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TweakBox app is one of the top third-party web-apps for iPhone that covers over 2000 apps.tweakbox app

Download TweakBox web-app on your iOS device by tapping on the download button below.

Download Link 1

How to Install TweakBox:

  1. Tap on any of the configuration profile download buttons above and then tap on Allow, as shown below. profile-settings-open
  2. Now you will see the Profile Downloaded pop-up. Go to Settings > Profile Downloaded.
  3. Tap on the Install option on the next screen. tweakbox app profile
  4. You may be asked for your Passcode, type it in, and wait.
  5. Tap, as the pages load, Install > Done. 
  6. Go to your device home screen. The TweakBox app icon will be there. If the TweakBox app is not working, then try an alternative app installer.

How to Use TweakBox:

  1. After downloading the TweakBox web-app, find the app icon on your home screen and tap to launch it
  2. Now you will see a menu bar, choose the ( Apps ) button, and tap on it. tweakbox app iPhone
  3. Now you will see a list of Categories like Games, Emulators, Jailbreak; navigate to the one you want to download
  4. Tap on the download buttons and follow any instructions on the screen to download and install your chosen app or tweak
  5. If you get the ( Untrusted Developer ) message, then follow the below steps and TRUST the developer and start using the app. 

How to Trust TweakBoxApp:

untrusted-enterprise-developer error

  1. Open your iOS Settings app, tap on General.
  2. Next, tap on Profiles & Device Management, as shown below.
  3. Look down the profiles list for TweakBox and tap it.
  4. Tap the Trust button and exit Settings
  5. Launch the TweakBox app icon again, and it should work without any errors.

How to Delete TweakBox:

delete tweakbox

  1. Open your Settings app.
  2. Go to General > Profile.
  3. Find the TweakBox profile and tap it.  
  4. Tap Remove Profile and close settings 
  5. TweakBox will be removed from your device.

You can also un-install TweakBox following the steps here.

Troubleshooting Tips:

Here are some of the common errors that occur during the download, installation, and usage of unofficial apps on an iPhone.

  • How to Fix White Screen – Blank Screen Error
  1. Open your Settings app
  2. Go to Safari > Clear Website Data
  3. Try the app installer again, and the white screen will be cleared.
  • Fix TweakBox Has Stopped Working

This happens because the app source cannot be verified. To solve that:

  1. Delete TweakBox from your device ( following the steps here )
  2. Reinstall the app
  3. Open Settings > General > Profiles and Device Management
  4. Locate the app certificate
  5. Click on Verify or Trust

Now, when you try the app again, it will work without any trouble.

  • How to Fix “Unable to Download” or “Unable to Install”
  1. Delete the TweakBox app from your device completely ( following the steps here )
  2. Reboot your iPhone
  3. Try downloading TweakBox again.
  • Fix Profile Installation Failed Error


The Profile Installation Failed ( error ) tends to happen when the Apple servers are overloaded with traffic. The easiest thing to do is wait a while and then try again – if the traffic has cleared, the installation will proceed. If it doesn’t, or you still get the error message, follow these steps:

  1. Put your device into Airplane mode.
  2. Open your Settings app and go to Safari.
  3. Tap the option to Clear History and Website Data
  4. Next tap on Clear History And Data
  5. Turn Airplane Mode off and leave your device for a minute or two.

Try installing your app again, and it should all go smoothly.

  • How to Fix Update CMP Issue

Go to Settings > Safari > Clear Website Data, and open the TweakBox Apps section again.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some of the common questions asked by TweakBox app users.

  • What is TweakBox App?

TweakBox is a 3rd-party web-app for iOS devices. Those apps that won’t get accepted into Apple AppStore, users can now get via TweakBox, and iPhone users can download it without restrictions. Earlier installing unofficial apps would require jailbreaking.

  • Is TweakBox App Safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe. The TweakBox app has no malware or virus. TweakBox only reviews apps that have been tested by our team, fulfilling all safety parameters.

  • Is Tweakbox a Jailbreak?

No, TweakBox is not a jailbreak. It is a web-app, that install the TweakBox app icon on your iPhone. You can download and install Tweakbox to get 3rd-party apps on your device. You can also download apps that jailbreak your device. The Unc0ver app is a very popular option for that purpose.

  • Is TweakBox Working in 2024?

