TweakBox Apps & Games

TweakBox is an unofficial appstore that offers apps and games that not only works on iPhone; it also works on Android.tweakbox

Tap the install button below, and download the app directly on iPhone.

Install App

Supported iOS Versions:

Android users can also download APK files from this appstore. More details in the link button below.

Android APK

Windows and Mac OSX users now also have the opportunity to download apps and games on their desktop and laptops.

Windows PC

How to Use:

Using the app really is very easy.

  1. Find the app icon on your home screen and tap to open it 
  2. Now you will see a menu bar, choose the ( Apps ) button and tap on it  tweakbox app
  3. Now you will see a list of the Category; navigate to the one you want to download  tweakbox app category
  4. Tap on INSTALL and follow any instructions on the screen to download and install your chosen app or game
  5. If you get the (Untrusted Developer) message, then follow the linked tutorial and TRUST the developer and start using the app. 

100% Safe to Use:

safety icons

You can download the app in the safe knowledge that it offers strong SSL Encryptions, which means your device and your data are always secure.

Top Features:

The iOS store offers many different apps and games, all placed into categories so you can search much easier

  • App Store Apps – iOS app store apps, games
  • Exclusive Apps – Best emulators, movie apps, screen recorders, and more besides.
  • Tweaked Apps – Modified versions of popular apps
  • Modified Games – iOS and Android games with in-game credits, all free to download

Works on iOS 12:

iOS 12 is the latest firmware from Apple, bigger and better than anything released before. Apple has security features throughout every part of iOS 12 but because Tweak Box doesn’t need to access the root of iOS, it is much safer and much easier to install and run on your device. Also, you need to use your Apple ID to install it, providing security against having your warranty voided.

Can you think of anything better than this?

No Jailbreak:no jailbreak cydia download

Not needing Cydia means that anyone can use TweakBox app, providing jailbreakers with some of their favorite content and getting non-jailbreakers see what it’s all about. New apps, games and other content are added on a regular basis and this 3rd-party appstore is updated every time the iOS firmware is updated. Many of the apps are stock apps that have been modified to get new functionality and features to make them better to use.

How to Stop Apps Crashing:

Tweak Box is a great Cydia alternative for iOS users and if you use it you should think about using a VPN tool too. This is a 3rd-party appstore so Apple will pull the app certificate, stopping it working. With a VPN tool, you can stop this from happening. The tool protects your certificates, stopping them from being revoked so you can use the installer uninterrupted.

TweakBox app is an unique 3rd party appstore, not just in the level of content it offers but in the fact that the developers have sorted everything into useful Categories. Launch the App and you will have these categories to choose from as shown above.

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