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Cydia used to be our go-to for all our modifications and tweaks but, in the last couple of years, the updates have died down and now very few people are able to install it on their devices. So, to provide some alternatives for us, a few developers have released iOS app installers that have some of those modified apps and game in them and TweakBox has proved to be one of the most popular. But this is not an official app and that has led to some people asking whether it is Safe to Use or Not ?

safety of tweakbox

Is TweakBox Safe ?

Yes. TweakBox is Safe to use and we’re going to tell you why, to set your mind at rest. First, TweakBox took many months to develop, with the developers testing it every step of the way to ensure it was safe to use. It has been declared to be free of any malware and, perhaps just as important for some users, it will not interfere with other apps on your device, nor is it a resource hog. To make sure it stays safe, the developers provide regular updates to TweakBox.

Second, TweakBox does not rely on access to the root of the iOS in order to work, unlike Cydia, which did.  The downside to this is that TweakBox cannot offer anywhere near the same functionality that Cydia did but it is more secure. This is because it does not need to break through the internal iOS security, keeping your data and your device safe from harm. And none of the many apps that are in TweakBox can access the inner workings either, so there are no risks to your security.

Third, the developers have their own reputation to protect and your security is paramount to them. They keep a close eye on the installer and update it to keep any bugs and security issues at bay.

Deleting TweakBox :

If you are not convinced of its safety then you can easily delete TweakBox from your device. This can be done in less than a minute and will leave your device as it was before TweakBox was installed. The link below guides you through the steps:

TweakBox has millions of global users and there have been no reports of any security issues or any other problems with the installer. It’s free and we think you should give it a go; delete it if you don’t want it but at least try it. We’ll keep you informed of all updates if you follow us on Facebook.

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  1. So, there’s a big problem. There’s only FilzaEscaped. Not normal Filza. I wanted to get a custom skin. To be fair, that is all I wanted and like you said it’s secure, it’s even been verified by Apple.


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