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Do you play Clash of Clans? Then you might just be interested in a new game called Clash Royale. It comes from the Clash of Clans creators and is a similar kind of game; your goal is to destroy the towers of your opponents. You collect cards along the way that will help you set up a battle community, taking you even further. Sounds simple enough and the game offers plenty of features to help you do this. Even better, Clash Royale is free to download from the iOS app store.clash royale

Here’s the kicker

To get most of those useful features to help you win the game, it will cost you money because they all come by way of in-app purchases. Annoying isn’t it! You cant get anywhere in these games unless you are prepared to shell out cash but there is a way you can do it with this game.

Let me show you

Download Clash Royale :

By downloading an installer called TweakBox onto your iPhone or iPad, you can install a fully unlocked version of the game. All the in-app purchases are unlocked and you get access to everything right from the start of the game.

It really is very simple

Like any app store, simply open it, search for the game and download it

It gets better

Not only are you getting a game with all the features unlocked, you don’t even need to jailbreak to get it.

And there’s more

With TweakBox, you get a whole new app store to play with. Thousands of apps and games, unlocked modified, content you won’t get anywhere else. You won’t go back to the official store once you’ve used this one.

It’s crazy !

Go and download it; get Clash Royale on your device today completely free and follow us on Facebook for more great tips.

Fix Untrusted Developer Error :

With unofficial apps like Tweak Box, Apple will do everything they can to stop you using them. One of their methods is to show you an untrusted developer error when you open TweakBox the first time but you can fix this very easily with these steps:

  1. Go into your iOS settings app and go to General
  2. Choose Profiles and Device Management
  3. Tap the app name in the profiles list and tap on the Trust button
  4. Close your Settings app and tap on TweakBox; the error will not appear

Fix Game Crashing Issue :

Tweak Box is not just one of the best Cydia alternatives, it is the best unofficial app store to compete with the iOS store. But Apple don’t want you to have access to all the great content so, within a week of you installing it, they will revoke the app certificate. The app and games will crash and you must reinstall it to get it all back. Prevent this by installing a recommended VPN alongside TweakBox; this will stop Apple from taking the certificate and you can get on with using your new store in peace.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.

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