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Japanese anime shows are growing in popularity but there are very few apps that let you watch them on your iPhone or iPad. There is one app you can try; it’s called Crunchyroll and it offers all the latest anime shows and movies as well as a huge selection of old favorites and you can download it from the app store free of charge.crunchyroll

There is a catch

The app may be free but what you get is limited and there are a lot of ads. If you want the premium features, including a lot more content, you will need a subscription and that’s going to cost you – $6.99 every single month! I want to let you into a secret – I’ve found a way for you to download a modified version of the app, called Crunchyroll++, completely free.

What’s the deal?

Download CrunchyRoll++ :

This ++ app is modified to include all the premium features for free and there is one way to get it – through an alternative app store called TweakBox.

It’s simple to use – download it, open it, find the app and install it – completely FREE.

Crazy, isn’t it ?

Features :

So what do you get with this modified app ? You get some cool features like:

  • No ads
  • Watch on any internet-connected device, like Apple TV, Roku and more
  • All the latest anime shows and movies
  • Watch new shows within an hour of them being shown in Japan
  • In-app customizations
  • Stream or download using the integrated downloader
  • Loads more premium features, FREE

Fix Untrusted Developer Error :

Untrusted developer errors are Apple’s way of telling you that they neither know nor trust the developers of an app. This happens with TweakBox so you need to tell Apple the developer is trustworthy. To do that:

  1. Launch Settings on your device
  2. Tap General > Profiles & Device Management
  3. Find the app in the profiles list and tap it
  4. Tap Trust and come out of Settings
  5. Try the app again, and the error won’t appear

Fix App Crashing Issue :

After you install Tweak Box, within a few days it is going to crash and stop working. This is down to Apple revoking the app certificate because Tweak Box is an unofficial app installer. You will be left having to reinstall everything and this will continue happening unless you install a VPN. This will stop Apple revoking the certificate and leave you free to enjoy your apps uninterrupted.

Your turn now .

Try Crunchyroll++ today; its completely free and you don’t need to use Cydia to get it. Just download TweakBox and away you go. Do tell us what you think of this app and if you want more great tips and tricks like this, you can follow us on Facebook.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


  1. So when I made an account on crunchy roll ++ the app would keep on crashing after I pressed sign in for the first time and I redownloaded it and did it again instead of sign up I did it in login and it still crashed repeatedly after I either signed up or logged in. I’m using an iPhone XR.

  2. When I download Crunchyroll on tweakbox, it says to skip login to use the tweaked version, but you are saying you must login? Also, when I try and login on the app, the game continuously crashes. Lastly, I can’t even watch the latest episode of an anime on the tweaked version. Every time I try and watch a new episode of jjba, it says there is an error, so I still have to wait a week. I don’t know if it’s just me having these errors, but they are very annoying

  3. I’m trying to re-download everything because I didn’t have a VPN and the a crunchyroll isn’t downloading I pressed the download button and it didn’t work I even downloaded tweakbox again

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