No. TweakBox stopped working in late 2019 and has been broken since then. We have listed some of the best alternatives to the TweakBox app on the linked page.

  • What’s Better than TweakBox?

If you are looking for alternatives of TweakBox, we highly recommend the Emus4U app. You may also look into our list of ( Apps Like TweakBox )

  • Will My Warranty Be Void If I Install TweakBox?

Absolutely not. There is no way for the TweakBox app to void your warranty because it isn’t breaking any of Apple’s rules. However, should you choose to install one of the Cydia tweaks included in TweakBox, that could result in your warranty being voided. If you need to take your device into an Apple store for any reason, simply delete the tweak first.

  • How to Fix Cannot Connect to TweakBox App.

The most likely cause is that the certificate has been revoked, causing the app to crash. Wait for a few hours and then try again; the developers will have updated the certificate, and it will all work properly.

  • My Apps Have Crashed. What Do I Do?

Delete TweakBox or the relevant app and install it again.

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285 thoughts on “Download TweakBox”

  1. Thank you TweakBox Team for this awesome app. I love you guys for making such a great app for us. I have a problem with the app. The app has stopped working and showing a grey icon. Also, all apps downloaded from TweakBox are not working. Your twitter feed says its REVOKED !! What do I do to stop this? It happens every 10- 15 days. It is very frustrating. Please help. Thanks

  2. i have some apps downloaded and i try to open them and it says i have to verify them, so i go to verify them but it doesn’t work?

  3. Hey id like to try tweak box but can’t because I have a Android phone and i as wondering if there was another way to download it

  4. Spent days trying to dL this app. Several sites. More bs on my iPad but no TweakBox. Now safari and App Store won’t work. Soooooo mad.

    • With TweakBox app you can download on both iPhone and iPad. Have you followed the tutorial on this page. Even better with TweakBox , you dont need the installer all the time. Direct go to our Apps page , Search the app and tap the download link. We are ways there to assist you. Even available on Twitter if you need ( )

  5. Hello tweakbox
    Can you help me with this situation please
    I have just downloaded tweakbox apps . And I want to download some games. Hack games but I can’t download them to my iPhone 5C. Can you help me

  6. Dear Sir and Madam,
    I am very interested in downloading the app “City Island 3”. But unfortunately I have to say that this does not work, although I have 100 MBit / s. I have an iPhone Xs Max, iOS 12. I sincerely hope the problem is resolved. Otherwise, Tweakbox is a very good app. Best regards
    Siegfried Auchter

  7. The 8 Ball Pool app when I download it and try to run it says I need to update the app. But when I do it downloads the

  8. Whenever I click on the “get TweakBox AppStore” link i’m sent to a navigation page. How do I get the download link, or is the link currently broken and redirecting to navigation instead?

    • hi it is a backup process when the profile gets revoked. please follow the tutorial and you’ll get the apps you want. cheers !!

  9. My tweakbox was working fine and I know how to delete and reinstall when it stops working but this time when it did it every time I tried to reinstall it it kept saying “tweakbox cannot be verified “ and no matter what I try to do i can’t verify the app and I don’t know how to get It to work

  10. Whenever I get on the site it says that the server cannot be found, I was wondering if you could tell me why cause it’s doing it on my friends phone too?

  11. my phone says the server cannot he found whenever I try to get on the website and it does that on my friends phone too. I was wondering if you could tell me why please?

  12. My iPhone still says “server connection not found” or something like this. What can I do? The TweakBox app can be downloaded but it doesn’t work. 😞

  13. This is telling me the app is not verified ?? How do I fix this so I can play Pokémon again??? I asked about this yesterday and have gotten no reply

  14. I want a game called toca boca hair and when I search it it says “sorry no matches found” and it’s starting to annoy me so can you fix it please

  15. Hello tweakbox team, I downloaded and installed it but I cant verify it. Currently at ios 12.1.1. Please respond via email. Thanks a lot!

  16. Hi, I am just curious how the matchington mansion hack is supposed to work? I’ve used all my moves & lives & nothing is refilling/unlimited. It’s functioning like the actual app. Thanks

  17. hello! I installed LAST DAY ON EARTH but i don’t have illimited coins, why? Also I die with a Single Hit by anyone.. it‘s very annoying.. can you Tell me why?

