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TweakBox for iOS 12 is free to download and use, and all content is free and, even better, it works 100% on the latest iOS 12 firmware release. tweakbox app

Install TweakBox on iOS 12:

Installing the app on your iOS 12 device is pretty simple. This requires installing the Configuration Profile (Detailed Video provided below).

Configuration Profile

  1. From your iOS device, tap the download button above.
  2. You will see a webpage with details about the app and a link to Install, tap this link so the profile may be downloaded.tweakbox_app_configuration_profile1
  3. Wait until your Settings app has automatically opened to the Profile page and then tap the Install link
  4. Provide your passcode if required and wait for Safari to open iphone passcode
  5. When it does, tap the Install confirmation message againtweakbox_app_configuration_profile
  6. Wait; your settings app opens once more. Tap Install > Next > Done on each page as it opens
  7. Wait until the installation has finished, and the icon appears on your home screen, the app is no ready to use. tweakbox
  8. If there is no icon, you need to start over with these steps again. Still, if you cant get TweakBox, then download an alternative app like TweakBox.
  9. Above steps explained on video ( YouTube )

Fix Installation Errors:

There are a couple of common installation errors that you may come across, not every user does. All of them are very simple to fix and do not cause any other issues on your device.

  • Untrusted Developer Error

untrusted developer

When you try to use the installer after downloading it, you will probably get an Untrusted Developer error to appear. Fix is simple.

  1. Open your Settings app and go to General
  2. Tap on Profiles and Device Management and a list of app profiles appear
  3. Find the app name and tap it
  4. Tap Trust and then you can close Settings
  5. Tap on the app icon on your home screen, and it will open without error.
  • Fix TweakBox Apps Crashing Problem

When you use Tweak Box, it is going to crash without warning, taking all your apps and tweaks with it. This is because Apple revokes the app certificates, because it isn’t an official app. There is a simple and permanent way to stop this from happening, not just with this app installer but with all unofficial 3rd party apps – simply install one of our recommended VPN’s after installing the installer. Your certificates will be safe, and your apps and games will not crash.

For Other Installation, Errors see our ( FAQ ) Page.

How to Delete TweakBox App:

Deleting the app installer from your device is very simple; it takes less than a minute, and your device will be restored to how it was before you installed it.

For more details on how to delete the app, click on the given link.

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  1. Need help with the download. I have had this app before. Got another phone and it will not get pass the Untrusted Developer Screen

    1. Please remove and re-download tweakbox again. Also to avoid future revokes of the App, please install a VPN supported by TweakBox. This prevents TweakBox app data from being sent to Apple as it blocks all your private data. This prevents rokes on user-side and you can carry on enjoying TweakBox apps.

  2. The guys that make last day on earth have recently updated the game and as you guys have not updated the game which I and others can not played the hacked version of 1.9.6 and on your app it says v1.9.5

    1. The developer has removed it , We brought a new developer with the modified app. We are trying to get in touch to restore old version in working condition

  3. is it working on iOS 12 for iPhone X? cause when i downloaded an app doesnt figure it on profiles, dont show nothing to trust :S just the tweakbox app

  4. I downlaod deezer and was everything ok in next day i i found only msg like ( this application it’s private please download official application what i do ?

  5. Hello,
    Please do you know why when I try to install any app via tweakbox, it stuck on « loading » at the very beginning and never progress ?
    I tried to re-install many times, which différents app but it’s always the same problem..
    Thank you

  6. Hi, I’m unable to download tweakbox. I usually never have a problem but when my iPhone got the latest update it removed my tweakbox app. Now when I try to download it, it gives me a white screen with an error message. I’ve went to general, settings, and deleted the old profile and still it will not download, any ideas?

  7. i’m a pokemon go player, also a contributor… when i’m playing you’re using remote control over my accouts being clearer you are hacking my accout… so this is the type os respect do you have to the contrutors?


