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VPNs are no longer used solely for illegal activities online. Things have come a long way in recent years and now most people use a VPN to protect their online identity and their data, not to mention their activity so they can download third-party apps like TweakBox without being penalized for it by their mobile icons

There are loads of VPN’s on the market these days, lots of free ones and plenty of paid options too; later we will be telling you why you should pay for your VPN but first, we’ve looked at several and narrowed our choices down to a couple that we think would be ideal for this 3rd party app installer users.

TweakBox 2019 VPN Guide :

We looked at loads of commercial VPN services for those who want to use the app installer to see which ones work the best. We tested them with the TweakBox installer that offers tons of apps and games for free.

VPN Testing Benchmarks :

tweakbox vpn benchmark graph

To make our decision, we investigated a number of VPNs, both paid and free, looking at factors such as bandwidth, how many servers, where they are, IP addresses, customer service and more. Our tests concluded that there are two that will suit users of Tweak Box app installer, both paid because they offer much better protection for you.

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Top Recommended VPN for TweakBox :

Our choice comes down to two, both of them paid services but offering huge amounts of protection for a very reasonable price.

nord vpnNordVPN – 5/5

  • IP addresses: 2,000
  • Total Servers: 3500+ servers
  • Server locations: 61
  • 60+ countries

NordVPN offers great protection for those using Tweak Box app installer. With servers in over 60 different countries and a large number of IP addresses, NordVPN is one of the furthest reaching services. And, where many offer a simultaneous connection to 5 or fewer networks, NordVPN goes the extra mile and offers 6. There are three payment plans to choose from and a full 30-day money-back guarantee is in operation:

pure vpnPureVPN – 4.5 / 5

  • IP addresses: 95,000
  • Total Servers: 500
  • Server locations: 180

PureVPN is also an excellent choice for Tweak Box users, a service based in Hong Kong that covers more than 180 locations with over 500 servers. One thing they do is log your connection information but they do make it clear exactly what they log and what happens to that information. Bitcoin is a payment option; a refund policy is in place and it is one of the fastest VPN services on offer today. You have a choice of two payment plans:

It is also worth bearing in mind that PureVPN provides both Kodi and Chromebook solutions from their webpage and are the very first VPN service to fully implement the new GDPR protection rules.

Why You Need a VPN with TweakBox :

There are a number of reasons why you should use a VPN with TweakBox. First, a VPN will secure your connection and ensure that it is private; this will stop your mobile provider and your ISP from determining how and where you download software an third-party apps from. That means they can’t revoke the app, stopping you from using it.

Free vs Paid VPN :

Before we move on, you may be wondering why we opted for paid services. The reason is simple; free VPNs do not offer anywhere near the protection that paid ones do and they are nowhere near as fast. They are ad-supported and they most definitely do log your connection information many will also sell your information on. The paid services are a small price compared to the fast, clean, and secure service you get, not to mention the full protection of your online identity and data.

Get VPN for Safety !!

Using a VPN is the only way to ensure your safety and security online these days. Do choose only a reputable one, like the ones we have recommended. There are hundreds to choose from and some of them wont be quite what they seem. When you use third-party apps like TweakBox, your security is paramount so don’t delay; get a VPN on your device today.

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