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TweakBox is awesome, but if you really don’t like it, you can delete it from your device quicker than you installed it. Read on to find out how.tweakbox original 120px small

How To Delete TweakBox App:

You can delete TweakBox from your device in these four ways:

Method 1: from Settings

  1. Open your Settings app
  2. Go to General > Profileios_general_profile
  3. Find the TweakBox profile and tap it  tweakbox profile
  4. Tap Remove Profile and close settings delete_tweakbox
  5. TweakBox will be removed from your device delete_tweakbox

Video: Above steps explained on video

Method 2: from the HomeScreen

  1. Long press on the app icon
  2. All the icons will start wiggling. Tap on the cross in the top-left corner of the icon tweakbox app delete
  3. Tap Delete on the confirmation message
  4. The app will now be removed from your device

Video: This demonstrates these steps

Method 3: Restore your iOS Device

All of your data and settings are going to be removed and the latest firmware installed on your device:

  1. Check that you have the most up to date iTunes version
  2. Back your data up
  3. Disable Find my iPhone | iPad and your passcode
  4. Open iTunes and connect your device to your computer
  5. If asked, input your passcode on your iOS device
  6. Tap Yes on the Trust This Computer message trust-this-computer
  7. Click the device summary in iTunes for the connected device
  8. Click Restore itunes restore iphone
  9. Click Restore again to confirm
  10. iTunes will restore your device, and TweakBox will be removed; your device will reboot, and you can start over.

Method 4: Restore from iTunes Backup

This is the final way, restoring from the backup you should have taken before you installed TweakBox:

  1. Open iTunes and connect your iPhone or iPad
  2. Type your passcode on your device and, on the Trust This Computer message (if it appears), tap Yes
  3. Click the device summary for the device you are restoring
  4. Click Restore Backup itunes restore backup
  5. Choose the backup you want from the list that appears – make sure it is one from before you installed TweakBox
  6. Click on Restore and wait for iTunes to restore your device – you may need to put your passcode in but, otherwise, leave your device and computer along
  7. Your device must stay connected, so it can sync with your PC but, once finished, disconnect it and start using your device again

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TweakBox really is a great alternative to Cydia, so try it and see what it has to offer you. For iOS tips and tricks, follow us on Facebook.

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    • hi , the ads are there put by the developers of tweakbox. just close the ad by clicking the “cross” on the top left or right of your screen. thanks

  1. Why cant i download some game it’ll just be a paused mode even though it shows that is downloading i have downloaded the game 3 times,also the game is need for speed hot pursuit and most wanted

  2. Hi

    Please help, I updated my iph 7 to ios 13. I had Tweakbox before but some apps didn’t work properly. I deleted tweakbox and tried to reinstall. But it won’t take me to profile page to install. After i click on configuration link and when i press “allow” it takes me back to homescreen.

    • hi, you will have to delete both the profile and app icon. Go to Settings > General > Profile delete profile from there and then the app from HomeScreen using Tap and Hold > App Wiggle’s > Tap Cross on top of the icon ( like a regular app delete from the AppStore )


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