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There are loads of messaging apps now – WhatsApp, iMessage, Messenger, and many more. But have you heard of one called Kik? It’s a brand new messaging app that offers just that little bit more than other apps.
kik app

And it’s free

That’s right

Completely free

Want to know more?

What is Kik?

With more than a billion downloads so far, Kik is proving to be a very popular app, in part because it is free and because there are no in-app purchases to get caught by. It offers a ton of features that suit all users, including:

  • Free to use
  • No in-app purchases
  • Connect via video
  • Share images, sketches, gifs, games, and much more
  • Connect with other Kik users using your contacts or Group Search
  • Built-in web-browser
  • Connect to commercial brands
  • Use your device camera to scan codes, enabling you to connect with people easily
  • Play games with online bots
  • No limits on messaging
  • Send as much as you want to other users
  • Built-in search function
  • Join special interest groups or create one of your own
  • No phone numbers needed, like other apps – just choose a username, and away you go
  • More features

Cool right?

But beware

Before we talk about downloading it, there is a downside to Kik. There is no age verification in the app which means anyone, no matter how young they are, can use it. However, there are also no safeguards for younger users, and that makes it very easy for kids to meet up with and chat to strangers, using nothing more than a username. For that reason alone, parents should ensure they are aware of what their kids are doing if they use the Kik app.

Let’s move on

How to Download Kik:

Kik is easy enough to download, and you can get it for free from the iOS app store, right there on your iPhone or iPad. Alternatively, just click on the link below, and when the official app opens, tap Download

Download Kik App

Ready to try?

Give Kik app a go today and see if it offers the features you want in a messaging app. It may not be all that suitable for younger users, given the lack of safeguards and age checks but, with the right supervision, even they can enjoy themselves, playing games with real AI bots!

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  1. i’ve tried redownloding but everytime i go to send pictures it tells me kik doesn’t have access to my photos and to check my privacy setting. the kikcam app doesn’t come up in the privacy setting at all. any ideas to help? or update? i’ve always used tweakbox and this just happened recently…

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