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Popcorn Time is one of the latest movie streaming apps to be released for iOS users. The app is a combination of APIs from several different developers, designed to make it easy for users to stream or download their favorite movies with no hassle and no expense.popcorn time icon

This media app is fully compatible with all iOS devices and is packed with useful features that provide one of the very best movie streaming environments, unlike any app you can download from the iOS app store:

Download Popcorn Time :

This app cannot be downloaded from the iOS app store but you can get it using TweakBox app installer. TweakBox offers users a huge number of apps and games to choose from, including loads that have been modified with extra features. When you have downloaded Popcorn Time, have a look through and see what else you can find. Tap to download directly.

Download Link

Method 1: iOS

  1. Download TweakBox to your device using the linked instructions
  2. Launch TweakBox and search for the app or tap on the link above
  3. Tap Install and wait for the app to be installed on your iPhone or iPad
  4. Open Settings > General > Profiles and select the app profile
  5. Tap Trust and close Settings
  6. To use the app, tap the icon on your homepage.

Method 2: IPA Method

There is another way to install the app on your iOS device, by downloading the IPA file using your computer and Cydia Impactor app.

IPA File ( 102MB )

  1. Download the IPA file from above
  2. Download an install using Cydia Impactor.

Features :

  • No restriction on how often you watch a movie
  • Thousands of movies to choose from, including all the latest
  • SD or HD quality available
  • Subtitles can be downloaded for many movies
  • Use your own external torrents
  • Support for many languages
  • Keep your downloaded movies even if you delete the app
  • Plug-ins for Trakt, VLC, HTML5 and more
  • Downloads are not shared via p2p torrent
  • Updated every day with new content
  • Loads more features

Fix Untrusted Developer Error :

Using unofficial apps comes with the problem that Apple wont let the app run, showing an Untrusted Developer error. Fixing this is really quite simple:

  1. Go to Profiles and Device Management in your Settings app ( under General )
  2. In the profiles list, find and tap TweakBox
  3. Tap the button that says Trust
  4. Close Settings, go back to TweakBox and it will work

Fix App Crashing Issue :

When you install TweakBox onto your device, expect it to crash and stop working within a week. It isn’t an official app so Apple will pull the certificate and cause TweakBox to crash. That’s not all though; anything you installed from TweakBox will also crash. Reinstalling it is the only way to get it all back but if you install a VPN first, you can prevent this from happening. VPN’s protect you, your data and your app certificates so Apple cant revoke them.

Alternative Apps :

Popcorn Time is not the only movie app worth looking at; there are a few more to choose from:

Pop corn Time is an open source project, providing users with movie torrents from all over the world. Watching movies has never been easier; download Pop corn Time today and follow us on Facebook for new app recommendations.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


  1. How do I update Popcorntime through tweak box? I downloaded, everything opens fine, but it says I need to update. Thumbs load, but nothing plays. can you update this through tweak box?

  2. No don’t update it. Once a week or every other some times it will have you delete the app and reinstall from tweak box. That’s how it updates

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