s free.

How Does it Work?

Almost every third-party app uses expired Enterprise Developer certificates but Apple will block them and revoke them, causing the app to crash. Lazarus Jailed works by clearing the cache of any third-party app when you close it, meaning no data gets sent to the Apple servers which, in turn, reduces the risk of certificate revocations.

Developed by team, it uses a combination of the ( voucher_swap exploit ) and anti-revoke which is used by Jakeashacks and Pwn20wnd. However, it cannot restore applications that have already been revoked; it can only stop them from being revoked in the future.


Lazarus Jailed is compatible with all iOS device on iOS 13 and older and you do not need to jailbreak to use it.

How to Download LazarusJailed?

Direct Download

Downloading LazarusJailed couldn’t be easier. You won’t get it from the app store, obviously, but you can get it by downloading a third-party app installer called TweakBox using the guide at the link:

  1. Once you have installed TweakBox open it by tapping the icon on the home page
  2. Search for LazarusJailed
  3. Tap the result and follow the on-screen instructions to download it

How to Use LazarusJailed:

Using this app really couldn’t be any easier.

  1. Tap on the LazarusJailed icon on your home screen to open it
  2. Tap the green Bock Revokes button and wait for a couple of seconds
  3. You will be asked to respring your device; tap the Respring button
  4. That’s all you need to do; all your currently installed third-party apps are now covered and the certificates will not be revoked.

Protects App Revokes:

You don’t need to repeat this step at any time; even after you reboot your iPhone or iPad, LazarusJailed remains active, protecting your certificates.  Don’t forget, it cannot restore any apps whose certificates are already revoked. You need to reinstall those apps first and then you can use it to protect them.

Other Alternative:

tweakbox safety

LazarusJailed is going to be a great help in stopping app certificates being revoked but you should continue to protect yourself by using one of our recommended VPNs.

Do give it a try and tell us what you think of it. Follow us on Facebook for more tips like this.

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    1. its a work in progress designed to stop revokes. Its better to install this than have no protection towards revokes. Though we didnt develop this , we recommend this to our users. Above all its all free to download , so no hard done. If you want absolute protection , get a TweakBox Recommended VPN. Its paid but works.

  1. Most of the apps keep telling me that it won’t download at this time, no matter what time I try to download them, what could I do

  2. Hey when im downloading tweakbox after it completes the circle , the app will turn dim again and says “Unable to download app”

  3. Installed on new ipad.
    Click on block revokes and…nothing.

    Did 3x same result…nothing.

    Also tried nothx but that does not even install.

  4. All the nothx and other one that are free and not from apple apps

    My Point is that every app that I try to download will just get revoked even the nothx one

    1. hi Seth, you are right, there is a global revoke going on that even NoThx can stop. Please wait a while while we get it back online.

  5. Hey, just tried to use LazarusJailed on IOS 12.3.2, and idk if it’s crashing or it works because I push block revoked and it greys out the button, then either crashes after a couple of seconds or it just returns to the original screen where you can push to Block Revokes.

  6. My screen pops up with the install button so I click it and then go to see the app it appears for a second then goes grey and disappears.

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