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Are you using the Tinder dating app and wondering whether to upgrade it or not? The free app offers several useful features but, unless you upgrade to Tinder Plus, you are limited in many ways. So what does Tinder Plus offer and is it worth the cost? tinder app

Let’s find out

What is Tinder Plus?

A pro version of the popular dating app, Tinder Plus costs $9.99 per month, and for that price, you get access to features that those on the free version simply don’t get. But are these features any good and are there any downsides to paying?

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What We Liked:

love tinder plus

  • Passport feature – allows users to change the location and talk to any user in the world. Great for travelers
  • Rewind – this is for those who swiped right when they meant to swipe left or vice versa and allows you to undo your mistake
  • Boost – puts your profile at the top for 30 minutes – can only be used once a month
  • Super-Likes – five super-likes instead of the one you get on the free version
  • Unlimited swipes – swipe as much as you want, no limits

Other features include:

  • No ads
  • Ability to limit your profile
  • Limit what information other users see
  • Your profile is seen by more local singles

Wait, there’s more

What We Disliked:

hate tinder

Tinder Plus does have its downsides though:

  • Paying for the premium features is a waste of time if you are not a frequent traveler as you won’t use the features
  • There is no guarantee of more matches, and if you don’t have a great bio and photos, you are throwing your money away
  • On average, users spend around 90 minutes per day on the app and having unlimited swipes could translate to more time with no results

We’re not done yet

Is Tinder Plus Worth the Money?

tinder++ app

Well, that depends on you and what you want from Tinder. If you only use it occasionally and can usually find your own dates then probably not. If you are a more serious user, travel a lot, want more control over what can be seen in your profile or want to spend all day swiping then paying for it will be worth the cost.

It really does come down to your personal choice and what your aims are. If you are happy paying $9.99 per month and know that you will get the use out of the app then go for it. Tell us what you think and follow us on Facebook for more tips and tricks.

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  1. whenever I download tinder ++ it never let’s me open it and just says I need to update it and takes me to my normal app store and I click download and never finishes downloading . any help ?

  2. Tinder++ is still not working guys. It keeps on asking for an update. It’s not opening. Please update it.

    Looking at the dates of the comments, many months had last and it seems you didn’t fix the issue till now.
    When this issue will be fixed?

  3. I downloaded the tinder ++ app from tweak box but I still have limited likes and super likes what do I have to do?

  4. Downloaded on 6/26/19. Was able to get the features for unlimited boost, however the unlimited swipes was not working for me. I had to delete tinder original, download tinder ++. Verify the developer. Then go back to tweakbox, redownload tinder ++ with the app already verified. then it worked for me. Just downloading and verifying was not enough. I had to redownload.

  5. You right bro I ain’t got unlimited swipes
    I don’t mind an add here or there if it’s working but I just switched back to the original because it was a waste.Hope it gets fixed

  6. Still not unlimited swipes, and the link above just send you to the official app in AppleStore so not a nice solution. I hope they fix this issue soon .

  7. When I downloaded tinder ++ it was just as normal tinder. I pressed the button add to new location, it showed me the map that I would choose
    destination. When I tried to hit the fly button it got me an error ‘unable to change location’. So it didn’t work at all.

  8. I concur with the people saying they’re having issues with the unlimited swipes for sure. But the traveling part does work aswell as the unlimited boost which is nice. Once updated this tweak will be elite!

  9. It doesn’t completely work, I can’t see who likes my profile it stil says I have to upgrade to tinder gold.

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