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TweakBox for iOS 11 provides access to 2000+ different apps and games . TweakBox App is the go-to choice for all iOS 11 users. It fully supports iOS 11.4.1 , even with all the extra security that Apple has included. tweakbox original 120px small

Install on iOS 11 :

It is easy to install this app on iOS 11. Detailed video provided below. Requires Installing Configuration Profile

Configuration Profile

  1. Launch the Safari browser on your iOS 11 device and tap the download button above.
  2. An information page will load; click the Install link so the profile can be installed  tweakbox_app_configuration_profile1
  3. The Profile page in your Settings app will open; click on Install Profile, followed by your passcode if  asked for it   iphone passcode
  4. Now Safari browser opens again; on the page, click the Install link tweakbox_app_configuration_profile
  5. You will be asked to confirm this; click Install and Settings will open once more
  6. Now click Install > Next and, on the last page, Done and the installation will complete
  7. If you do not see the app icon on your homepage, you haven’t installed the app  – repeat the above steps carefully

Video : Above Steps Explained on Video

Popular Apps :

An incredibly popular download from this 3rd paty app store is a modified app called Spotify++. It has all the features you’ve come to know with the stock app but it includes a few extras that make using Spotify even easier, including the ability to make your record strength better and spoof your location. Find out more about Spotify++ by clicking the link.

How to Delete :

Should you find that you no longer want the app on your iOS 11 device, deleting it is very simple. It takes mere seconds to do and the app will be completely removed, leaving your device as it was before you installed it. Click the link for all the details on how to delete it from your device.

Installation Errors :

While most people manage to use Tweak Box without any trouble, there are some very common errors that rear their heads for some users. These are really very easy to solve and you can rest assured that the errors will only affect Tweak Box, nothing else on your device will be interfered with. Click the link and find out what these errors are and how to fix them.

Alternative Apps :

tweakbox alternatives

While TweakBox is an excellent app installer, it won’t be to everyone’s taste. Luckily, we have alternatives to choose from, including Panda Helper and Emus4U, an installer that offers plenty of modified apps and games and several games emulators too.

Given that it is free to use, Tweak Box is well worth a go; with so many different apps and games, there is bound to be something that suits all types of user. Follow us on Facebook to get all the latest updates and more.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


  1. I have downloaded TweakBox app. SnapChat++ , Spotify ++ and MovieBox is running just fine. However SnapRed don’t want to start

  2. For those users who are not able to download TweakBox app. If you have the old TweakBox app on your iphone , first remove it else your phone will think it’s making a mistake and downloading it again. Then it will download successfully !!!

    cheers !!!

  3. How do you update apps I’ve tried doing everything on the page but there’s like 4-5 download buttons I’ve pressed all of them and nothing seems to happen

  4. I get to install the profile and the icon appears on my screen with everything seemingly done correctly but when I open the TweakBox app it opens to nothing but a white screen. The configuration profile is installed and verified and there isn’t any untrusted developer to “trust” so I am lost. Can take screenshots ect if needed for help. Thanks

    1. e will be happy too look into your issue. If it doesnt work on one try , please delete and re-install. send us your screenshots and errors messages using our contact page. you can also message us on our facebook page. links in menu

  5. Every time I try to download the plenix clash app, it says there is an update and then I press update and I am taken to a website that just wants me to download the same thing! HELP THIS IS TRASH

    1. Hello, you have to uninstall the app and then re-download from Tweakbox again. We will soon be posting a common troubleshoot article for these kind of issues users are facing .

  6. Trying to install TweakBox and it gets to the bit where I’m required to put in a password. I don’t have any 4 digit passwords so I’m not sure what to do.

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  8. I had downloaded Westland Survive and it worked just fine but then a message popped up about unverified application so I deleted it and have been trying to redownload it but I keep getting error messages?

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