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TweakBox for iOS 12 is free to download and use , and all content is free and, even better, it works 100% on iOS 12 .tweakbox original 120px small

For more information ( about ) TweakBox check out the link and read on to find out how the installer works, despite all the security measures that Apple has introduced on iOS 12 firmware .

Install TweakBox on iOS 12 :

Installing TweakBox on your iOS 12 device is pretty simple .

Method 1 : Easy Method

*Installs TweakBox AppStore

  1. First you have to click on the download button below.

    Get TweakBox AppStore

  2. Then tap on the UP arrow as shown heretweakbox_app_store
  3. Now tap on Add to HomeScreen option tweakbox_safari
  4. Rename app as TweakBox and tap on Add tweakbox_safari
  5. Tap the TweakBox app from homescreen and Proceed to Step 2 tweakbox_safari

Method 2 : Expert Method

*Requires Installing Configuration Profile ( Detailed video provided below ).

Configuration Profile

  1. From your iOS device tap the download button above.
  2. You will see a webpage with details about TweakBox and a link to Install , tap this link so the profile may be downloaded tweakbox_app_configuration_profile1
  3. Wait until your Settings app has automatically opened to the Profile page and then tap the Install Profile link
  4. Provide your passcode if required and wait for Safari to open iphone passcode
  5. When it does, tap the Install TweakBox link and then tap on Installn the confirmation message tweakbox_app_configuration_profile
  6. Wait; your settings app opens once more. Tap Install > Next > Done on each page as it opens
  7. Wait until the installation has finished and the icon appears on your home screen, TweakBox is ready to use.

If there is no icon, you need to do these steps again very carefully.

Video : Above Steps Explained on Video

How to Delete TweakBox :

Deleting TweakBox from your device is dead simple; it takes less than a minute and your device will be restored back to how it was before you installed it.

For more details on how to delete TweakBox, click on the given link.

Fix TweakBox Errors :

There are a couple of common installation errors that you may come across, not every user does. All of them are very simple to fix and do not cause any other issues on your device.

For more details on these errors and how to solve them, follow the given link.

TweakBox Alternative Apps :

If TweakBox doesn’t suit then there is a perfectly good alternative called Emus4U.

emus4u app original small

TweakBox is one of the best iOS app installers of its caliber, full of useful and cool content that will suit all types of user. Find out all the latest news and developer updates by following us on Facebook.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


  1. Need help with the download. I have had this app before. Got another phone and it will not get pass the Untrusted Developer Screen

  2. The guys that make last day on earth have recently updated the game and as you guys have not updated the game which I and others can not played the hacked version of 1.9.6 and on your app it says v1.9.5

    1. The developer has removed it , We brought a new developer with the modified app. We are trying to get in touch to restore old version in working condition

  3. is it working on iOS 12 for iPhone X? cause when i downloaded an app doesnt figure it on profiles, dont show nothing to trust :S just the tweakbox app

  4. I downlaod deezer and was everything ok in next day i i found only msg like ( this application it’s private please download official application what i do ?

  5. Hello,
    Please do you know why when I try to install any app via tweakbox, it stuck on « loading » at the very beginning and never progress ?
    I tried to re-install many times, which différents app but it’s always the same problem..
    Thank you

  6. Hi, I’m unable to download tweakbox. I usually never have a problem but when my iPhone got the latest update it removed my tweakbox app. Now when I try to download it, it gives me a white screen with an error message. I’ve went to general, settings, and deleted the old profile and still it will not download, any ideas?

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