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Extensify app offers extensions to modify iPhone apps, providing them with some extra features.extensify app

Extensify is very easy to download. Follow the instructions below.

Download  on iPhone

Download on Android

How to Install Extensify on iPhone:

  1. Using Safari browser, click on the download button above. This will download the configuration profile for the Extensify app.
  2. On the confirmation message, tap on Allow
  3. You will see Profile Downloaded message. Close it and go to the iOS Settings app.
  4. Now tap on Profile Downloaded again 
  5. Tap on Install as shown hereextensify app iphone
  6. Type your device passcode
  7. Safari browser opens again, tap on Install extensify app iphone
  8. Tap Install again and Done
  9. When the Extensify icon is on your home screen, the app is installed

How to Use Extensify App:

  1. Launch Extensify and tap on Menu > Apps ( on the top left of the store’s homescreen ) extensify app iphone
  2. Tap an Apps category and tap on any app or game to install
  3. Tap on Download Link button
  4. Follow the directions on the screen to install the app and wait – when the icon is on your home screen, the app or game is installed and ready to use

Troubleshooting Guide:

While Extensify is a stable app, there are some common errors that you may face – all are easy to resolve:

  • White or Blank Screen
  1. Open iOS Settings and tap on Safari
  2. Tap on Clear Website Data
  3. The Extensify screen should be normal again
  4. If not, delete Extensify from your device and install it again using the guide above
  • Extensify Stopped Working

This error is a result of Extensify being unofficial and is much like the Untrusted Developer Error ( solution below )

  1. Delete Extensify
  2. Reinstall it and open iOS Settings
  3. Tap on General > Profiles & Device Management
  4. Tap on the Extensify profile
  5. Tap Trust or Verify
  6. Close Settings and Extensify should now work
  • Cannot Download Extensify

Another common error, you will only see it if you have previously installed an older version of Extensify. Trying to install a newer version will cause conflict:

  1. Delete Extensify, ensuring all traces of the older version are removed
  2. Power off your iPhone
  3. Wait a few minutes and then power it back on again
  4. Install Extensify again and you should find it works fine
  • Untrusted Developer Error

When you try to open Extensify for the first time, you will likely see an Untrusted Developer error. This appears because Extensify is an unofficial app and Apple cannot verify the app developers. Before you can use Extensify, you must fix this error using the simple steps below:

  1. Take note of the developer’s name on the error message
  2. Close the error and open your iOS Settings app
  3. Tap on General > Profiles & Device Management
  4. Tap on the developer’s name in the list of profiles
  5. Tap the Trust or Verify button and close Settings

How Does Extensify Work?

The Extensify app offer users the chance to add some better functionality to existing stock apps and the way it works is mentioned below:

  • Extensify is a third-party app store of sorts containing tweaks that are known as Exos
  • When you download the app, you simply search for the modification that you want to apply to a stock app and add it to a list.
  • You can add as many modifications for as many apps as you want to the list and, once you are done, you just install them.
  • The tweaks will be listed as the name of the app with a ++ at the end, for example
  • You can run both the stock apps and the tweaks side by side on your device; they will not cause a conflict with one another.
  • You get to see a lot of information about your chosen Exos – what it does, the size of it, how many downloads it has had and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Extensify App?

Extensify app is an extension installer for iOS devices. It offers Exos that install on your device and modify stock apps. Extensify app offers users a huge choice of 3rd-party content, game emulators, mod games, tweaked apps, and so much more. With over 2000 apps and games to download, you won’t have any trouble finding something you like and everything is completely free. There’s no need to jailbreak and the regular updates are constantly improving the app store and adding new content.

  • Is Extensify App Working?

Yes, the Extensify app has now started working since February 2024, and you are able to download games and apps from this appstore.

  • Is there any app like Extensify App?

Yes, you can download the TopStore app which is released recently. It works exactly like the Extensify app.

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For those that have it, Extensify is an excellent alternative, offering quite a bit of choice of modifications to stock apps. Let us know what you think of it and follow the app page on Facebook for the latest news and updates to this page.

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