Are you looking for a new way to download unofficial apps? Then take a look at iOSEmus. iosemus

A new app installer, iOSEmus App now offers more than 1000 apps and games, all of which you can download directly to your iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking.

iOSEmus AppStore

How to Install iOSEmus App:

  1. Open the browser you use on your iOS device
  2. Tap the link above – the app will open in your browser iosemus app profile
  3. Then select the Home Screen option. iosemus app

How to Use iOSEmus App:

  1. Open the iOSEmus app
  2. Pick an app category
  3. Pick and app or game, tap it and tap Get
  4. Wait – the app will be downloaded

iOSEmus App Features:

iOSEmus is packed with cool features:

  • Completely free
  • No jailbreak needed
  • User-friendly
  • All apps and games are regularly updated
  • No installation needed – open the app in your browser and download your apps and games
  • Rare download errors are easily recovered from
  • Takes up little space on your iPhone or iPad
  • Doesn’t use up all your RAM or other resources
  • Lots more cool features

How to Delete iOSEmus App:

If you want to remove iOSEmus, perhaps because you no longer want it, you can simply delete the website from your browser. However, you will need to delete each game or app separately:

  1. Tap and long-hold the app icon
  2. When all the icons begin wiggling, tap the small cross in the top corner of the icon
  3. Tap on Delete and the app will be deleted
  4. Repeat for all games and apps downloaded from the iOSEmus store

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is iOSEmus App?

iOSEmus offers jailbreakers an alternative to Cydia, but it is also becoming popular as an alternative to the iOS app store. iOSEmus offers unofficial apps, games, tweaks, unsigned apps, and much more. It is home to some of the best ++ apps and games, and you have a choice of downloading the signed app or the unsigned one. Check out the iOSEmus infographic below.

iosemus infographics

  • Is iOSEmus Safe?

100% safe to download and use. iOSEmus is perfectly safe to use – we tested it and found no signs of malware, viruses, or anything else that can compromise your data or your device. 

  • Is iOSEmus App Free?

The iOSEmus store developers decided to give you an easy way of getting apps and games; they simply built their store to be available publicly. You do not need to install the store, nor do you need to sign up to use it, and there are no fees. The developers make it clear that your information will never be shared with anyone, nor will your device be used for cryptocurrency mining, as some other deceptive apps have been known to do. Your safety is their priority.

  • Does iOSEmus Require Jailbreaking?

No jailbreak is required to use the iOSEmus App. In fact, it is an alternative to the jailbreak app store. It was primarily released to provide some content to those who cannot jailbreak at the moment. Don’t expect it to be the same as Cydia; many tweaks require root access to work, and, as iOSEmus doesn’t provide that, they won’t work. However, it does have a cool selection of other unofficial content.

  • Will it Work on iOS 15?

iOSEmus has support for all iOS devices on firmware up to and including iOS 15.

  • Does iOSEmus work on Android?

No, the iOSEmus app does not work on Android. It is exclusively available for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. If you are looking for unofficial apps on Android, you can download the HappyMod app.

  • How to Trust iOSEmusApp?

You may get the “Untrusted Enterprise Developer ” error with some of the apps or games you download from iOSEmusApp. Fix this by following the steps below.

  1. Note the name of the developer on the error message and then tap on Cancel
  2. Open Settings > General > Profiles
  3. Find and tap on the developer name
  4. Tap on Trust
  5. Close Settings and the app is now ready to use.

iOSEmus is a fantastic addition to the list of TweakBox alternatives and, with so many apps on offer and being so easy to use, it is worth you taking a look. Try it today and let us know what you think; follow us on Facebook for more cool tips.

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