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Are fast-paced action games your kind of mobile game? If they are, if you love games that keep you entertained for hours, then try Geometry Dash. A game of skill, this game requires you to fly, jump and flip your way through levels that get harder and harder as you go and you can get it from the iOS app store.geometry dash

There’s a catch though

You have to buy the game and it will set you back $1.99. Not a huge amount but then you have the in-app purchases that give you a competitive edge and they can start to add up. So, what if I was to tell you that you could download Geometry Dash for free, with all those in-app purchases already enabled? Interested?

What’s the deal?

Download Geometry Dash :

The deal is this – download TweakBox app onto your iPhone or iPad first. That’s all. TweakBox is an alternative app store full of modified and unlocked apps and games and it’s completely free.

Use it the way you use the iOS app store; search it for the game and download it. The only difference is, this version doesn’t need to be paid for.

Not convinced ?

Game Features :

The version of the game you are downloading is an “Unlocked Version”, with every in-ap feature and purchase already enabled for your use – no payment needed. And you are getting an action-packed game that is full of features:

  • Play hundreds of different levels
  • Build your own level and share with other players
  • Every customization and feature unlocked
  • Practice mode included
  • Gain rewards by scoring high in the Game center
  • Many other features

It’s your turn

Get your unlocked version of Geometry Dash today and follow us on Facebook for more cool tips and tricks.

Fix Untrusted Developer Error :

Unofficial apps are the bane of Apple’s life and they will put up any barrier they can to stop you using them. One of those barriers is an Untrusted Developer error but don’t worry because this is one of the easiest to fix:

  1. Go into Profiles and Device Management in your Settings app, under General
  2. Locate TweakBox in the profiles list and tap on it
  3. Trust the app, come out of settings and try the game again; the error will be gone

Fix Game Crashing Issue :

Apple will do whatever it takes to stop you using anything they don’t approve of, like Tweak Box app installer. This includes revoking the app certificate a few days after you install Tweak Box causing the installer to rash and take all your apps and games with it. You could go through an endless cycle of reinstallation or you could, when you install Tweak Box install a VPN, one recommended for use with the installer. A VPN protects you and your app certificates so they cannot be revoked.


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