  8. Hi,

    I have been trying to download Merge Dragons for a few weeks now and everytime I install it just says waiting for ages then installs a grey box and I am unable to open the app. I tried both the version before the current one and the current one numerous times. It seems the be the only app I’m having trouble with otherwise everything else is great!
    I have also tried uninstalling tweakbox, clearing everything in settings and starting from scratch but it still won’t install. Thanks

  9. 5 things.

    1. Love the app!

    2. Gardenscapes won’t install for me. I’ve tried downloading it without having the original on my phone and it just doesn’t want to download. I’ve also tried rebooting and yeah, nothing works. Any ideas?

    3. Is there any chance of a Homescapes hack coming soon?

    4. I also can’t access the The Simpsons Tapped Out “vip menu” thing. The description on the Tweakbox app doesn’t seem complete. It just says “you have to scratch 10 scratch” or something like that… How do I access the hacks of the game?

    5. The Tiktok app, how do I access the hacks on that? The description for the app on tweakbox is for so its outdated and none of the things it describes exist anymore.

    So if you could answer one or all of those questions that’d be great, thanks 🙂

  10. Every time i download a app from ur amazing app it sorta doesnt download and i cant open it or interact with it i have tried re-downloading the app but it didnt work please help

  11. Good afternoon, for some reason games are not installing. It’s to about 3/4 of the way through then just goes blank. Is this anything you can help me with?
    Thank you

  12. I downloaded your app on my iPhone 5c IOS 10.3.3. and while openiong it it got stuck on ‘Loading Apps’ in Tweaked Apps. What can I do?? I already re-installed it several times. But it keeps on doing this.

  13. I downloaded Spotify through your app and it seems to be working with the app itself. When I try to play Spotify through my Sonos, it says failed to connect to Spotify. Can I fix this?

    1. Is tweakbox working right now? When I’ve tried the last few days I click on hacked app and it says loading but never loads. I uninstalled the app and profile and reinstalled it but still doing the same thing. Any advice?

  14. So I’m having trouble downloading Pokémon Go right now. It said apps were revoked and fixed but every time it gets downloaded it just disappears. It still says I can go trust it, and it’s just not there. What could be going on?

  15. I have downloaded the pokemon go app. I can’t log in with Patreon. Am I missing something? I get the key and it won’t work.

  16. Still waiting on a reply from a previous message.

    I downloaded Spotify through your app and it seems to be working with the app itself. When I try to play Spotify through my Sonos, it says failed to connect to Spotify. Can I fix this?

  17. When I try to download a song on spotify it says waiting to download and don’t download it how can I fix this issue please ?!!

  18. Hi Iwonder Why Pokémon go still taket me to the Ocean ? I have reinstall the app from your site tweakbox 3 Times now and still the same problem / bug even sens you wrote that you have uppdatera the app so it wont be that way . Please hope for a respons from you …. and really hope you can fix this problem .

  19. Have The latest version for Pokémon go plus plus but every time I turn on fake location to teleport it puts me in the ocean this is on my iPad works fine on my phone

  20. Why your hacked app FM19 mobile kept installed a blank icon which cannot work? I kept deleting and reinstalled and it is still the same

  21. For the last 3 days I haven’t been able to use tweakbox. I’ve uninstalled and installed it again but it’s still doing the same thing. After I pull up the app and click on hacked games, it says loading but never loads. Is it down right now or something? How do I fix this if not?

  22. Tweakbox hasn’t worked for the past few days. It loads up but as soon as I click on hacked games it just says loading and shows a wheel spinning. I uninstalled the app and profile and reinstalled it, but it does the same thing. Is it down right now? If not then how do I fix this?

  23. I am so sick of this app. Ask a question here and nobody knows a thing. I get referred to another link. Left a comment there a week ago and no reply yet. On top of the original problem, now this junk app is giving me an error again. The lady time I got the error, I deleted Spotify and reinstalled it and it worked. Now again the error. Deleting Spotify and tweakbox.

  24. Hi Tweakbox, I can’t use your tweaked version of Tinder. It says I need to update or I will be locked out. I use iphone 8 if that makes any kind of difference.

