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Spotify is one of the most popular music apps in the world and it does offer some great features. A tweaked version of the app, Spotify++, gives us all the awesome features of this service .spotify plus

Read on to find out how to download Spotify Plus.

How to Download Spotify++ :

You cant get Spotify ++ from the official app store but you can download it in one of the following two ways.

Method 1: Using TweakBox

  1. Use the guide at the link to Download TweakBox app to your iOS device
  2. Open the app , go to Tweaked Apps and tap the Search button . Search for the app and wait or directly open using the download button above 
  3. When the results appear, tap on the one that is relevant
  4. Let the app install to your device and the close TweakBox
  5. Open Settings on your device and tap General > Profile and Device Management spotify profile
  6. Find the app profile and tap it
  7. Tap the Trust button, close settings and you can start using the appright away. Enjoy !!

Method 2 : Using Emus4U App

emus4u app original small

Emus4U is your second chance at downloading this app successfully. They are constantly updated and revokes are fixed quite quickly. Check download link below.

Method 3: Spotify Plus IPA File

Cydia Impactor is one of the more common ways to sideload unsigned apps onto your device. You will need:

  • Your computer
  • Your device and connecting cable
  • An up to date version of ( iTunes )

You also need your Apple ID but you can set up a second account if you don’t want to use your regular ID :

  1. Plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer and close iTunes if it opens
  2. Download the IPA file for the app onto your computer from the download link above.
  3. Download Cydia Impactor onto your computer ( from here )
  4. Open Cydia Impactor and wait for your device to be detected
  5. Keeping Cydia Impactor open, next open the IPA file and drag it to Cydia Impactorcydia impactor spotify plus
  6. Now type in your Apple ID credentials and leave Cydia Impactor to sign the file into use
  7. When it has finished, open your iOS Settings app
  8. Go to General > Profile and find the app profile
  9. Tap it and tap on Trust
  10. Close Settings, close Cydia Impactor and the new app icon will be on your device, ready to use.

Fix Untrusted Developer Error :

When you install Emus4U and use it for the first time, Apple will show you an Untrusted Developer error and won’t let you into the app. That’s because it is unofficial but you can get in by following these easy steps:

  1. Going into your iOS settings app, open the General section
  2. Tap the option for Profiles and search the list for the installer
  3. Tap on the name and then tap the Trust button
  4. Close Settings, try the installer and it will work just fine

Fix App Crashing Issue:

Apple regularly checks app certificates and revokes any unofficial ones, like Emsu4U. The installer will stop working and you will have to reinstall it. You could do this forever more or you could install a VPN instead. Your certificates will be hidden and Apple can’t revoke them so choose one of our recommended VPNs today and protect yourself.

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The Spotify Plus mod offers a much better user experience than the stock app because of the extra features. Don’t miss out on those features; download the modified app today and enjoy everything it has to offer. To get more tips and updates, you can follow us on Facebook.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


  1. Buongiorno nn so se questa sia l’assistenza ma volevo informazioni su come installare le app da tweakbox in quanto mi è impossibilitato installare spotify.
    Ringrazio in anticipo

    1. hello we had a file server issue causing Aptoide file being served instead if Spotify++. We have replaced and re-uploaded the file APK. please try again this time and let us know in the comments section.

  2. Hi, I have an android and used the android method but when I installed the spotify plus.apk file it gave me an app called Aptoide and I couldn’t find spotify plus app anywhere.

    1. Apologies for this issue. It happens that we had a file server issue causing Aptoide file being downloaded for users instead of Spotify++ apk file. We have fixed the issue. iOS users are not affected by this.

  3. Buongiorno, vi scrivo in quanto mi è impossibile scaricare/installare spotify. Premetto che su 2 iPhone funziona mentre su iPad no. Penso di averle provate tutte ma nulla da fare. Mi chiedevo se c’è qualche altra soluzione. Grazie in anticipo.

    1. Ciao, grazie per il tuo commento. Hai provato a utilizzare il metodo di installazione ipa? se non funziona per te nell’app TweakBox, prova l’app alternativa chiamata Emus4u per installare Spotify . link url :

  4. I’m trying to create an account so I can use Spotify ++ and all I get is: Sorry we’re experiencing issues, try again later.
    So, I can’t even use this service because I can’t even make an account.

      1. Thanks! I’ve been able to make an account but now I’m being told that I can’t use this service while abroad? Abroad meaning not in the US? Is this a problem or a policy?

  5. Hi I’ve tried to login but it says username and password dont match. But I downloaded the one from play store and I login without a problem. Only when I try to logging from the one I download here it wont let me log in please help.

  6. I tried downloading Spotify++ and it didnt work, so I followed the instructions I found from ya’ll in the comments-shutting down my phone and trying again. But, it didnt work again and it keeps having the same error where it wont download.

  7. Hello
    I’ve been trying to install Spotify ++ on my iPad using your app but I keep getting the unable to download message.
    Any help would be appreciated t

  8. Hey, I downloaded spotify++ but it won’t let me log in or create a new account so not sure if the app needs to be updated or not.

  9. Hello, I have spotify++ and I log in for half a second before i get logged out again. I am also unable to create an account or log in through facebook. Any solutions?

  10. It says combination password and email is incorrect and I tried using my username and it still doesn’t work. I changed my password like 2 times.

  11. Everytime I try to down the the Spotify apk for android.. It downloads but when I click install the load bar gets almost full thennit day “not installed”

    Please help

  12. I have an android and when I tried to install it it just said that it didnt work. So tried this thing that was recommended on the error fixing page with the reboot stuff but it still doesnt work. Help please?

  13. Hi, I used spotify+++ for a lot of time but after update to iOS 12 it give error. I try to reinstall tweakbox and all is ok but when I try to download spotify it ask me.if i want installa, i say yes but the download it stopped. How.can i Fox? Thanx

  14. Hi, after update to iOS 12 my spotify didn’t work any ore. I reinstall it and tweakbox following instruction but the download of spotify doesn’t go! How I can fix? Thansk

  15. After installation of IOS 12 Tweak box and even Cydia Impactor not allows to install any application. I have update all programs (Itunes, tweak box, Cydia impactor, etc) but happen that:
    1) cydia impactor stop when veryfing application 2) TwaekBox stop when download APP.
    pls lt me know if it is common user problem.

  16. It doesn’t let me log into my account even after numerous password changes and I’m 100% sure I pasted the right username after dozens of typing and retyping my username

  17. Spotify with iOS12 still don’t work. I download tweakbox and trusted profile but when I try to download spotify it don’t start! Help please!

  18. When I download Spotify ++ and download a song to play offline it doesn’t actually download, it just says waiting to download

  19. Hi! So I’ve used tweakbox’s spotify++ for a while and have redone loaded it many times when developers change but I can NEVER download songs to play offline. Is there a solution to this?

  20. Hi O have spotify ++ on my ios 12. It works perfectly but I can’t doe load the songs. It says it is doenloading the songs but the so gs aren’t dow loading. How can I fix this issue?

  21. When I click in the download button, the app is loading but it don’t show the Spotify Logo and it don’t show the name, its a ghost app I can’t use it. ( iPhone 7 )

  22. Hi, i am not able to download musics on Spotify++. So i can’t listen to my playlist when i am not connected to the wifi. Is that normal?

  23. Any word on playing through a sonos system? Another issue I’m having is I have to trust the developer on occasion. When I do that in settings, nothing happens. I have to delete the app and start over.

  24. *Download the IPA file for the app onto your computer from the download link above.

    I dont see any link above, could you publish the latest version that is compatible with ios12 ?

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