Last Day on Earth

Do you love to play post-apocalyptic games? Zombie games? Then you’re going to love Last Day on Earth. One of the very best MMORPG games, it is proving to be one of the most popular.
last day on earth

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It’s free

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What is Last Day on Earth?

A third-person MMORPG, Last Day on Earth is a post-apocalyptic game of survival. The zombie apocalypse has come to pass and your goal is to survive. But it’s about more than just staying alive. It’s about your strategy, about how tough you will be as you do whatever it takes.


App Features:

Last Day on Earth offers loads of cool features:

  • Build your house out of whatever materials you can find
  • Hunt for food
  • Forage for useful resources – wood, stone, hemp, minerals, food, and more
  • Find what you need to build your own weapons, explosives and other useful resources
  • Search through military bases, forests, airplane crashes, other player’s houses, and more
  • Hundreds of different locations to visit
  • Interact with other players
  • Find or create your own transport
  • Defend your home against zombies and other survivors
  • Save other players from zombie attacks
  • Destroy as many zombies as you can
  • Much more

It doesn’t get better than this

How to Download Last Day on Earth:

This fantastic, action-packed game can easily be downloaded from the iOS app store or you can just click the link below and go straight to the app – tap on Download and enjoy.

Download Last Day on Earth

It’s that easy to do


Although the game is free, it does offer in-app purchases which you may or may not want to purchase. If you don’t and you really don’t want to be tempted with them to get ahead in the game, head to your iOS Settings app, open Screen Time > Content & Privacy and disable in-app purchases.


What are you waiting for?

Download Last Day on Earth and enter the worlds most popular post-apocalyptic zombie world. Join millions of other players as you fight to stay alive. Believe me, you will find yourself doing just about anything to survive and you might even surprise yourself!

You won’t find a better MMORPG survival game, especially not for free so throw yourself into the action right now. Don’t forget to tell us what you think of the game and, if you want more cool app tips and recommendations, follow us on Facebook.

15 thoughts on “Last Day on Earth”

  1. I cant play it without the update, asks for update and opens the app store so you click to download it and the app attempts to update but just goes dark and you cant click it open, ive tried to download the similar game westland but that wont download at all.

  2. When will the new update come? Please, i was so excited to download and play the game, but then i saw that i have to wait for the update.

  3. Hey could I ask why the free store isn’t working when the tweak says it would?
    I would really like to know how to make it work with the new update and all

  4. I can’t seem to craft the chemistry station, electronics station or the repair station. Also can’t place or assemble the zombie truck, helicopter, or mortar. can’t really progress without these items to get to other territories. In addition the armor you can craft doesn’t add any protection or increase running speed. Can we get these things fixed? And is there an alternative way to assemble the helicopter or zombie truck?

  5. When will the newer update of LDOE be updated here in tweakbox? I would love continue playing it with tweak box but it wont let me cause of the 1.15 update

  6. Hey! When will the newer update of LDOE be updated hère on Tweakbox ? I cant play anymore because the game need to be in 1.16 if we want to play on it!


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