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Millions of iOS users feel as if they have been let down. For the last couple of years, Cydia, a third-party app store we have come to rely on for all our tweaks and modified content, has not been updated and, until now, there was no other way to get those apps and tweaks back. TweakBox is an unofficial app store that provides some of that content, although not quite so much as Cydia, and is proving to be a decent alternative.

TweakBox doesn’t need Cydia to work and you can download as many of the tweaks in it as you want without having to worry about Apple voiding your warranty. And, if you really don’t like it, you can delete it from your device quicker than you installed it. Read on to find out how.

How To Delete TweakBox :

You can delete TweakBox from your device in these four ways:

Method 1 : Through Settings

  1. Open your Settings app
  2. Go to General > Profileios_general_profile
  3. Find the TweakBox profile and tap it   tweakbox profile
  4. Tap Remove Profile and close settings delete_tweakbox
  5. TweakBox will be removed from your device delete_tweakbox

Method 2 : Through the App Icon

  1. Long press on the TweakBox icon
  2. All the icons will start wiggling. Tap on the cross in the top-left corner of TweakBox  
  3. Tap Delete on the confirmation message tweakbox_delete2
  4. TweakBox will now be removed from your device

Video : This demonstrates these steps [ coming soon ]

Method 3 : Restore Your iOS Device

All of your data and settings are going to be removed and the latest firmware installed on your device:

  1. Check that you have the most up to date iTunes version
  2. Back your data up
  3. Disable Find my iPhone | iPad and your passcode
  4. Open iTunes and connect your device to your computer
  5. If asked, input your passcode on your iOS device
  6. Tap Yes on the Trust This Computer message
  7. Click the device summary in iTunes for the connected device
  8. Click Restore itunes restore iphone
  9. Click Restore again to confirm
  10. iTunes will restore your device and TweakBox will be removed; your device will reboot and you can start over.

Method 4 : Restore from iTunes Backup

This is the final way, restoring from the backup you should have taken before you installed TweakBox:

  1. Open iTunes and connect your iPhone or iPad
  2. Type your passcode on your device and, on the Trust This Computer message (if it appears), tap Yes
  3. Click the device summary for the device you are restoring
  4. Click Restore Backup itunes restore backup
  5. Choose the backup you want from the list that appears – make sure it is one from before you installed TweakBox
  6. Click on Restore and wait for iTunes to restore your device – you may need to put your passcode in but, otherwise, leave your device and computer along
  7. Your device must stay connected so it can sync with your PC but, once finished, disconnect it and start using your device again

Why You Should Give TweakBox a Try :

TweakBox is full of useful content and features that make it worth trying, some of which include:

  • No need to install Cydia
  • Easy to install and use
  • Deleting it is simple
  • Your warrant is safe
  • Thousands of apps and games to choose from
  • Plenty of modified apps and games
  • Lots more

Other Useful Links :

TweakBox really is a great alternative to Cydia so try it and see what it has to offer you. For iOS tips and tricks, follow us on Facebook.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.

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