The Gameboy is one of the most popular of the Nintendo games consoles with some great games on offer, like Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros, Pokémon, and many more. Gba4iOS emulator app offers a whole range of Gameboy games, and it works on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on iOS 7 or above. gba4ios

Now that Apple has patched the exploit that made it possible to get this emulator from the Apple app store, we need to look elsewhere, and that is in a third-party app store called TweakBox app.

Download GBA4iOS:

Here’s how to do it. Tap to download directly.

Download Link

Method 1: iOS

  1. Download TweakBox onto your iPhone or iPad and then open it 
  2. Tap Apps and then TweakBox Apps
  3. Type the app name into the search bar and wait until it has been found or directly click the download button above
  4. Tap Install. Wait for GBA4iOS to install on your device and then you can start to use it.Gba4iOS-iPhone

Method 2: IPA Download

IPA File ( 21MB )

  1. Download the Gba4iOS emulator .ipa file from the link above
  2. Download Cydia Impactor and install.

Alternatives Emulators:

GBA4iOS is an excellent emulator, but there are some others you can try as well:

Games emulators are always going to be incredibly popular because of what they offer us. Without them, we have no other way of playing our favorite console games on our iOS devices, making the iPhone and iPad genuinely versatile. With this GBA emulator, you get to choose from a whole range of Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance games so try it on your iOS device today and tell us what games you use it to play in the comments box below.

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Fix Untrusted Developer Error:

The Untrusted Developer error is just one of the ways that Apple will try to stop you from using unofficial apps like Tweak Box. While it is an irritation, it doesn’t have to get in your way; all you need to do is tell Apple that you trust the Tweak Box developer by following these few steps:

  1. Opening your iOS Settings app, tap on General
  2. Go to Profiles & Device Management and find the app name in the profile list
  3. Tap on it and Trust it before closing your Settings app
  4. When you try the emulator again, it will work
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27 thoughts on “GBA4iOS”

  1. I’m having issues installing GBA4iOS. Every time I click on the link above, I get the following message: “Can not connect to”. Whenever I try to download from within the Tweakbox app, I am able to click the install button, click install again when the pop up shows. Nothing happens after that.

  2. So far all my attempts to install GBA4IOS have not worked. I continually receive pop ups stating that it “could not be downloaded at this time.” This seems to be a universal issue (I’ve tested Happy Chick and GC4ios as well, they both share this problem). Is there something I need to do to to change this(currently on latest software version, default settings) or should I just wait until the TweakBox team sorts things out?

  3. So I downloaded the tweak box and GBA4iOS as well and when I download the games I can’t okay them what should I do?

  4. Hi TweakBox team! I have been attempting to download Gba4ios, and nothing happens. Has the app been revoked? The download from this site worked just the other day, and now nothing happens. When will another app be available for download?

    • hi, please use AppValley for downloading if the above links and Emus4U is not working for you, while we work with the developers to get back GBA4iOS app on Emus4u AppStore

  5. I have already downloaded gba4ios off of tweakbox but just recently I got an alert that said Dropbox file conflicted. Is this a Dropbox or gba4ios app issue?

  6. So it seems that Apple has managed to block every single method of downloading GBA4IOS. I am currently running 13.1.3
    Is there any way to run GBA at this time? Or should I just give up

  7. Hello! Happy New Years all.. I was hoping you guys were able to tackle the non downloading problem that I’m having. I’ve downloaded both tweakbox and app valley. They let me start to download the emulators but won’t get past the waiting stage


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