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Until now, to play any kind of console game on your iPhone or iPad, you needed to install Cydia to get the games emulators. There are hundreds of these emulators, each supplying games for different consoles and that meant having to download several to get all your favorite games. Not so anymore because a new emulator has been released called Provenance. provenance emu

Let’s jump right in

Provenance emulator has support for over 18 consoles which means you can download pretty much any game you want regardless of the platform it was made for. You will need at least 2GB RAM if you want the latest games though. Provenance is also free to download, and it doesn’t require Cydia to work.

What’s the catch?

Download Provenance:

The catch is you can’t download it without an alternative app store called TweakBox.

TweakBox is much like the official app store in that is home to thousands of apps and games, but it differs in that everything is free and there is plenty of modified content too.

Using it is easy; download, open, search for the app name and install it

It’s that simple

App Features:

So what do you get with this app?

  • Support for several consoles, including Nintendo, GBA, PlayStation, PPSSPP, and many more
  • Games for all preferences and ages
  • Play your old favorites or the latest blockbusters
  • Multiplayer online gaming supported
  • Record gameplay and share with others
  • One-click play supported
  • One emulator – any game you like
  • Cloud server storage
  • Create your own game controls and game maps
  • Many more features

Over to you.

Provenance is one of the most popular emulators ever released without the need for Cydia so go ahead and download it today. Share your views with us in the comments box below and follow us on Facebook for more tips and tricks.

Fix Untrusted Developer Error:

TweakBox may be one of the best Cydia alternatives, but it isn’t an official app. To try and stop you using it Apple will throw up an untrusted developer error the first time you use TweakBox, but this is a very easy error to fix:

  1. Opening your Settings app, go into General
  2. Open Profiles and look for the app in the app list
  3. Tap it, tap on Trust and then close Settings
  4. Tap on the app and the error will no longer appear

Fix App Crashing Issue:

TweakBox is not an official app, and the nature of it dictates that it is in direct competition with the Apple store. To make things difficult for you, Apple revokes the certificate shortly after you install it, leaving you with the job of reinstalling the app and everything that went with it. Do yourself a favor and save yourself all this unnecessary work by picking and installing one of the recommended TweakBox VPNs. The certificate is protected; Apple can’t revoke it, and you can use your apps in peace.

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  1. Hey TweakBox. Sorry for the bother. But I can download the actual app but when I try to download anything else is shows up for a second saying waiting then disappears. What should I do?

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