FtiOS is one of the best 3rd-party Android appstore right now.ftios app

FtiOS for Android is an unofficial store that has thousands of truly awesome apps, games and mods.

Download FtiOS APK

How to Download FtiOS on Android:

  1. Open Chrome browser on your Android device, tap on the download button above
  2. When the next page has loaded, tap the Download link so that the ftios.apk file may download ftios android apk
  3. Now tap the Install button and confirm on the popup window
  4. Look on your device home screen and you should see the FtiOS app icon. ftios app android

How to Use FtiOS on Android:

Using the FtiOS app is really very simple. Once the installation has successfully finished:

  1. Tap on the FtiOS app icon on your homepage to launch the appstore. ftios app android
  2. Tap on Menu and you will see a list of App categories. Tap the category you want to go into
  3. Now either type the name of the app or game into the search bar and tap on the search icon or browse through the contents
  4. When you find what you want, tap Download and when it’s done, you will see the app or game icon on your Android device home screen.

How to Install FtiOS on PC:

BlueStacks Emulator

  1. Download the BlueStacks emulator onto your computer
  2. Open it, sign in and leave it to set up
  3. While you wait, download the ftios.apk file from the download button above.
  4. In the emulator, type FtiOS into the search bar and click on the downloaded apk file
  5. When FtiOS is in the emulator, click it and leave it to install
  6. Once done, FtiOS is available on your Computer

We recommend BlueStacks as a reliable, powerful, and safe emulator that works well with FtiOS for PC.

How to Use FtiOS App:

  1. Open FtiOS on your Android device or computer
  2. Pick a Category ( see image below ) ftios android appstore
  3. Find an app or game and tap it – there is a Search bar to help make your search easier
  4. Tap on Download and follow the installation directions on the screen
  5. Wait, when you see the app icon on your home screen, the installation has been successful.

Features of FtiOS Android App:

  • iOS and Android Apps – All the apps and games for iOS and Android devices.
  • FtiOS Apps – Exclusive FtiOS Store apps, themes, tweaks, screen recorders, music apps and more
  • Tweaked Apps – Stock apps that have been modded with new features
  • Mod Games – Unlocked  games with new features

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FtiOS is very simple to use, it’s completely free, so download it and get your favorite apps and games today. Stay updated with all the latest by following us on Facebook.

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