Top VPN for TweakBox App ( 2020 )

VPNs are no longer used solely for illegal activities online. Things have come a long way in recent years, and now most people use a VPN to protect their online identity and their data, not to mention their activity, so they can download third-party apps like TweakBox without being penalized for it by their mobile icons

There are loads of VPN’s on the market these days, lots of free ones and plenty of paid options too; later we will be telling you why you should pay for your VPN but first, we’ve looked at several and narrowed our choices down to a couple that we think would be ideal for this 3rd party app installer users.

TweakBox 2020 VPN Guide:

We looked at loads of commercial VPN services for those who want to use the app installer to see which ones work the best. We tested them with the TweakBox installer that offers tons of apps and games for free.

VPN Testing Benchmarks:

tweakbox vpn benchmark graph

To make our decision, we investigated a number of VPNs, both paid and free, looking at factors such as bandwidth, how many servers, where they are, IP addresses, customer service and more. Our tests concluded that there are two that will suit users of Tweak Box app installer, both paid because they offer much better protection for you.

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Top Recommended VPN for TweakBox:

Our choice comes down to two, both of them paid services but offering huge amounts of protection for a very reasonable price.

nord vpnNordVPN – 5/5

  • IP addresses: 2,000
  • Total Servers: 3500+ servers
  • Server locations: 61
  • 60+ countries

NordVPN offers great protection for those using Tweak Box app installer. With servers in over 60 different countries and a large number of IP addresses, NordVPN is one of the furthest reaching services. And, where many offer a simultaneous connection to 5 or fewer networks, NordVPN goes the extra mile and offers 6. There are three payment plans to choose from, and a full 30-day money-back guarantee is in operation:

pure vpnPureVPN – 4.5 / 5

  • IP addresses: 95,000
  • Total Servers: 500
  • Server locations: 180

PureVPN is also an excellent choice for Tweak Box users, a service based in Hong Kong that covers more than 180 locations with over 500 servers. One thing they do is log your connection information, but they do make it clear exactly what they log and what happens to that information. Bitcoin is a payment option; a refund policy is in place, and it is one of the fastest VPN services on offer today. You have a choice of two payment plans:

It is also worth bearing in mind that PureVPN provides both Kodi and Chromebook solutions from their webpage and are the very first VPN service to fully implement the new GDPR protection rules.

Why You Need a VPN with TweakBox:tweakbox package

There are a number of reasons why you should use a VPN with TweakBox. First, a VPN will secure your connection and ensure that it is private; this will stop your mobile provider and your ISP from determining how and where you download software an third-party apps from. That means they can’t identify you and the app, hence cannot stop you from using it.

Free vs. Paid VPN:

Before we move on, you may be wondering why we opted for paid services. The reason is simple; free VPNs do not offer anywhere near the protection that paid ones do, and they are nowhere near as fast. They are ad-supported, and they most definitely do log your connection information many will also sell your information on. The paid services are a small price compared to the fast, clean, and secure service you get, not to mention the full protection of your online identity and data.

Get a VPN for Safety!!

tweakbox safety

Using a VPN is the only way to ensure your safety and security online these days. Do choose only a reputable one, like the ones we have recommended. There are hundreds to choose from and some of them won’t be quite what they seem. When you use third-party apps like TweakBox, your security is paramount so don’t delay; get a VPN on your device today.

49 thoughts on “Top VPN for TweakBox App ( 2020 )”

  1. Hi, I’ve downloaded your app on my iPhone on the 11 update and it worked great for a week no problems but then suddenly crashed! So I deleted all the games I downloaded and all the apps I used and updated my phone today to the 12.2 iOS and re downloaded everything again, was working fine today and when i tried to Open it just now it’s saying I need to verify this app and when I click verify it seems to say verifying at the top for a split second and then stops and it doesn’t verify it? If you can give me some information on how to fix this that’d be great

  2. I downloaded tweakbox but when i wanted to download spotify++ it keeps crashing during installing but sometimes when it successfully installed spotify++ the icon is just gray-ish blank and cant seem to open it. I need help!

    • you need to use a VPN listed above to fix this issue in future, now you just have to wait for us to restore our app certificates.

  3. Hi, i’ve been using tweakbox for some months and recently i had a problem to install apps, when i’m into tweakbox to install any app it doesn’t allow do it, after touch the option to install spotify never charge, i have an iphone 5s with ios 12.2, please help me

    • hi, are you using the VPN’s listed above while using TweakBox app? then you are protected, otherwise revokes and such issues will occur frequently.