  18. considering you have just upped our payments needed your not doin a very good job on the pokemon app are you…. if i cant download it by tonyt il be swaping to i spoofer and taking well over 100 other ppl with we as i have a fb group and all ofthem will follow my lead pal its robbery what your doin atm i pay but cant play and neither can any of my members plz sort it out as weve all been loyal and payed our hard earned cash that we WORK FOR so you plz keep up your end of the bargain and sort it out many thanks and regards Ashley fox

  19. hiya, i’m trying to install the ispoofer pokemon go app from tweak box. this would be the 3rd time that i am installing it again. previous times have worked fine.
    when i click the install buttton there is a pop up to confirm it. when i confirm it, the pop up disappears and nothing else happens. i have tried restarting my phone, downloading the tweak box app again but nothing seems to work. help me out?

    • When tinder app stop working for you:

      Delete them and reinstall them.
      Then go to settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > enterprise Application > verify or trust

  20. Wondering if you guys are having issues? I downloaded pokemon go. It works but after closing it, it wont open. Just gets to the white screen and close. I repeat delete and download and it does the same.

  21. The tweakbox app are trusted and installed, but I can’t download any others apps with tweakbox. The icon of these apps never appear and when i select they, appear this msg: didn’t possible install “app name”.
    Can u guys help me pls ?

    Thanks a lot

  22. So I’ve been trying to download from TweakBox and when the app finishes downloading it doesn’t work. There is even no icon

  23. Tinder still doesn’t work. It’s saying it needs to be updated. I’m using the latest iOS btw. I’ve just re-downloaded tweakbox and downloaded the app. Thanks 👋🏻

  24. It says couldn’t communicate with a helper application. I’m using zip archived is there a better source or is there another problem?

  25. Hi excuse me for annoying you.
    First of all thanks for everything you are providing, your app is amazing!
    Secondly, I’m contacting you because I have issue with one of your app and I would like to know if that’s just me or the whole app that has a problem. With deezer++ (v7.1.1) it was working right until today. It now says « this is a pirate version of deezer) when I’m trying to play any song.
    I hope you can help me. Cheers 😉

    • hi, thank you for your comment. our apps got revoked. we are restoring our App certificate. please be patient.

  26. hi, yes , all apps and games on tweakbox were revoked. we are in the process of restoring that and re-signing our certificate so you ca download it. It will take 48-72 hours to signs all the apps and games in our store.

  27. I would like to know why TweakBox doesn’t install properly. (I installed but deleted and now I’m trying to get it back) when I click on install, it say that it wants to download a profile. I doesn’t say to open settings, but I know it should. I go through with the whole process and it doesn’t download at all. What should I do ?

  28. I was using Pokémon go Ispoofer and had no trouble. Then it kept saying unverified app and wouldn’t let open ispoofer at all. I checked in settings under profiles and clicked on verify under the developer and it still said unverified. So I deleted the app and reinstalled it the same way and it worked. Then that issue happened daily. So I just redownloaded it every day. But that got annoying so I deleted TweakBox and tried to re download it. But I go through all the steps and the profile downloaded but the icon isn’t there. It made another screen but the icon isn’t there. Help. I really like this app.

    • merci pour votre commentaire, les applications ont été révoquées. nous essayons de résoudre ce problème le plus rapidement possible.

  29. downloaded the tweakbox just fine
    but when i click some of the apps to download from tweakbox its just show an icon of pre-download app on my home screen and it isn’t progressing any download
    please kindly help

  30. Grazie per i tuoi gentili commenti. Sì, è stato revocato qualche tempo fa. i ragazzi ci sono, e lo aggiusteranno il prima possibile.

  31. Hi I have downloaded the app, verification in profile has been done but when I go to download an app I just get a greyed out box on my phone but not able to verifie and it won’t download. I have lost my device management on my iPhone after an update and just can’t get it back. What now ?

  32. Hola, cuando me meto a la aplicación de TweakBox me dice que la están arreglando como cuanto se tardarán en arreglarla?

  33. Tengo un iPhone, ya descargue la app y cuando entro he intento descargar Deezer+ Me sale en pantalla de inicio que es imposible descargar la aplicación, Que puedo hacer? Ya intente muchas veces y siempre me sale esa notificación!

    • perdon por el problema eliminar la aplicación, y eliminar tweakbox también. luego vuelva a descargar tweakbox e intente descargar su aplicación.

