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In the last couple of years, jailbreaks have all but disappeared; those that have been released have been limited to new iOS versions and only on certain devices. Those still using iOS 9 are out of luck with Cydia but they do have other options. One of those options is an external app installer called TweakBox, a great source of tweaked and modified apps and games.

tweakbox ios 9

We will be showing you how you can install TweakBox on iOS 9 shortly but first, we need to look at the security features that Apple introduced with iOS 9.

TweakBox on iOS 9 :

In iOS 9, things began to get more complex with the firmware and Apple began to include newer and better security features, all designed to keep users safe and their data secure. Some of the best features of iOS 9 include:

  • Content Blockers – Safari content blocking extensions give the user more control over what gets loaded, improving privacy and security for the end-user;
  • Improved Battery Life – Apps use less power and a new Low-Power mode has been included t help conserve battery power when its low;
  • Improvements to Search and Siri – Siri is more intelligent, using context awareness and searching has been made easier with the option to type your request instead of speaking it;
  • Breadcrumb Trails – iOS 9 provides a small string of text that takes you back to an app you were using previously, much easier than before;
  • App Slimming – Your device will now store only the app assets needed for a specific app to run on your device, not the entire app, providing significant space-savings on some devices;

TweakBox runs smoothly on iOS 9 because it doesn’t need to access the root of the iOS like Cydia did, instead bypassing the security and running in much the same way as a stock app. This means it isn’t breaking through the iOS security that Apple puts in place, it protects your warranty and is completely safe to use.

How to Install TweakBox on iOS 9 :

The steps below walk you through installing TweakBox on your iOS 9 device so make sure you follow them very carefully:

  1. Open Safari and then open this ( link ) on your iPhone or iPad configuration_profile
  2. Wait for the page to load up and then look for the link to Install; tap this otherwise the profile will not download to your device
  3. Now your Settings app is going to open; tap the link that says Install Profile
  4. You will be asked for your passcode; type it in and Safari will open
  5. Look for the Install TweakBox link and tap it and then tap on Install when asked to confirm; this will launch your Settings app once more
  6. Tap, as the pages load, Install > Next > Done
  7. When TweakBox has installed you will see the app icon on your home screen

Popular TweakBox Apps :

Spotify++ :

spotify plus

While there are plenty of apps and games to choose from in TweakBox by far one of the most popular is Spotify++. While the stock version of the app requires you to pay for premium features, Spotify++, a modified version, provides all those features for free, including ad removal and unlimited downloads. There are many more additional features in Spotify++, all designed to make your user experience more worthwhile and rewarding.

How to Delete TweakBox App :

If you can’t get on with TweakBox for some reason, you might want to delete it. Others find the easiest way to deal with niggling issues is to delete the app installer and reinstall it. Deleting TweakBox really is very easy to do and will restore your device to its original state, before you installed TweakBox, Find out how to do it by visiting the given link.

TweakBox Installation Errors :

Once installed, TweakBox is easy to use but some users have found themselves facing installation errors. These are simple to solve and you can find full details of what these errors are and how to fix them by visiting this page.

Alternative Apps :

Emus4U :

emus4u app logo small

TweakBox offers plenty of choice but another installer called Emsu4U offers a little more. As well as the modified and tweaked content, you can also download, for free, a great choice of games emulators so you can play your favorite console games on your device without needing to install Cydia first.


TweakBox is one of the best content installers for those on iOS 9, offering as near an experience to Cydia as you can get. Try it and see what you think and follow us on Facebook for more news and updates.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


  1. Hi realy need helo I’ve got an iPad 3 and haven’t been able to download tweak box please help as I don’t get the installation process

        1. You can usually close the ad by clicking on the ‘cross’ that appears on the top right corner of the ad window after a while. Were you able to locate that ?

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