Nothx – Anti Revoke

Are you tired of your custom apps crashing because Apple keeps revoking the app certificates? Fed up with having to keep reinstalling everything every few days? There is a very easy way to stop this happening and that’s to install an anti-revoke app called NoThx. And it’s completely free.nothx anti revoke

What’s the catch?

There isn’t a catch. All you need is a third-party installer called TweakBox, also free, and then you can download NoThx onto your device and stop Apple revoking those certificates. TweakBox is the number one source of unofficial content for all iOS devices.

How does it work?

It works by using a dummy VPN to hide the location that your third-party apps are downloaded from so that Apple can’t detect that you are using them. We all know that Apple are very strict on what they allow us to use on our devices and this is the best way to cover your tracks and download exactly what you want on your iPhone or iPad.

Download NoThx:

NoThx Download

Downloading this app is really simple; you won’t get it from the app store but you can get it by downloading TweakBox app first:

  1. Download TweakBox app – a full guide can be found at the link
  2. Open TweakBox and search for NoThx – there is a handy search facility built-in nothx iphone x  
  3. Tap Install and follow the instructions on the screen to install it. nothx tweakbox iphone x

It’s that easy.

With NoThanx on your iPhone or iPad, you open up a whole new world of apps. No longer will you have to buy expensive apps, you can just use installers like TweakBox to download all your favorite apps and games, including modified and tweaked content, completely free.

Can it get any better than that ?

Well yes, it can.

You don’t need to install Cydia to use TweakBox or NoThankx! No jailbreak is needed which means that anyone can use TweakBox and NoThnx in complete safety.

Best Partners !

TweakBox and NoThx are the best ways to install and use third-party content without the hassle of those certificates being revoked. Don’t waste any more time; download TweakBox today and then download NoThx onto your device.

Alternative App:


There is another alternative called LazarusJailed app that works similar to this one , but developed by a different developer. Both these apps are free alterative.s to having a VPN.

Once you’ve installed and Anti-Revoke app on your phone, you can download whatever content you want from TweakBox onto your device and not have to keep reinstalling it when Apple crashes the app. Drop us a line in the comments box below to tell us your thoughts and follow us on Facebook fore more updates.

19 thoughts on “Nothx – Anti Revoke”

  1. I have a problem where I am unable to download nothing it keeps disappearing on from my home page. If I can’t get nothx I don’t know how to get the rest of the apps can Anyone please help

  2. So does that mean that I have to use another anti revoke app or a paid vpn? Because I don’t want to spend money and I’ve tried other methods like lazarusjailed and they don’t work.

  3. When i can’t install nothing, when i press download the appears a grey Ivón a then dissapears at the moment, i tried to install and reinstall and have the same problem…

  4. Every time to try to download nothx, it gets to the install and stops. The app is still there but dark and unable to be opened. I have deleted the TweakBoxApp profile and redownloaded it but it didn’t do anything. What do I do?

  5. every time I try to download any app, it appears as “waiting” for a moment, then it completely disappears, and I’ve constantly deleted and redownloaded tweakbox, and I tried downloading a vpn but it won’t work

    what else am I supposed to do??

  6. Every time I download any program to stop and tried to erase and download tweakbox the same problem and I can’t download NoThnx because the download stop


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