  25. Hey tweakbox!!

    Was hoping for an update on fallout shelter. Every since the last revoke I am unable to reinstall it. Just wanted to know if it was already on your guys radar! Thanks!!!

  26. Hi I use the app on my iPad and lately pokémon go has been glitching and turning off constantly so I deleted the app and no it won’t let me install it how can I get it again please 2

  27. Hi there!

    I have download your app Tweakbox. This is a really nice app! But, i found a bug in the Tinder++ app. I download this app and i have a pop up with the text ‘you use an old version, you have to update to the latest version otherwise you can not in tinderland’ can you help me? I have a Iphone 6.

    Thank you! ❤

  28. Hi there! I have download your app Tweakbox. This is a really nice app! But, i found a bug in the Tinder++ app. I download this app and i have a pop up with the text ‘you use an old version, you have to update to the latest version otherwise you can not in tinderland’ can you help me? I have a Iphone 6. Thank you! ❤

  29. Can’t download the app anymore just as of today. “UUID not unique”. Restarted the iPad, reset network settings. Works fine on my phone, which has the same iOS version.

  30. I’ve redownloaded TweakBox multiple times and it whenever I try to download NoThx or Spotify ++ it says “Unable to download app” and I try to press retry and it does nothing. Please help me

    1. hi , you might have slow internet. did you check both the configuration profile links? Let us know if one or both links don’t work

  31. Hello, I keep trying to download from your website and it only downloads as a text file in Chinese (I believe). No chance to install it just downloads like a word document. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  32. I can’t download this the link won’t work for me i have the Iphone 8plus and ios 12.1.4 my friend showed me this at school but we can’t use our phones so she can’t help me :(((

  33. Mann my iOS got updated to12.2
    And most of the enterprise developer app can’t be verified

    I gotta downgrade my iOS for it to work as of now? Please advise thank you very much

    As usual thanks for the hard work fellas

  34. hey, i’ve been trying to find a solution to my problem but can’t seem to find anywhere
    so im using iphone xs max ios 12.1.2 and when downloading and opening nothx pressing protect does nothing, when pressing check for updates the protect button changes into protecting (not sure if that makes devide protected from revoke or not). any ideas what to do?

    1. hi , our main developer certificate got revoked. we are in the process of fixing it. thank you for your patience.

  35. Can you please make “Dream League 19” not crash every time I go onto the app!!! It also doesn’t give the unlimited coins!!

  36. Bonsoir l’application va-t-elle être réparé car sur iOS 12.2 on ne peut plus rien faire ?
    Merci bon courage

  37. Savez-vous si l’application va-t-elle être réparé car sur iOS 12.2 ça ne fonctionne pas 😕 merci bon courage

  38. Having trouble installing apps. Installed the profile fine, as Iv used this app plenty of times in the past. I’m running ios12.2 but as soon as Iv downloaded any apps, they appear in my screen with a waiting icon and vanish. I have tried to delete and reinstall but it keeps happening. I used this app from streaming movies.!

    Please help!

  39. Hi TweakBox, I have tried downloading apps from the tweakbox app but when i go to my home page I find nothing there. No apps, no grey apps, no nothing. I have tried following the instructions above but nothing helps. Please help me!!

  40. I just wanted to say good work!
    Tweakbox is the best to get modified apps etc.
    I don’t have any issues, I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work

  41. This app won’t let me download Spotify++ it shows the tweak box app icon and is grayed out and won’t download or anything, i’ve tried all of the recommended troubleshooting like redownloading and restarting my phone and nothing works please fix this!! I NEED MUSIC!!!

  42. Hey tweakbox, first i want to thank all the staff for your work, the apps havé been working nicely for a few months until now.. i m not able to download the any apps anymore, i did have install the tweakbox app and setted up my profile but once i m on an app page and i click on « install » nothing happen.. thanks for everything!
    Cheers from Bordeaux,France

    1. Merci pour vos gentils commentaires. Oui, il a été révoqué il y a quelque temps. nous y sommes et le réparerons au plus vite.

