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Do you love to play endless running games? Subway Surfer is proving a very popular game that you can play forever, running from the railway inspector and his dog. subway surfer small

Subway Surfers is a free game but, unless you play literally forever or you fork out some cash, you will struggle to play with the limited options available to you.  I’m going to let you into a secret; there is a way to download an unlocked version of Subway Surfer and get all the in-app features – free.

Say that again !

Yes, free. Every in-app feature, all the characters, the gems, the coins, and the power-ups, all unlocked and all for free.

And that’s not all.

You can have all of this without even having to jailbreak first. This is just crazy. Never before have we been able to get unlocked games outside of Cydia! Well now you can and if you keep reading, I’m going to tell you how.

Download Subway Surfers :

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

So, here we are; I’m about to tell you how to get the unlocked version of Subway Surfers for free. It’s very easy; just download TweakBox app installer onto your iPhone or iPad, search in the installer for the game and install it.

That’s it, all you need to do.

There is more though because TweakBox doesn’t just give you the full game for free; it gives you tons of unlocked content; apps, games, even a few Cydia tweaks to play about with too. In fact, once you use TweakBox, you won’t go back to the official iOS app store and that’s a promise.

Do it now; download Tweak Box and install the game, unlocked and for free and start running! And if you want to find out about other unlocked apps and games all you need to do is follow us on Facebook.

Fix Untrusted Developer Error :

While Apple doesn’t like us to use unofficial apps, they haven’t yet managed to stop us from doing it. They do have a good try though and one o the ways they try is to throw up an Untrusted Developer error when you first use an unofficial app like Tweak Box. This is an easy one to get around though using these steps:

  1. Launch iOS Settings and look for Profiles and Device Management under General
  2. Tap it and look for the app name in the app profile list
  3. Tap on it, tap on Trust and then come out of Settings
  4. When you open the Game now it will work without error

Fix Game Crashing Issue :

Tweak Box is one of the best unofficial app stores we have and, because it is direct competition with Apple, they don’t what you to have it. To stop you, every few days after installation they will revoke the app certificate; no matter how many times you reinstall it they will just keep doing it. Solving this is easy; use a VPN with Tweak Box and your certificates will be protected.


  1. I am a great fan of Subway surfers, I am top players of USA my highest score is 24267294, but as soon as I updated to Barcelona, I find this game very fishy, now very little incentive to top players.
    The guard keep behind you and kills you 3-4 times, now subway surfers is not that subway surfer, when I use to play since last 4 years. Its high time more incentive more life should be granted to players. If this not improve then you are going to loose a hundred’s of good players. No Incentive no play.

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