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Picture this; you finally found a movie streaming app that worked. It let you stream or download whatever you wanted when you wanted with no limits. And then it disappears. That is exactly what has happened with MovieBox. No longer supported, the popular streaming app has closed its doors but we have great news – you don’t need to spend hours searching out another app because we’ve done it for you.


Let’s dive in

Best 5 MovieBox Alternatives:

Look no more because we’ve found no less than 5 excellent streaming apps, some legal, some not so legal, and we even tested them all to make sure that they did what they said and were safe to use.


Here we go


hulu app

Hulu is undoubtedly a popular name in media streaming circles, providing access to movies, show, cartoons and a whole lot more. Hulu is supported on all major platforms and has full support for Chromecast. Regular updates keep it safe to use and add more movies and shows and, while it is a web-based app, one click gives you access to more movies and shows than you could possibly watch.

iOS Installer Android App

Vudu App:

vudu app

A fairly new app, Vudu TV app is still in its infancy but it is one of the fastest-growing, both in popularity and in content. On offer is an incredible choice of TV shows and movies, including some of the very latest, and this list continues to grow. What it doesn’t allow you is the option of watching offline but with some great data plans available these days, you can still watch your favorite movie on the go. You do need an account with them but this is free.

iOS Installer Android App

Wait, there’s more

Kodi App:


Everyone knows the name of Kodi, even if you never used it. It is the best-known and most open-source app for storing and streaming media. A quick search on the internet will bring up tons of add-ons, all providing a way for you to stream movies, sports, TV series, documentaries and more, all free. However, while Kodi itself is legal, the add-ons are not and they will disappear without warning. There are plenty to choose from though so all you have to do is find another one and add it to Kodi.

iOS Installer Android App

Still with me?

SlickTV:slicktv logo 120px

Slick TV is a mix-up of APIs from a number of developers and it really does offer something for all types of user. Choose from movies, TV series, cartoons, Animes, and many more genres, in one of the most reliable and easiest of movies streaming apps to download and use.

SlickTV Download

And finally

Coto Movies:coto-movies-app

CotoMovies replaces BobbyMovie and is from the same developers. It is incredibly popular, offering a huge choice of shows and movies to watch. And offline mode is supported, with the option of downloading to watch offline or streaming direct. It is an Android app but you can still install it on your iPhone or iPad quite easily.

CotoMovies Download

What do you think?

At one time we would have struggled to find decent movie apps but now we have a massive choice. Each of these offers exactly what you want – the ability to watch whatever movie or TV show you want when you want.

And they are all free to download and use. While some might push the boundaries of being legal, they are all worth the time and effort it takes to download them.

Don’t miss out;

Download your app today and let us know which one you went for.

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*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


  1. What is the deal with the ads in movie box. I realize it’s free and I do love all you guys put into what you do but the ads are way over the top. Sometimes to the point where you have to restart the app because it freezes, or if I pause, an ad pops up and I have to start it all over again. It’s terrible.

  2. Too many ads period. We know you have to pay the bills but come on. With every action there’s a new ad and sometimes they’re layered so nothing works.

  3. All links kindly provided produce nothing but a empty app. No content: nothing. I have tried using a VPN and tried resting my phone.

    Any news on what is going on?

  4. None of the movies and shows on shown when I open the app. I deleted and downloaded Multiple times and still the same problem.

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