  43. I have the same issue with Pokémon go I tried to download it and it disappeared right away it popped up maybe for less then a half sec. on my scream
    I Tried to delete it and too Read download it Anything I tried it didn’t work please help tweakbox team

  44. my tweakbox isnt working i have ios 12.2 and when i download spotify on your app it doesn’t let me click on it when it’s downloaded

  45. After click install the PokeGo2++, the icon will disappear just second after it appear on my home screen. I don’t have chance to click on the icon to proceed with the installation of PokeGo2++. Please advise. Thank you.

  46. Bonjour, Tweak-box ne fonctionne plus. Cela depuis quelques jours maintenant. Pensez-vous remédié à ce problème ou l’application est-elle définitivement hors d’usage ?

  47. I downloaded tweakbox, but when i download any tweaked app, apps icon appear on the screen and then it gets removed automatically. Kindly guide me how to get through this?

  48. I have the same problem with spoofer for Pokemon Go . Mine is iOS 12.2 . The icon will disappear from my screen a few second after I click install . Not able to download this app .
    Pls help .

  49. Io ho lo stesso problema che inizia ad istallare l’app spotify e poi si toglie su iPhone XS con iOS 12.. Soluzione?

    1. Grazie per i tuoi gentili commenti. Sì, è stato revocato qualche tempo fa. i ragazzi ci sono, e lo aggiusteranno il prima possibile.

    1. Merci pour vos gentils commentaires. Oui, il a été révoqué il y a quelque temps. les gars sont sur, et vont le réparer dès que possible.

  50. I cannot get Pokego2++

    Am I doing something wrong. I downloaded tweakbox and Pokego2++ doesn’t load up as an app like it usually does.

  51. Ya no funciona, quiero descargar unc0ver y no deja descargarla no me deja descargar ninguna aplicacion. Hoy es 15 de abril y todavia estan sin resolver el problema que pena

  52. Bonjour, j’ai beaucoup de problèmes avec TweakBox en ce moment.
    Soit je télécharge l’appli mais elle ne s’ouvre pas ou bien elle s’ouvre mais ne télécharge rien.
    J’utilise TweakBox seulement pour Spotify ++ mais donc en ce moment je n’ai Plus de musique.
    Quand ce sera réparé ?
    Merci et bon courage

    1. Oui, il a été révoqué il y a quelque temps. les développeurs essaient de le réparer pendant des jours. S’ils trouvent une solution, nous serons les premiers à vous informer de la même chose. Veuillez suivre notre site Web pour les dernières mises à jour.

  53. Hey tweakbox, i cant download any apps on here. I am trying to install gba4ios and it keeps saying that it cannot be downloaded at this time. I am running ios12.2 please help

  54. Hi there tweakbox team I have used tweakbox for some time now and since the 12.2 update Spotify++ stopped working so when I relived and tried to reinstall I was met with the same problem as John and Hong where I click install and the app doesn’t install and gets removed from the home screen could you please fix this or demonstrate how to do this? Thanks

    1. hi , you will need to delete the tweakbox version of Spotify and download Emus4u app to download Spotify. Its a similar app like Tweakbox.

    1. Sí, fue revocado hace algún tiempo. Los desarrolladores están intentando arreglarlo por días. Si llegan a una solución, seremos los primeros en actualizarlo sobre la misma. Por favor, siga nuestro sitio web para las últimas actualizaciones.

  55. Ho un problema con il download, quando clicco su uno dei due link non mi si apre il download classico per poi installare il profilo bensì inizia il download di un file che poi non riesco ad aprire da iPhone
    Ho provato con tutti e due i link ma ho sempre lo stesso problema

  56. it asks me to download a mobile config at the bottom of my screen, then says i have to install google drive then doesnt work. please help.

    1. that shouldn’t be the case, you must be doing something wrong. are you using the Safari browser to download the configuration profile?

  57. Hi, i’ve Downloaded tweakbox without problems, after i’ve Installed YouTube++ and it worked. After that i’ve Tried to download other apps without results, every time I try I receive an error message, it tells that it’s impossible to download. How can I do? I’ve already cancelled and installed again tweakbox and nothing changed.