  34. On the app it says, “connecting, your internet was dropped, we are reconnecting you to the game”. It won’t go any further than that

  35. Some of the hacked games I try to download like Brawl Stars will not download. But the ones that did download I was pleased with except when it crashed.

  36. Does Tinder++ not work? It’s been failing to download for me, the entire month of May. Help me out please.

    You guys rock!

  37. Hi I tried installing the tweak box profile but I get an error when I install. Couldn’t communicate with helper application

  38. Hi I don’t know why but I can’t seem to download the playlists. It keeps saying that it’s waiting to download or downloading, but when I try offline it doesn’t work.

  39. la app se me ha descargado, pero me sale un anuncio y no me deja cerrarlo y despues, si pico al anuncio me sale una pagina web que pone no se que de una encuesta de una tarjeta de visa de 1000€

  40. Descargo la app pero me dice que uno un error al descargarla, la desinstalo y la vuelvo instalar pero me sigue apareciendo eso

  41. Hi tweak box I downloaded mine craft on my sons iPad mini but had to restore it now every time I try to redowload it I cannot get it I just get unable to download download could not be downloaded at this time …??? Can you help

  42. Hello
    My app is not loading when I clicked on hacked games it shows that circle forever and ever. I tried shutting off and on and then I got stuck on an ad that tells me to fill out survey for YouTube gift card….

  43. Hi Tweakbox.
    I’ve been having a problem, everytime I try to download an app, it says that “the app cannot be downloaded at this time.” My internet connection is stable and okay, but I cannot seem to download the app.

  44. Hi TweakBox team. Myself and a lot of others have been experiencing an issue where, upon clicking install, a prompt appears saying “[game name] could not be installed at this , please try again later”

    I have tried for a week and yet it still does not work. Please reply ASAP with a fix as this is a major problem. Thanks.

  45. Olá eu adorei o YouTube++ e o instared só que eu instalo normal tudo certo até aí ok mais depois de uns dias quando vou abrir o YouTube++ e o instared meu iPhone diz que não confia no desenvolvedor e pede pra eu verificar mas nunca verifica! E eu sempre uso a rede Wi-Fi,Por favor me ajudem não quero ficar sem o YouTube++ e nem o instared eu amei, meu dispositivo é um iPhone 4s com iOS 9.3.5

    • Em breve você poderá baixar o Youtube do aplicativo TweakBox no seu iPhone. Estamos trabalhando para corrigir o problema

  46. Download link not working! Just showing a bunch of letters and numbers like a code on the whole page…what should i do?

  47. When I press link provided here for download of app, it just transfer me to page full of random letters and symbols and nothing happens.

  48. Tweakbox is not allowing me to download an app. I know the way to do it but it just pops up on screen as if it would download but then it disappears every single time. at this point i’m very annoyed because this isn’t the first time thing happened to me

    • I have been getting the same problems too. Downloaded the profile and installed TweakBox. But I cannot download any games through it. The icon shows up as waiting on the home screen for 1sec before disappearing. Tried restarting, removing and reinstalling TweakBox. Nothing helped.

  49. Every time I download an app it goes on to the screen as waiting to download for a second or two and then just disappears… I have tried re-downloading tweakbox and problem still persisting.

  50. Hello! I’m using an iPhone 6s running in iOS 12.4.1. I downloaded tweakbox. I installed it and when I get into settings and profile management I don’t find a trust button somewhere in order to trust the developer. Do you have any idea what can I do? Thanks!!!

  51. I cannot seem to download any apps from TweakBox. It shows up, says ‘Waiting’ then disappears. This has happened in the past to me and you’ve seemed to fix it then. Please fix it again

  52. More than half of the games listed you can’t download but overall it’s pretty good and please add 60 seconds! Atomic Adventure and please also add hacks to this like unlimited time and unlimited resources and items and god mode. Another thing is as of October the 3rd 2019 Last Day On Earth :survival has got update and means I can’t play it which is disappointing. A few more hack which are needed in LAST day on earth are as follow: god mode for everything type of damage, no resources need to make to the chopper and we can’t place and the helicopter or zombie van or the computer lab either and that should be able to place. One glitch in the game when you go to pickup electric generator you can’t put it down unless your die which sucks.

    To developers of TweakBox thank you very much I can’t to see more and more updates from this game


  53. I’m trying to download TweakBox and when I click install on the “install Profile” on my iOS device it says “Couldn’t communicate with a helper application“ after I input my passcode


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