AirShou offers a number of useful features; not only can you take simple screenshots, but you can also record video on your device in 1080p at up to 60fps as well as adding high-quality stereo recording too. airshou

There are lots of other features, as well as supporting all the iOS devices, including one-touch screen recording, and not being a resource hog.

Download AirShou:

AirShou was once only available to you if you downloaded Cydia first, but that is no longer the case. However, that doesn’t mean you will find it in the iOS app store – this really isn’t the kind of app that Apple will allow in because it offers features that they don’t want you to have. That said, it is easy enough to download using an external app installer called TweakBox – just follow the steps below. Tap to download directly.

Download Link

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, go and download TweakBox
  2. Tap the app icon on your home page to open the app
  3. Find and tap the option for Apps
  4. Next tap the option for TweakBox Apps
  5. In the search box, type in the app name or click on the download button above
  6. When the result loads, tap on Installrecord-option-in-airshou

To open the recorder and start using it, simply tap on the icon on your home page.

Alternatives Screen Recorders:

Air Shou isn’t the only screen recorder app you can try; if you are looking for something a little bit different, have a look at these alternatives:

AirShou is one of the better screen recorders because of the features it offers. You do not need Cydia, and there is full support for all devices on iOS 7, or above so pretty much anyone can make use of it. It costs nothing to download and use so try it out today and tell us if you like it or not. You can stay updated with all the latest developments by following us on Facebook.

Fix Untrusted Developer Error:

Untrusted Developer errors usually appear when you try to install custom content like TweakBox and is Apple’s way of saying it’s an unofficial app and they don’t trust it. You, however, can trust it and continue using it like this:

  1. Find and tap on Profiles and Device Management, in Settings > General
  2. Look through the list of profiles, find Tweak Box and tap it
  3. Trust it by tapping the button and come out of settings
  4. Tap Tweak Box and you will go straight into the app

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