  58. Hey there, amazing app so far. When I try to install NewGamePad I can download it but not start it. The icon is the same as for tweakbox but without label and a bit darker. Cannot open nor start anything. Got IOS 12.2. any idea, please?^^

  59. I found your app and have it a try to play 8 Ball Pool. I was able to download, ands the “cert” for Tweakbox. Then downloaded 8 Ball Pool. (official game has been removed from phone) and accepted cert for the game as well.

    When I run the game it try’s, but ends up saying the internet dropped, but it really hasn’t as I’m able to use other internet based apps.

    Any thoughts on what might me going on?

  60. Hello !
    I have iOS 12.2
    Some apps come up with the error , u able to install , and gives me choice done or retry , I had deleted the app downloaded from AppStore from the beginning, and I tried again and again to download apps and they don’t download , some apps I can and some no , is there a reason ? Do I need to wait for something ?

  61. Do you have an app to jailbreak iOS 12.2 yet uncover and chimera don’t support my iOS device I have iPhone 10 xr

  62. Y’all need to update it or something, when I click one of the download links on my iPhone it downloads a file to my browser instead of giving me an option to go to my settings to install it.

  63. Hey there, TweakBox Team. Could you please update iCleaner to be compatible with iOS 12? Thank you in advance.

    1. hi, you need yo use Safari browser when clicking the links. These links are direct links to download TweakBox configuration profile.

  64. Hey tweakbox. I can download the Clash of Clans hack but when I load the game it just pops up Update and says there’s a new one but I can’t update it

  65. Hi
    When I want to download and app it says unable to download then I press retry then it says unable to download I went to App Store and redownloaded tweakbox and it was the same situation any solutions please

    1. hi Omer. There is something wrong that you are doing here. TweakBox app is not available on the Apple App Store. It’s a free download from this website. Try the download links above.

  66. Forgot to switch off automatic download of software updates and I woke up to iOS 12.3.1. Now my apps are all unverified and can’t be re-verified no matter how many times I tap “verify apps”. Is there a way to access my apps again? Does TweakBox not support 12.3.1? I noticed 12.3.1 is included up at the top of the site. The Tweakbox profile is still trusted but I can’t access anything I’ve downloaded. If you could help me in any way I would really appreciate it. <3

  67. When I press either of the two link buttons the permission to go to my settings doesn’t show up. I cannot even download the app. My phone is iOS 12.3.1

  68. Hi, TweakBox Team!
    I want to install Injustice 2, but I can’t cause “download failed” (on my language сбой загрузки программы), so can you help me please?

  69. I used to use easily the apps but now my phone asks me to verify them. And when I do verify it does nothing I can’t open them because it says I have to verify them

  70. Is there anyway that can add More color by number apps. I Wish u would add these: Color By Number, Tap Color, Paint Color, and Artbook

  71. Please help I have not been able to download anything. It all started when I downloaded 2 apps and when I tried to get a hacked game it said unable to download app so I tried another. And it said the same thing I deleted the configuration profile and reinstalled it and nothing. I try it again and nothing. Please help me.- sincerely *person*

  72. I downloaded the app fine but when I try to use Spotify it don’t work properly, I mean, I’ve been trying to download my music but it just don’t download it

    1. I have the same problem. All the features are ok except from download music. It appears the message “waiting to download”

  73. I need help I am going on a flight soon and I downloaded Spotify++ and used for a while it works great but it won’t let me download my playlist it just waiting to download and I have a lot of storage so it’s not that so why won’t it work?

    1. you need to open the configuration profile in Safari browser only. Please let us know if that solved your issue.

  74. Hi, I changed my iphone 6 for an iphone XR. Your app was working on my 6 but now on my new phone there is a message “unable to download please try again later”. Is it just me ? When will it be fixed ?

  75. Hi. I have a problem with the apps. When I download an app on Tweakbox the logo of this app spawned and despowned 1 seconds later and I don’t find the problem

    Sorry for my bad english this is because im french

  76. Every time I put install, the download icon won’t even pop up.i had Spotify++ and minecraft but now neither will download .

