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Spotify is the number one music streaming app in the world, boasting more than 200 million active users, almost half of those paying for the premium version of the app. With one of the largest libraries of music found anywhere, the big question is, do you go free or do you pay for the premium app?  spotify plus app

Let’s see what each has to offer.

Download Links:

Spotify App iPhone Download

Spotify App Android Download


Spotify offers several useful features, such as:

  • Unlimited streaming 
  • More than 35 million tracks to listen to
  • Compatible with all major mobile platforms
  • Top-rated tools for social networking
  • Offline mode – no need for the internet
  • Choice of four plans – free, premium, family, and unlimited
  • 30-day free premium trial
  • User-friendly



As with anything, the ups come with a few downsides too:

  • On the free version, unlimited streaming is only for 6 months
  • Some songs have adverts in them
  • US version does not allow the direct purchase of DRM-free music
  • Only the European version has the radio facility
  • Alternative email sign-up option is not that obvious
  • The premium trial is invite-only in the US

We’re not done yet

Free Version Benefits:

The free version of Spotify does offer you a massive choice of tracks to download from and, although there are the occasional adverts, these are not too bothersome. You don’t have to worry about a monthly subscription payment and, for the first six months, you do get unlimited streaming. After that, it drops to 10 hours per month with each track playable just 5 times.

And more

Premium Subscription Benefits:

spotify plus

The most obvious benefit is the removal of the ads. Add to that the ability to listen offline, and you can take your music anywhere you want. And, if you don’t want to listen to using your phone or desktop, you can also access the entire library using a Spotify-compatible home stereo system. With access to a higher streaming rate and exclusive content such as pre-release albums, for the price of one album per month, you get as much music as you want.

Spotify for Students Benefits:

Mac OSX App Link 

Windows App Link

Students who are enrolled at accredited colleges or universities are eligible for a 50% discount on the premium price, so that’s just $5 per month. And that can be renewed yearly at that price a total of 3 times, so long as you remain eligible for the deal. And as a sweetener, Apple is throwing in subscriptions to Hulu and Showtime for free, which would cost $19 a month between them.

Cool or what?

Is it Worth It?

If you want music on-tap, anywhere you go, without having to worry about an internet connection, and you want unlimited streaming then the premium app is most definitely worth the cost. The extra features, including the lack of ads, pre-release content and faster streaming are just the icing on the cake for an app that costs less per month than buying one single album.

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The Spotify Plus offers a much better user experience than the stock app because of the extra features. Don’t miss out on those features; download the music app today and enjoy everything it has to offer. To get more tips and updates, you can follow us on Facebook.

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  1. Buongiorno nn so se questa sia l’assistenza ma volevo informazioni su come installare le app da tweakbox in quanto mi è impossibilitato installare spotify.
    Ringrazio in anticipo

  2. Hi, I have an android and used the android method but when I installed the spotify plus.apk file it gave me an app called Aptoide and I couldn’t find spotify plus app anywhere.

  3. Buongiorno, vi scrivo in quanto mi è impossibile scaricare/installare spotify. Premetto che su 2 iPhone funziona mentre su iPad no. Penso di averle provate tutte ma nulla da fare. Mi chiedevo se c’è qualche altra soluzione. Grazie in anticipo.

    1. Ciao, grazie per il tuo commento. Hai provato a utilizzare il metodo di installazione ipa? se non funziona per te nell’app TweakBox, prova l’app alternativa chiamata Emus4u per installare Spotify .

  4. I’m trying to create an account so I can use Spotify ++ and all I get is: Sorry we’re experiencing issues, try again later.
    So, I can’t even use this service because I can’t even make an account.

      1. Thanks! I’ve been able to make an account but now I’m being told that I can’t use this service while abroad? Abroad meaning not in the US? Is this a problem or a policy?

  5. Hi I’ve tried to login but it says username and password dont match. But I downloaded the one from play store and I login without a problem. Only when I try to logging from the one I download here it wont let me log in please help.

  6. I tried downloading Spotify++ and it didnt work, so I followed the instructions I found from ya’ll in the comments-shutting down my phone and trying again. But, it didnt work again and it keeps having the same error where it wont download.

  7. Hello
    I’ve been trying to install Spotify ++ on my iPad using your app but I keep getting the unable to download message.
    Any help would be appreciated t

  8. Hey, I downloaded spotify++ but it won’t let me log in or create a new account so not sure if the app needs to be updated or not.

  9. Hello, I have spotify++ and I log in for half a second before i get logged out again. I am also unable to create an account or log in through facebook. Any solutions?

  10. It says combination password and email is incorrect and I tried using my username and it still doesn’t work. I changed my password like 2 times.

  11. Everytime I try to down the the Spotify apk for android.. It downloads but when I click install the load bar gets almost full thennit day “not installed”

    Please help

  12. I have an android and when I tried to install it it just said that it didnt work. So tried this thing that was recommended on the error fixing page with the reboot stuff but it still doesnt work. Help please?

