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Want a completely free way of downloading all your favorite 3rd-party apps and games? Then try TweakBox. Fully updated to support iOS 13, this is one of the best third-party app installers ever released.tweakbox

The best part? You don’t need to jailbreak.

That’s right, Cydia is NOT required so read on for download details

How to Install TweakBox on iOS 13:

This is so easy to do; all you need is your device and a good strong internet connection to install the configuration profile.

Config Profile Link

  1. Open Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad and open this page
  2. Tap one of the above download buttons
  3. A TweakBox webpage will open; scan the details and then tap on the Install link – this is the only way to give the profile the permission it needs to download. When you get the Profile Downloaded prompt, proceed to next steps profile downloaded prompt
  4. Go to iOS settings app and then General > Profiles page – Select TweakBox app and tap on Install tweak box profile iphone 11 pro
  5. If you are asked for, type in your passcode and Safari browser opens again
  6. Tap the link to Install and then Install on the confirmation box 
  7. Settings will open again, tap on Install nstall tweakbox profile iOS 13
  8. On the next page, tap Next and then Done on the last page
  9. Give the profile time to finish installing, and you should see TweakBox on your homepage tweakbox ios 13 iphone 11 pro
  10. If you don’t see that icon, repeat these steps. If it still doesn’t work, consider trying one of these TweakBox alternatives

It’s that simple

Video: Watch to see these steps in detail


Let’s move on

Fix TweakBox Installation Errors:

TweakBox is an excellent third-party app installer, but we have been hearing of a few common problems occurring with the installation. You may not come across these errors but if you do, don’t worry because fixing them is simple and none of them affect anything else on your iPhone or iPad:

Fix Untrusted Developer Error:

One of the most common errors, this happens when you first attempt to open an unofficial app. Fixing it is simple:

  1. Write down the name of the developer from the error message
  2. Now open your Settings and head to General > Profiles & Device Management
  3. Scroll through the list of profiles until you see the developer name – tap it
  4. Tap on the Trust button
  5. Close your Settings down and tap the TweakBox icon again – it will work without any errors

Stop Apps Crashing:

Another common problem with unofficial apps is that Apple revokes the app certificate regularly. This causes TweakBox and the apps to crash, so you have no choice but to reinstall it all again. You can stop this from happening very easily with a permanent solution, and this will protect all unofficial apps, not just TweakBox. The only way to protect your app certificates and stop them crashing is to install a recommended VPN onto your device.

Check out our FAQ page for more error fixes.

We’re almost there

How to Delete TweakBox:

If you can’t get on with TweakBox or you can’t seem to fix the errors, uninstalling it is very simple. It’s done in seconds and doesn’t affect any other app or service on your device. Check out the link below for guidance:

Over to you

You won’t get better than TweakBox if its apps, games, and tweaks that you want. Updated regularly, this installer is used by millions across the world. Try it and follow us on Facebook for all the latest news and updates.

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  1. I have iOS 13.1.1 installed on my iPhone and I have followed your post on how to install it for iOS 13. However, I get it installed profile works and great. enter the app and any category or app I press will not install it ” Unable to install (Tinder++) TWEAKBOX” please try later. ive already uninstalled countless times with no different results.

    1. Sorry about the issue. The developers are facing some technical difficulties with iOS 13 firmware at the moment. This will be resolved shortly ( within a week ). For the time being, install the app’s using Sideloading via Cydia Impactor app and IPA Files. Don’t forget to install our recommended VPN’s that protect your game/app installations when there is a revoke from Apple, and you can continue using the app without any issues.

  2. No puedo descargar el Spotify tengo el iOS 13.12 y no descarga la app pueden ver a qué se debe ,gracias .

  3. Having trouble Downloading apps it keeps asking if to use wifi later or use cellular. Whatever you pick it just says “ unable to install “ please try again later
    Any help with this? Or is it iOS 13.1.3 ?

  4. i’m having problems, it says “unable to install… please try again later”. i’ve tried deleting, rebooting, and installing, but it still won’t install.

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