  77. Hey so I’m trying to download the app off of Google because my phone does this weird thing where I can’t use safari. Anyway, I’m on an updated iOS device and I can’t seem to redownload Tweakbox off of Google. Instead of asking me if I’d like to download the app, the configuration link takes me to a new page filled with random letters and numbers and such. What should I do?

  78. Hello! I try to download YouTube++ but it doesn’t work and I don’t understand why because I have already download Spotify++.
    What I’m supposed to do?


  79. The Simpsons tapped out donut hack was working very well but I refreshed the app 2 days ago and it no longer works. Are you all planning on updating or not. Thanks!

  80. Hello! Is filza escaped from tweakbox is available for iOS 12.4? I can’t use filzaescaped from tweakbox till now. Please help. I appreciate your help. Thank you!

  81. Trying to install Kodi and when I click the install button another box pops up to install but when I goto the home screen no Kodi app is being installed

  82. Every time I try to download tweakbox from either link 1 or link 2 it goes to download it in file form. I’m on iOS and I have this problem with a lot of 3rd party apps..

  83. Hallo! I have a problem to install tweakes apps: the icon just appears for few seconds on my screen and than disappears, without installing anything.
    What could I do to fix it?

  84. I installed Tweakbox app but i can’t install any app inside Tweakbox. I tapped Install Youtube++ (i’ve deleted the official app) but nothing happen. I can’t download it or any thing else. Please help me

  85. I dont have the option to trust the app in my settings under profile, and while trying to download the configuration from the tweak box website a notification appeared telling me that if i wanted to download i need to press close and download it via settings, the notification didnt give me any other option beside “ close” . I dont know how to download it

  86. Im trying to install Spotify ++ on my iPhone X ios 12.4 and this does’ Happen only with spotify but what ever app i try to install it says waiting and after half a second it dissapears and nothing installs

  87. Hey so I have tweakbox on my iPhone and I go to download the app but nothing happens there is no download a tweakbox icon appears and the disappears

  88. I upgraded from iOS 11 to 12.4.1 and now apps will not install. You click on the app to install, go to the home screen and can see the app installing, but then disappears.

    I tried AppValley, and this one works. It is able to install apps on iOS 12.4.1

  89. If I have another trusted developer can I still download this app. I tried but the profile won’t open at all. I can just download it from the website but no matter what I can’t open the download file.

  90. I installed Tweakbox app but i can’t install any app inside Tweakbox. I tapped Install
    Kodi but nothing happen. I can’t download it or any thing else. Please help me

  91. I can’t download the app because when i click the download button, it doesn’t say install in the middle of the screen; but it says download on the bottom of the screen and when it downloads it says open in… and then i cant download it on the phone directly!!!

    P.S. i have an iphone 7+


  92. My phone keeps telling me that it is an untrusted enterprise developer but when I go into my settings and follow the tutorial. I can’t find “verify” or “trust” anywhere. Please help

  93. When I try do download anything for example Spotify++ the app doesn’t download the download appears for half a second and then disappears I’ve tried restarting my phone, deleting tweakbox and downloading it again but it didn’t work. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

  94. I am having an issue with this app, I have installed it to my iPad without issues and done the profile to get the app installed. When I go in to Tweakbox, I click on the app that I want, I get the message to install which I click but then nothing else happens, it does not install the application to my desktop. I have been into profiles but the only thing there is Tweakbox. I have removed tweakbox and reinstalled and still the same. I am running the lastest IOS. Anyone know what could be causing this?

  95. iOS already on 13.3 version. Does the tweak box apps work on this version. Been using it but after a while Apple blocks it and I wasn’t able to download the apps I was using no more.

  96. I am having an issue with this app, I have installed it to my iPad without issues and done the profile to get the app installed. When I go in to Tweakbox, I click on the app that I want, I get the message to install which I click but then nothing else happens, it does not install the application to my desktop. I have been into profiles but the only thing there is Tweakbox. I have removed tweakbox and reinstalled and still the same. I am running IOS 12.1. Pls what is the solution

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