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With jailbreaks dwindling in supply and only really available on some of the newer devices on recent iOS versions, users on older versions like iOS 7 can no longer install Cydia. Instead, they can use external app installers like TweakBox.

tweakbox ios 7

TweakBox is an incredibly popular installer that offers plenty of modified apps and games to choose from, as well as plenty of other content that can only be found in the installer. Before we look at how you can install it on your device, let’s look at how it works on iOS 7.

TweakBox on iOS 7 :

With iOS 7, Apple began introducing new security features to make devices and users safer than ever before. Some of the top security features on iOS 7 include:

iOS7-icon border

  • Activation Lock – Requires you to use your Apple credentials whenever you want to disable Find my iPhone or erase the data from your device;
  • iCloud Keychain – Autofill now remembers account details and passwords as well as credit card numbers; all information is securely stored on the keychain using AES-256 encryption;
  • Game Center – A number of features have been included in the Game app to stop cheating
  • Private Browsing – This can now be easily enabled or disabled through Bookmarks or New Page view;
  • Per Per-App – Different apps can now connect to different VPNs, allowing secure access for the communication of private information over networks that are not private;
  • Default Data Protection – iOS 7 introduces automatic data protection by default for all third-party apps.

With all these security features, you might be wondering how a third-party app installer could possibly work on iOS 7. Quite simply, it can bypass these features because of some clever coding and it does not need to use the same root access that Cydia did; this makes it safe to use and protects your warranty because you have not broken any of Apple’s rules.

How to Install TweakBox on iOS 7 :

Installing TweakBox on iOS 7 is really quite simple, provided the steps below are followed properly:

  1. Launch the Safari browser on your device and go to this ( link )
  2. Before the configuration profile may be downloaded, you need to provide permission so, on the loaded page, tap the link to Install Profile
  3. You should now see your Settings app open automatically; tap Install Profile
  4. Type in your passcode and Safari browser will open
  5. Tap the link to Install TweakBox and then tap on Install on the window that pops up
  6. Wait for Settings to open again and tap on Install
  7. As each page opens, tap Next and then Done
  8. Wait until TweakBox has finished installing and you should see the TweakBox icon on your home page tweakbox app icon

Tap the icon to start using TweakBox.

Popular TweakBox Apps :

Spotify++ :

spotify plus icon

TweakBox has many apps to choose from and Spotify++ has proved incredibly popular. It is a modified form of the stock app, with all the stock features and the premium features for free. These premium features include the removal of ads, no limits on downloads, as many track skips as you want and much more and would, in the stock app, cost you a monthly fee but Spotify++ provides them for free.

How to Delete TweakBox :

Should anything go wrong with TweakBox or you decide you no longer want it on your device then you can simply delete it. This is a very easy process. It will not harm your device and it will not interfere with any other app or service on your device and will result in your device being restored back to how it was. Find out how to delete TweakBox by visiting this page.

TweakBox Installation Errors :

While TweakBox is relatively easy to use, there are a couple of common installation errors that you may come up against. You can find out more about these errors and how easy they are to solve by visiting these pages.

Alternative Apps :

Emus4U :

emus4u app logo small

While TweakBox is a great app, there are other choices and Emus4U is one of the best alternatives. As well as offering the same kind of modified apps and games as TweakBox, it also offers a great range of popular games emulators, giving us back the means to play console games on our iOS devices.


TweakBox is a great option for those on iOS 7 who can no longer install Cydia so give it a go and follow us on Facebook for more updates.

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