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Do you miss your game emulators? Miss being able to play console games on your iPhone or iPad? Would you like to know how you can do it without having to jailbreak your device first? An emulator app called iNDS has been released, and it gives us everything we need to play Nintendo DS games on our devices – all without needing jailbreak first. And all free. inds

You cant download iNDS from the app store; you need another app to do it first, but I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

Download iNDS:

The following are the methods to download the iNDS emulator on your iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking.

Method 1: Using TweakBox App

Direct Download Link

The deal is that you must download TweakBox external app store onto your device first. Apple doesn’t allow game emulators in the store, but TweakBox has several to choose from, including this emulator.

  1. Download TweakBox
  2. Then just open it, find the app and install, the same way you do with app store apps.

inds emulator

Download TweakBox and try the emulator app today. It’s free, and it gives you access to thousands of your favorite Nintendo DS games, all in one handy place.  

Method 2: Using IPA File


    1. Download the iNDS.ipa file onto your computer from the link above
    2. Download Cydia Impactor to your computer
    3. Follow the steps in the linked tutorial above to use Cydia Impactor for installing the iNDS.ipa file onto your iOS device and install the NDS Emulator app.

How to Install ROMs to iNDS:

You should already have your emulator installed by the time you get here. It’s just another couple of steps before you can play your favorite Nintendo DS games on your iPhone or iPad. We have two methods for you to follow:

Method 1: Built-in Browser

You can use the browser built-in to the emulator to find DS ROMs; here’s how:

  1. Open your app drawer and launch iNDS 
  2. Go to the top-right corner and tap on Search inds tweakbox
  3. Use the search bar to find a game
  4. Choose one from the results list and tap it
  5. Tap on Download and tap Save
  6. Once the ROM has been downloaded you can launch it

While this is the easiest way to do it, be aware that not all games are available in this method. That brings us to the next method:

Method 2: External ROMs

With this method, you will use a search engine to find your ROMs

  1. Find a reputable source for your ROM and download it
  2. Tap it and, on the screen that opens, tap on Open in iNDS
  3. Open the iNDS emulator and you will see the ROM you just downloaded
  4. Tap Launch Normally and the game will start

You can also change the settings for the controller and enable Dropbox Syncing by tapping the game name.

It is pretty easy to install ROMs and if you already have some on your computer, just use iTunes to transfer them to iNDS – you can also use other transfer tools if you prefer. Whatever you do, enjoy your Nintendo DS games.

iNDS Emulator Features:

  • Free to download and to use
  • No need to jailbreak
  • Compatible with all iOS devices up to iOS 13
  • Search feature, so you find your games faster
  • Auto-Save
  • Dropbox support for recovery if a game crashes
  • In-app customizations
  • Thousands of games to choose from
  • Many more features

Is it Safe to Download iNDS Emulator?

safety icons

iNDS is a very safe emulator app to use. The developers have taken several months to develop the app, ensuring that it is safe at every step of the way. Their reputation is important to them but what is even more important is that you can enjoy all the games they offer without having to worry about your safety and security. To that end, the emulator app is regularly monitored and any bugs or problems fixed immediately. If you choose not to install the updates they release, they will not take responsibility for any problems with your device.

So, what do you think? Are you going to try iNDS? It is perfectly safe to use, and there are none of the risks that you get when you jailbreak your device.

Fix Untrusted Developer Error:

Tweak Box offers a huge amount of content, but Apple really doesn’t want you to have access to any of it. To try and stop you, they will not trust the developer and, when you try to use the app, you will get an untrusted developer error. To fix this, simply trust the developer:

  1. Go into your Settings app and tap General
  2. Go to Profiles and Device Management
  3. Tap the app profile and Trust it inds app untrusted developer error
  4. Come out of Settings and tap Tweak Box; the error will not appear.

Fix App Crashing Issue:

Trying to use unofficial apps is not easy when Apple does everything it can to stop you. One thing they will do with Tweak Box is revoking its certificate and cause the installer to crash, and they do this very soon after you install it. You can easily stop this from happening – after you install Tweak Box, install one of our recommended VPNs to hide the certificate and stop Apple pulling it out from under you.

You can also contact the developer directly on their Twitter channel.

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