  13. Hi, I used spotify+++ for a lot of time but after update to iOS 12 it give error. I try to reinstall tweakbox and all is ok but when I try to download spotify it ask me.if i want installa, i say yes but the download it stopped. How.can i Fox? Thanx

  14. Hi, after update to iOS 12 my spotify didn’t work any ore. I reinstall it and tweakbox following instruction but the download of spotify doesn’t go! How I can fix? Thansk

  15. After installation of IOS 12 Tweak box and even Cydia Impactor not allows to install any application. I have update all programs (Itunes, tweak box, Cydia impactor, etc) but happen that:
    1) cydia impactor stop when veryfing application 2) TwaekBox stop when download APP.
    pls lt me know if it is common user problem.

  16. It doesn’t let me log into my account even after numerous password changes and I’m 100% sure I pasted the right username after dozens of typing and retyping my username

  17. Spotify with iOS12 still don’t work. I download tweakbox and trusted profile but when I try to download spotify it don’t start! Help please!

  18. When I download Spotify ++ and download a song to play offline it doesn’t actually download, it just says waiting to download

  19. Hi! So I’ve used tweakbox’s spotify++ for a while and have redone loaded it many times when developers change but I can NEVER download songs to play offline. Is there a solution to this?

  20. Hi O have spotify ++ on my ios 12. It works perfectly but I can’t doe load the songs. It says it is doenloading the songs but the so gs aren’t dow loading. How can I fix this issue?

  21. When I click in the download button, the app is loading but it don’t show the Spotify Logo and it don’t show the name, its a ghost app I can’t use it. ( iPhone 7 )

  22. Hi, i am not able to download musics on Spotify++. So i can’t listen to my playlist when i am not connected to the wifi. Is that normal?

  23. Any word on playing through a sonos system? Another issue I’m having is I have to trust the developer on occasion. When I do that in settings, nothing happens. I have to delete the app and start over.

  24. *Download the IPA file for the app onto your computer from the download link above.

    I dont see any link above, could you publish the latest version that is compatible with ios12 ?

  25. spotify++ won’t download there’s nothing saying there’s an error or problem the app just won’t show up on my home screen like it barely starts to download then it just disappears a second later

  26. Hi my Spotify doesn’t work anymore I kept in redownloading it but it goes through halfway and just stops and turns into grey squares like a ghost so can u plz fix this problem I have been trying to download on different apps and then I downloaded Spotify and it’s just not fun plz help or solve

  27. Buena Tarde

    Al momento de que trato de instalar la app mediante Cydia la aplicación se queda en Verificando Aplicación, y no me lo instala en el Celular que puedo hacer al respecto, cabe mencionar que ya eh instalado otras aplicaciones mediante este medio y no eh tenido problema alguno, solo con Spotify++.

    1. Gracias por sus amables comentarios. Sí, fue revocado hace algún tiempo. los chicos están en eso, y lo arreglarán lo antes posible.

  28. I have an iPhone 5s and I installed Spotify ++ however every time I try to download the music for offline use it just says waiting to download and never actually does it

  29. I have the same download issue
    I have iphone xs max running on the latest ios
    Beside that i appreciate you guys from tweakbox, lots love

  30. Hi i downloaded Spotify and it worked well until today morning. Now when i try to play a song it says that “You’ve reached the monthly free limit, Upgrade to premium for unlimited listening”
    How can i get this fixed? I tried reinstalling the app even tried through “Emus4u” same problem comes when trying to play a song

  31. Hello, will tweakbox and spotify ++ work when ios 13 comes out? Also, when i download new update will stop working and need to redownload or everything will remain the same? if i do redownload and use my same login credentials will i still maintain my downloads? lastly, can spotify ban my user and then i have to make a new user? or will spotify block my device’s ip and not allow me to redownload/make new user?

  32. Hello there !
    first of all i have to thank you guys from TweakBox doing really great job , so the only problem im facing is that i can’t download music from Spotify++ , evrything work perfectly , but when i creat a playlist and i tape the download button it doesnt work at all , it puts something like ” Downloading in progress ” and below that ” waiting for synchronization ”
    im not the only one in the communitie and also some of my friend are dealling with the same problem please fix that or let us know how to download music from Spotify++ so that we can listen to it while ofline

    and thank you .

  33. Hello after downloading tweakbox i can now have unlimited skips but I’m unable to play songs offline and everytime i press download it will just say waiting to download. Wha do i do ?

  34. On my laptop my Spotify account says I’m not on premium but my phone does so how do I get my laptop to because I want to listen to music offline. Thanks

  35. When I try to download the music for offline listening it just says “waiting to download” but never does. Any help?

  36. You can’t do the offline download thing with Spotify++ because you need the official app for that feature to work. 🙂

  37. Um so I’m trying to download music on your Spotify ++ and it’s not downloading. It just says “Downloading… waiting to download”

  38. Hey ! I just pre saved an album in my Spotify++ which I downloaded from tweakbox so do I have to pay for it or is it just gonna get added ? Pls reply 🙂 thank you ❤️

  39. Hello i am not able to download spotify++ again after i accidentally deleted it at about 3/4 of the download it just stops the circle how you can see how far the download is closes up and it is just the tweakbox logo i see at the badge

  40. Hey! First of all thank you for your hard work. The app works perfectly except for the fact that I can’t download music. I tried other alternate sources and redownloading but nothing worked. Please reply with a solution 🙂

  41. Does anyone know if the app actually lets you download music I seem to be having issues trying to download as many others on here. So my question is, is there any fix to this or there’s nothing that can be done?

  42. Spotify ++ app is not downloading. I click to download, a preview of the app downloading shows up but quickly it disappears.

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