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Are you a fan of the GTA games ? Then you will love the latest installment; GTA San Andreas. Packed with all the features you have come to love, GTA offers an action-packed game following the fortunes of CJ as he tries to avenge the murder of his mother.gta icon

Facing corrupt police officers, his old gang and more, CJ takes you on a rollercoaster journey through the streets and cities of San Andreas. All this at a cost of $9 from the app store. You don’t need to pay that though; I’ll show you how to get it all for free.

Say what ? For free ?

Yes, totally free and that includes all the upgrades in the game that would cost you additional funds. How can you possibly get all this for free? All these great graphics, high adventure, and a fantastic storyline, plus all the vehicle upgrades and more, all without any money changing hands.

That’s not all.

Now you don’t even need to jailbreak to get all this and more for free. You can have a fully unlocked version of GTA: San Andreas just by following my simple and free method.

Download GTA San Andreas :

Direct Download Link ( 1.5GB )

Ready to change how you download apps and games forever? The only way that you can download a  fully unlocked version of GTA: San Andreas is to install another app store called TweakBox. From that app store, simply search for and install GTA: San Andreas.

TweakBox is one of the best app stores we have, packed with apps, games and more, unlocked and ready to use immediately with nothing to pay – ever.

Don’t waste any more time; go get GTA: San Andreas now, fully unlocked, with every feature available to you for free. And follow us on Facebook to find more great tips and tricks like this one.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


  1. When I click download it comes up and I hit instal, but it says waiting for about5 mins then says nothin. I can’t play it

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