      • Do I just start up the VPN when I was to use say Deezer++ or Spotify++? Does the VPN need to always be on or can it be turned off after using the app?

        • while not using the app, there is no exchange of web traffic, hence it could be turned off. however, we recommend keeping it on at all times, to avoid mistakes. It takes just once to get detected and revoked.

  4. I’ve had tweakbox downloaded for a long time and suddenly like four days ago it started to not work. I downloaded an app and it said something about revoked. When I deleting it and downloading it again while downloading it turns into a grey square and doesn’t load.

  5. I have recently purchased NordVPN. I am unsure of how to use the VPN with the TweakBox app as well as creating a new license. I have used TweakBox for a few months and was unaware of the license problems. Is there any link to a step by step process. My computer knowledge is very low/limited so something for “dummies” would be amazing, ha ha ha.

    Thank you in advance for your time and help

    • hi, right now you need to wait for tweakbox to be restored by its developer. Once its back online , then keep using the VPN service while you use the app or any apps or games downloaded from TweakBox this stops your device being detected and individually blocked by these apps.

  6. How can I get a free VPN I only use one app which is Spotify++ and I don’t wanna pay for a vpn just for that, are there any free safe vpns

  7. I’m been using tweakbox easily for Spotify, but something strange happened not letting me use it. The app turns a weird grey not letting me open it. I downloaded cloudfare’s vpn and tried re-downloading it with no luck. HELP!

  8. I’ve been using tweakbox greatly until Spotify stopped working, I soon tried restalling it, but had no luck. The app turned grey and didn’t let me open it. I downloaded cloudflare’s vpn also with no luck. What should I do?

    • Cloudflare provides free VPN’s. start using the premium and supported ones above if you want protection from real revokes. But at the moment, the developer’s certificates are revoked, so you are out of luck. Wait till they are back online , then get these supported VPN’s and use them to stop occasional revokes ( user side)

    • Oui, il a été révoqué il y a quelque temps. les développeurs essaient de le réparer pendant des jours. S’ils trouvent une solution, nous serons les premiers à vous informer de la même chose. Veuillez suivre notre site Web pour les dernières mises à jour.

  9. I’ve used the Tweakbox Spotify for months and I’m used to having to re-download it but recently it hasn’t been letting me verify it so I deleted in and tried to reinstall it again but now it isn’t installing, it just says waiting then the waiting disappears. It keeps saying that it’s unable to install too, but when I press retry it says the same thing. I love the app and I really want it to work

  10. Merhaba ben ıphone 7 kullanıyorum whatsapp watusi kullanıyorum ama gelen mesajlar telefonuma düşmüyor whatsapp sayfasına girmeden bildirim gelmiyor ama tüm bildirimler acık arka plan yenilemesi açık ve kaldırıp tekrar yükledim sorun yinede kalkmadı yardımcı olabilirmisiniz teşekkür ediyorum

  11. Will Free VPNs prevent Apple from untrusting TweakBox?
    (note my name is not my real name for privacy reason please accept these)

    • yes, try after all certificates have been restored ( 24 – 48 hours ). Right now there is a “GLOBAL Revoke”, during this time even the VPN users will be revoked.

  12. Ive re downloaded Tweakbox a hundred times now turned off and on phone on my Iphone XR and no app installs it goes all the way to installing and then it just stops and makes the app go grayish and you cant go into it or nothing. I have the nordvpn. Ive used this app for a year now and never had this sort of problem before.

  13. Is there a free vpn i can use for my crunchyroll++ to work? Because i tried three different ones but crunchyroll++ was still crashing

  14. Hi, I’m currently having problems downloading the apps after I verify the installation of the tweakbox app. When I go to the app I want, hit install right away, I go back to my home screen, the app pops up for a second and goes away so it won’t let me install it. I have iOS 12.4.

    • hi Danica, the free ones are not good at preventing a revoke. If you buy a yearly plan, you will get it for cheap. Alternatively, use Emus4U app which has lesser revoke related problems.

  15. Rz
    Hi I can’t download app from tweakbox although in setting. Profiles. Trust option is not coming and ehen I want to download apps theapps show once in my screen then download doesn’t start and disappear. Need ur help


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