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Electra jailbreak has been released to the delight of the jailbreak community, but you can’t download it in the usual way. Brought to us by Electra Team and Coolstar ( twitter ), the jailbreak is compatible with a wide range of devices.electra app icon small

This new jailbreak is not quite the jailbreak utility that we got used to in the past; it requires a different method of installation, and it is a semi-untethered jailbreak. This means that, whenever your iPhone or iPad is restarted for any reason, the jailbreak will require reactivation. The jailbreak also fully supports Cydia Substrate and offers all the features jailbreaks of the past have offered. Read on to find out how to download Electra on your device.

How to Download :

As we said earlier, downloading this jailbreak is not done in the same way. To get it onto your device you need to use TweakBox an external app installer that provides us with easy access to a whole heap of extra content, including this jailbreak. Follow the steps below to install TweakBox and the jailbreak onto your devices. Tap to download directly.

Download Link ( 20MB )

  1. Download TweakBox onto your iOS using the guide at the link
  2. Tap on the app icon to open the app  tweakbox ios 12
  3. Tap on Apps > TweakBox Apps
  4. Search for the jailbreak app by typing it into the search box
  5. Tap Install when the search result comes up, or you can click on the download button above
  6. Wait until the jailbreak has fully installed and you see the icon on your home screen, then you can close the app electra jailbreak icon
  7. Start using the jailbreak by tapping the icon. electra jailbreak 1

If you run into any problems trying to install the jailbreak, do let us know about them, using the comments box below, and we will do what we can to help you solve them. If you find that you need to, you can quickly delete the jailbreak from your device.

cydia iphone x

TweakBox is easy to install and, having been thoroughly tested, very safe to use. SSL encryption ensures that you and your data are safe and secure and it also offers the fastest download speeds anywhere, using little in the way of device resources. It will not interfere with anything else you have running on your iOS device, and Android users can use it all too.

Electra jailbreak may not be like the jailbreaks we remember, but it is still being welcomed with open arms and, who knows, it could be the utility that opens the flood doors to more. This is excellent news for the jailbreak community, and we can only hope that it will continue.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


    1. If you are jailbroken you dont need electra again, if you unjailbreak by mistake you can just run Th0r from TweakBox app on it again and it will work, your tweaks wont go away 🙂

          1. Hey, any suggestions? I jailbroke at 11.3.2. I didn’t want it and I then updated to iOS. Some apps still think I’m jailbroken and won’t work. Primarily my online banking app. Is there any removal tool for iOS 12 even though I jailbroke 11.3.2.

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