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Zombie games are all the rage these days and so are MMORPG Games. With Last Day on Earth, you get both together. If you have never played it before, this is a survival game with one goal – stay alive by whatever means necessary. Last Day on Earth is a graphic-rich game and it’s free to download from the iOS app store .last-day-on-earth

There’s one small problem

To really get anywhere in the game there are in-app purchases, offering features you can’t get any other way. So you have a choice – play the free game and struggle or pay out for the additional features. Or, you could download an unlocked version of Last Day on Earth for free.

That’s right, FREE.

Download Last Day On Earth :

You will need to download TweakBox first; it’s an unofficial app store with loads of games and apps, many with the in-0app features unlocked and ready to use

It’s really easy to use too; like any app store, you just find the app and download it

It’s that simple.

Game Features :

The game is packed with great features, including:

  • Play alone or join a clan to beat the zombies down
  • Craft weapons to help you kill the enemy or hunt your food
  • Plenty of territories to explore for resources and weapons
  • Chat feature to talk to other players
  • All territories and weapons unlocked
  • All in-app purchases, unlocked
  • Easy and addictive gameplay
  • Many more features

Still not convinced ?

Why don’t you try it? TweakBox is safe to use as is every app and game in it and everything is free so you don’t have anything to lose. Download a completely unlocked version of Last day on Earth and try it; tell us how you get on with it.

Fix Untrusted Developer Error :

Apple hates you to use unofficial apps and stopping you from using them is top of their list. One way they do this is, on your first time of using TweakBox they will show you an untrusted developer error and you won’t be able to use it. All you need to do is trust the app developer:

  1. Open Settings>General and then go to Profiles
  2. Look down the list of app profiles and find TweakBox
  3. Tap it and then tap the Trust button
  4. Close Settings, go back to your game and try again, it will now work

Fix Game Crashing Issue :

When you install TweakBox unless you take steps to stop it, the app and games will crash within 7 days as will anything you installed through it. Why? Because Apple will revoke the certificate so you can’t use it. What you can do is reinstall it but you will have to keep doing this unless you install a VPN after you install Tweak Box. There are a couple that are recommended for use with Tweak Box and will prevent Apple from revoking the certificate so you can enjoy the installer without interruption.


  1. I cant play it without the update, asks for update and opens the app store so you click to download it and the app attempts to update but just goes dark and you cant click it open, ive tried to download the similar game westland but that wont download at all.

  2. When will the new update come? Please, i was so excited to download and play the game, but then i saw that i have to wait for the update.

  3. Hey could I ask why the free store isn’t working when the tweak says it would?
    I would really like to know how to make it work with the new update and all

  4. I can’t seem to craft the chemistry station, electronics station or the repair station. Also can’t place or assemble the zombie truck, helicopter, or mortar. can’t really progress without these items to get to other territories. In addition the armor you can craft doesn’t add any protection or increase running speed. Can we get these things fixed? And is there an alternative way to assemble the helicopter or zombie truck?

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